Bergoglio just admitted Benedict is still the Pope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Bergoglio just published a new law for Vatican City regarding the organization of courts and police forces and offices of investigators.

Notice was given in the official Bulletin of the Vatican Press Office, which also published the text of the law in Italian. While I recognize that Bergoglio has no legislative power in the Vatican without express delegation by Pope Benedict, nevertheless, I took a look at the law to keep abreast of the latest news at the Vatican.

And there is where I found that the goose had laid the golden egg. I speak of Article IV, which reads:

Articolo 4
(Cittadinanza vaticana)

I magistrati ordinari sono durante munere cittadini vaticani.

Which in English is:

Article 4
(Grant of Vatican Citizenship)

The ordinary magistrates (of Vatican courts) are Vatican citizens during their munus.

The Latin phrase, durante munere, refers to canon 1484 §1, which I spoke about at the Academic Conference in October, on the Renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI. I quote, here, from my talk on Munus vs. Ministerium: A Canonical Study:

Third, as regards to the distinction of munus and the fulfillment of a duty of office, there is Canon 1484, §1 in regard to the offices of Procurator and Advocate in a Tribunal of Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction:

Can. 1484 – § 1.  Procurator et advocatus antequam munus suscipiant, mandatum authenticum apud tribunal deponere debent.

Which in English is:

Canon 1484 §1.  The procurator and advocate ought to deposit a copy of their authentic mandate with the Tribunal, before they undertake their munus.

Note here, significantly, that the Code associates the mandate to exercise an office with the undertaking of the munus (munus). Negatively, therefore, what is implied by this canon is that when one lays down his mandate, there is a renunciation of the munus.


The argument about munus meaning ministerium has just received a major blow to its hull and is now taking water at a rapid rate.  What I said in October in my paper at the Conference, has now received approval by Bergoglio in publishing this new law.

And it is not just a one-liner kind of mistake. Again, in Article 10, n. 2, the office of a Magistrate is called in Italian a “carica”, which is the Italian word for “munus”, not ministerium. Again, in Article 17, n. 2,  and in Article 22, n. 2,the same Italian word is used.

Those who believe that Pope Benedict XVI has validly resigned his office, have a major problem on their hands. Bergoglio himself has used munus to mean office. He did not use ministerium. The Latin phrase, durante munere, means so long as he remains in office, or if you like, for the duration of his munus.

But Pope Benedict XVI did not renounce the petrine munus, so He too is pope durante munere.

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15 thoughts on “Bergoglio just admitted Benedict is still the Pope”

  1. This is GOLD! It proves the lie that “ministerium is munus” when it simply isn’t.

  2. Brother, I hate to say the obvious, but… nothing short of Benedict coming out and telling the whole world that he ONLY renounced the ministry, he will most likely take it to the grave. However, if he never renounced the minus, then the College of Cardinals made a COLOSSAL mistake in going into a conclave. What the priests of Rome should have done was to appoint a bishop to administer the Diocese of Rome!

    1. Silent Crusader, actually there is another easier path, namely, that those who are near to him speak to him or allow those who are willing to speak with him near him. Also, the Cardinals could always elect him again.

      1. Why “elect” Benedict again? This whole situation is just beyond me. How can anyone re- elect a man who never really resigned in the first place? These men will have to answer for their treachery and betrayal of not only Benedict, but of Jesus Christ Himself. Oh, that terrible day!

      2. The cardinals have too much Pride to admit they “got it wrong.” Isn’t it ironic that the mortal sin of Adam and Eve would also blind all the cardinals and nearly every bishop, priest, and lay Catholics that Bergoglio is really pope. Ahh, the Great Apostasy. Even the intellect is so darkened in so many cannot see the truth!

      3. But Bl. Emmerich told us that Our Lady promised the liberation of the Church from Darkness, and therefore, it will come the day that the Cardinals recognized that Bergoglio never was the pope.

  3. Following upon your discovery it will be necessary now for Pope Benedict to come out of his retirement & acknowledge that he still is the Vicar of Christ on earth & begin to activate the munus he alone holds. It would be timely if he also expanded on the ‘mystical moment’ he referred to before he boarded the helicopter signalling his virtual abandonment of Christ’s people which has left His Church to the tyranny of a godless dictatorship & the ignominy of blessing & revering pagan idols in the very precincts of St. Peter’s tomb. Hopefully he will also explain the never before bifurcation of the Papacy & title of Pope Emeritus while all the time knowing that it was a cover for the False Prophet Francis to wilfully shred Tradition, Sacred Scripture & Ten Commandments by satanic exhortations which were intended to destroy the very foundations of Mother Church & would have were it not for the Rock it was founded on. We need to hear from the Pope & be assured by him that he was acting according to the Will of God & that he intends to nullify all exhortations & pronouncements made by the usurper over the past seven years & carry out the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary instantly.

    1. Ana, He remains the pope whether he think so or not, whether he speaks or not, whether he acknowledges or not, UNTIL he is either called to Our Lord’s judgement seat or he renounces the petrine munus.

  4. As PBXVI never properly resigned, usurper Francis has never been validly elected Pope. This means that PBXVI is still the Pope & doesn’t need to be re-elected or re-instated as he never left the Throne of Peter. In fact, all that’s really required is for PBXVI to announce that he never intended to resign the munus, only the ministerium, which does not break his succession to St. Peter. Why is he so reluctant to do so? Whom is he afraid of & why?

    It is an obligation for PBXVI to speak as Vicar of Christ for he must see, as we do, that this charade cannot be allowed to progress any further. VII has directly led to this devastating apostasy & must be killed at the root along with the false ecumenism it gave birth to. PBXVI was at the very heart of its implementation &, as a result of his input, must now be at the heart of its death.

  5. Why none of catholic bloggers in the English speaking world are all ignoring what B16 revealed in 2013, that he resigned because God told him to!!! What I guess is that most, even getting to know this historical fact, will be confused as for the real reason of this request. The Portuguese and Spanish speaking world took notice of this revelation so it’s more easier for them to understand all that is happening. You see, if you don’t use the lenses of these end times to analyse all that is happening in the world, you will not fully comprehend much of it!!! Bergoglio, an ecclesiastical freemason, inaugurated the great apostasy Our Lady had prophecized in La Salette….but who pays attention?? Just like in the days of Noah…

    1. Luis, that a man says he was inspired by God, does not mean he received the grace to do the work perfectly. This is a common and well known rule of the spiritual life. To ignore it is to buy a lie.

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