One thought on “The Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore: A Music Video-Tour”

  1. So sad how the masons have turned virtually every Catholic Church with historical importance into museums and patrimony of secular governments. The idea is to kill the active prayer life of the holy place, monetize and capitalize on it with marketing and sales tactics, so that people look back into history to what “was” but is “no more”. They’ll promote the places in world tourism journals, magazines, to attract more foot traffic from the profane audiences, as to keep the holy place from being an exclusively Catholic place of worship for locals. More reason why Covid-19 is shutting these places down entirely?

    No Muslim mosque, no Buddhist Temple, no Pagan Temple, hardly any Protestant Church, hardly any Orthodox Church, no Mormon temple, is treated in such a manner unless it is used to promote a fake version of the historical facts of such false religion.

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