Who is Giuseppe Conte, the Italian Prime minister who has assumed dictatorial powers unheard of in Italian history?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

No one in the entire history of the Italian peninsula has ever issued a decree that everyone in the peninsula stay in their homes for 1 month. No one has even attempted such level of divine dictatorship without heavy criticism and opposition. No one has achieved the like control of a single city in Italy without opposition. But Giuseppe Conte has done all these things in a matter of two weeks. And he a man who was never elected to any office ever.

So I ask, who is Giuseppe Conte?

If you read Wikipedia in Italian, you are told he is devoted to Padre Pio, a devout Catholic.

Seeing that he ordered all the Churches in the country to stop celebrating publicly the Sacraments, I think I have a right to doubt Wikipedia.

Wikipedia also says he is divorced from his wife, Valentina Fico, and father to an only son, Nicola, now 12 years old.

I have some experience with Wikipedia, in attempting to correct revisionist history which abounds there, on any topic which touches upon Jews. I know their editors favor Jews. If they do not identify their own openly, they will indicate it indirectly by naming an individuals mother before their father.

From my research, I find that Giuseppe Conte is a Catholic by religion, even if his surname and that of his girlfriend and her mother are also used by Jews in Italy.

But his association with Freemasonry is perhaps more certain.

He was in 1992 invited as a legal scholar to teach at Yale University, as a visiting professor.  Yale is the University known for its Masonic Lodge which has put numerous members in high positions of power: Bush senior and junior, Bill Clinton, John Kerry.  I speak of Skull & Bones. To get invited to teach to Yale is much more a political honor than an academic one.

I have visited Yale Campus several times. The Building of the Skull & Bones society has windows which are all bricked up. Not everyone who attends Yale is associated with them. They are a very elite invitation only group.

It has been rumored on campus since the 1950’s, when my own father studied for a Masters in Electrical Engineering there, that the members of Skull & Bones are all closeted gays. And that to become a member you have to do something obscene in the presence of the other members, who use that as leverage over you for the rest of your life.

Giuseppe Conte, prior to assuming the role of Prime Minister (technically called, Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri), was also a professor as the La Luiss School at Rome, a university teaching business and politics, founded by the most influential bankers of Italy, rumored to have Rothschilds’ connections through the family of the founder of the School.

But more significantly, as a boy, he studied as the Villa Nazareth Preparatory School at Rome, founded by Cardinal Achille Silvestrini, who is known as a key figure in Freemasonry at the Vatican. Silvestrini accompanied Cardinal Cassaroli on his infamous trip to Moscow, which bought the silence of the Catholic Church on Communism, in exchange for participation at Vatican II by prelates of the Moscow Patriarchate.

This preparatory school was dedicated to raising up key Left wing politicians who could garner the Catholic vote in Italy: Prodi, Matarella, Scalfaro, Andreotti etc.. Giuseppe Conte is just the lastest famous alumni. When Cardinal Silvestrini passed away, Conte left his important duties in Parliament to attend his funeral.

This personal history of Conte, in reverse, seems to indicate who has been promoting his career from the start. It goes without saying that Jorge Mario Bergoglio — whose own intelligence head in Argentina says is a Freemason — and Giuseppe Conte see eye to eye on every important political position that Conte has taken.

A sign, alas, of why things are as they are, and why the Main Stream Media is behind Conte 100%.


CREDITS:  The Featured Image is a detail of a photograph by the office of the President of Italy, and is in the public domain. Source here.

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7 thoughts on “Who is Giuseppe Conte, the Italian Prime minister who has assumed dictatorial powers unheard of in Italian history?”

  1. Do you think, Brother, that the New World Order Masonic powers, i.e., the devil, are behind the Corvid-19 phenomenon in order to place the world under their control?

    I am not ready to agree with such a scenario but, given all that has happened, it does have some plausibility.

  2. Very interesting, especially timely as well as my son was just asking me on Friday about secret societies and I mentioned s&b to him. Also, my old company had an executive with the same surname as well and I wondered how he got to where he was…
    PS like your dad I was an EE as well, very few people at Mass this morning

  3. I am more surprised at the 97% of weak, effeminate, cowardly, shepherds around the world who obey Government above God. This complicity from the clergy is unprecedented.

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