Open Letter to the Bishops who have shut down their dioceses

by Andrew J. Baalman

Blogging at Ordo Militaris Radio Blog

Your Excellencies,

By your lack of Faith and Trust In God and His Divine Providence, you have gone with what all secular and Anti-Christian Governments want and those in the Democratic Party want, to limit or close our churches and Dioceses out of fear, panic and hysteria.

You do a great dis-service to the People of God in taking away the Sacraments and even the Last Rites, Anointing Of The Sick:


You have removed the shepherds from the flock and now the roaring lion that never sleeps as Saint Peter warns us about the Devil, has free reign against us without the protection of the Sacraments! We need God, His Holy Church and the Sacraments He gave us to fight and combat all this evil! I assure you, this virus and where it is hitting, it is due to what happened in the Vatican with the Idolatry Worship of the pagan idol!

Not only are our priests who are going along with your decree to stop all Masses and Sacraments and closure of our churches acting like cowards, but also dishonoring the numerous Holy Priests who gave their own lives to be with their flock:

father-aloysius-schmittAs on the battle fields of Pearl Harbor when Japan attacked,

like Father Aloysius Schmitt (see here to the right)

who died saving lives at Pearl Harbor

when Japan was bombing Battleship Row!


father-emil-kapaunlike Father Emil Kapaun,

Medal Of Honor Recipient, POW

and Korean War Hero,

(seen here to the right):

Chaplain Francis Duffy, World War I
Chaplain (Maj.) Francis P. Duffy poses in an undated photo. Duffy, a Catholic priest, is one of the most celebrated chaplains from World War I.  (Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School)

Father Francis P. Duffy

of The Fighting 69th Irish Brigade

New York,

The Most Highly Decorated Chaplain

in U.S.  Military History!

“He accompanied litter bearers into battle to help recover the wounded and received the Distinguished Service Cross, among other awards, for his bravery under fire.” (US Army Chaplain Center)

So, are you so scared of an illness and buying the hype and hysteria that you risk your flock’s souls? You are to be ashamed of yourself in calling yourselves shepherds, these men who risked their life for their flock on the battlefield are true shepherds!

To those who are not canceling Mass, the Sacraments and not closing your diocese, BRAVO! You are also true shepherds!

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6 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Bishops who have shut down their dioceses”

  1. Furthermore, perhaps this “crisis” will cleanse the Church of at least some the rampant heresy and apostasy.

  2. Well said, with you 100%.
    On the side, where Churches are kept open there are only a few locals who can access them as public transport has been closed down & if you are seen driving they will stop you & request written permission for you to be on the road. Only doctors, nurses, emergency staff etc. will have such documents with them. We can only hope that those who can attend Holy Mass & Sacraments will pray for those who can’t, through no fault of their own.
    I am truly sorry that your grandmother has been refused the Last Rites in her hour of need. This has been routine for us in Malaga Diocese for some years now. Even the annual Blessing of the Sick has stopped.

  3. When I saw that tweet about his grandma being refused, I had to write something, so I remembered those brave Priests who were in worst areas and conditions than this, Father Duffy was in World War I with the poison gas and all of that, it is time to get our shepherds to act like shepherds. Glad to help you on your own letter.

  4. Very good! We need to remind prelates of the heroes who sacrificed their lives before they came along and took away the Catholic Faith and obligation to worship from us!

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