Governmental reaction to Corona Hype will soon cause rioting in every major city of the globe

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The idiots.

Don’t they understand anything?

They are closing restaurants and bars and insisting that everyone go to their local supermarket where they will surely be infected by using the carriages and shopping carts and baskets which are touched by everyone!

The are herding everyone to the same few points of sale, as if they WANT to increase infections rates!

They are forcing everyone, who does not live on a farm, to obtain their food from only one portion of the food industry.

They are banning work which is “not essential”, and they decide what is not essential!

These actions will cause a collapse of the economy, food shortages and eventually food riots.

The Case at Rome

I can see in happening here at Rome. Carrafour, a national supermarket chain, which has some stores which are open 24/7 — that is 24 hours a day, 7 days each week — has closed these stores from midnight to 7:30 am each day.  The decision was made last week.

But today, there is a new announcement. These stores will not open until 8:30 A. M., as of this Sunday.

When you wait in line to enter — sometimes the wait is as much as 20 minutes — you find that there is nothing to buy: no bread, no meat, except the most expensive cuts. There are few or no eggs. Your shopping expenses have risen 100%.  And still the store cannot keep their shelves stocked.

The Case of Colombia

The panic is already causing credit issues in some countries. A Petition signed by nearly 300,000 citizens of Colombia asks Banks in that country to ameliorate their relationship with creditors and account holders.  Their online petition, in Spanish, at is eloquent.  Here is an English translation:

These are unique moments in our history when many people will be unemployed and many entrepreneurs in debt will be paying interest to banks while their businesses stop receiving income.

At these times money cannot be above life, health and people. That is why it is urgent that the Government and the Banks implement economic measures so that this pandemic does not cause serious problems for the Colombian economy.

Freezing interest while we manage to stop the Coronavirus is a very necessary measure so that those of us who pay loans and mortgages do not go bankrupt. It is urgent that in this unique crisis for our world the Banks finally stop thinking about making profits and commit themselves to society.

How do banks want to be remembered after this crisis? As companies that prefer money for life or as unique companies that bet on everything to overcome this pandemic together.

A Diabolically engineered response

This crisis is following the same pattern of the events in the Catholic Church in Feb. 2013: Fake News, Attacks on anyone who opposes the Narrative, which cannot be questioned and which becomes the new Reality, and above all mindless subservience to the Big Lie even to the point of entirely destroying the institutions over which you are placed (Catholic Church, Order of Malta, Religious Orders, Institutes, Dioceses).

The leaders of nations are all following the fake new and the hype and are refusing to ask the most basic statistical questions about the allegations of the Main Stream Media about mortality rates. 3.4% in Hospitals has nothing whatsoever to do with the mortality rates in the general population.

But they won’t do this.

They are preferring to starve people to death and cause riots in cities throughout the world, instead of speaking to anyone with the most basic training in statistical analysis. The Bishops are following suit and basically ending the Catholic religion, diocese by diocese.

All of this serves the Globalist agenda of imprisoning us and enslaving us and making us serve men rather than God. It is completely demonic.

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4 thoughts on “Governmental reaction to Corona Hype will soon cause rioting in every major city of the globe”

  1. So true. The more places they shut down to the public, the more they concentrate the contagion to narrower and fewer places. In the Church’s case, communion im the hand was the worse thing they could possibly have imposed. Any virologist would tell you that communion in the hand is the most unhygienic practice ever, as it would transfer more bacteria and more viruses from the communicant’s own hand, directly to the mouth.

  2. Of course it’s demonic & has been in the pipeline for decades. When the usurpation of the PO was completed the rest of the NWO Agenda quickly followed. We must keep faith in Jesus & His Blessed Mother & await the complete restoration of His Church which will eventually come. Don’t trust in governments or the media &, unfortunately, don’t trust in the Vatican either until the present Modernists are completely ousted & the once holy places exorcised.

  3. Thank you for the pre-warning so we can prepare in Australia. It’s already hard to get food, toilet paper (almost impossible) etc in supermarkets. Our hours are 8am- 8pm now and the shelves are still not restocked. May I make some suggestions? Buy seed and start growing your own food. Minimise the need to buy anything at all. Learn to fish and descale. Invest in a few small silver coins if you can. Save your jewellery or items to sell as gold and silver is about to increase in value. Learn natural homemade everything- including how to use citrus to make cleansers. Think about washing toilet cloths like you would a cloth baby nappy- several a day per person bleaching, rinsing and drying after use. We must beat them at their own game. If you are stressed, pray and God will help you and restore your peace. In Jesus through Mary 🙏🏻

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