Bergoglio implores Our Lady, Salus populi romani

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Screenshot_2020-03-15 Coronavirus Useless Priest Goes Back to Old ProfessionToday, Vatican News reported that Cardinal Bergoglio visited Saint Mary Major’s at Rome to implore the intercession of Our Lady, under Her title of Salus populi romani — The salvation of the Roman people — to end the plague of coronavirus. And Our Lady worked Her first miracle: Bergoglio knelt.

The death toll in Italy rose today to 1807 souls. And there is the first report of 6 priests, of the Diocese of Bergamo, who have succumbed; twenty others are hospitalized.

To put that in perspective, since Corona virus came to Italy on January 25th or so, during the same period of 7 weeks, the common winter influenza kills around 6,000 to 9,000 souls, but so far only 1807 have died from Covid-19.

But the country is not shut down for the common winter flu season.

However, of all age groups, Cardinal Bergoglio is one of the most likely to die of the coronavirus, since he is a man 80-89 years of age with only one lung.

But no matter who we are, sinners or saints, devout or careless, Our Lady is our refuge in such times of  woe. So I invite you to join me each night, for the Perpetual Supplica to Our Lady Salus Populi Romani, which I transmit from the Piazza in front of Her Basilica. Please hit the subscribe button here to subscribe to From Rome Info Video’s Channel on Youtube, and then the BELL icon in the upper right of the YouTube page for that channel to get notifications for each video published.

subscribeAs soon as I get 1000 subscribers, I can transmit live. For now the program is pre-recorded.

This is all made possible by the Committee “Save us O Mary!”, who are readers of FromRome.Info, and who responded to the Emmerich Appeal.

Unlike all other prayers suggested for the Corona virus, these prayers before the Basilica of Our Lady were indicated to Bl. Ann Catherine Emmerich in 1820 as the response Our Lady wanted to merit the remedy for the Church in this time of great darkness. The virus is only the first instrument of God’s punishment.

We need to repent and return to loyalty to Pope Benedict XVI the true Pope, as departing from him is the great sin which has merited and will merit the punishments of God.


CREDITS: Images are from Vatican News, used here for editorial commentary.

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5 thoughts on “Bergoglio implores Our Lady, Salus populi romani”

  1. This is not a miracle , this is a show, because he should have done this without publicity…..remembering what Our Lord taught about praying in secret, without been seen ….by photos to the world.

  2. Before I even read your words, I noticed with incredulousness, that Bergoglio was kneeling in the image. It seemed so out of place, so unlikely from this man, that I was quite surprised. I pray for a mitigation of this chastisement and a rekindling of the Faith in all souls!

  3. My suspicion is that Bergoglio got word that you were advertising this on La Veritá. Hmmm…

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