Government of Giuseppe Conte seeks to make ignorance of Health Decree a thought crime

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Today, the government of Giuseppe Conte, who was never elected to any office, and who is only trained in Italian civil law and business law, took its first move to making it a crime to not think aright about his new Health Decrees.

The move comes in the form of a new version of the Auto-certification which everyone in Italy must be ready at any moment to present if they are found outside their house. The form is published by the Ministry of the Interior, which is now tasked with treating all Italian citizens in a way which the present government never treated even illegal aliens!

The additions to the form, which previously only required a self-testimony as to the motive for leaving one’s home, now requires that one declares oneself not to be ignorant of the decree, the requirements of it and of the penalties associated with it.

In Italian law, making a false statement on a document presented to a public official is a crime. So to increase the number of statements you have to make on a form is simply a way of cracking down on dissidents under the color of law.

This is way beyond a thought crime, in a sense, because it makes ignorance a crime.  For those incapable of understanding the complex legal language of the Health Decree, it also ipso facto makes it a crime to be stupid or of slow mental abilities. This is the epitome of racism to those parts of society who are not as well gifted or trained intellectually as others parts of society!

Left wing government, as always, presupposes guilt, inferiority and moral decadence in the unwashed masses.

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