Melatonin, a cure for lethal Corona Virus pulmonary inflammation

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Doris Loh in a highly researched article, entitled, COVID-19, Pnemonia & Inflammasomes the Melatonin connection, traces out the scientific evidence of mortality caused by the Corona virus and proposes the cure the worst symptom suffered by those infected.

Please note that neither I nor Mrs. Loh are medical professionals and that nothing we say should be used for medical practice.

But the information she has gathered does indicate a startling simple preventative measure for those infected.

The chief cause death by the Wuhan virus is respiratory failure. That is, a person dies from suffocation. This is cause by the natural ability of the Corona virus to exacerbate or exaggerate the natural response of the human body to become inflamed so as to isolate infection.

This response is caused by inflammasomes, which defines thus:

The inflammasome is a multiprotein intracellular complex that detects pathogenic microorganisms and sterile stressors, and that activates the highly pro-inflammatory cytokines interleukin-1b (IL-1b) and IL-18. Inflammasomes also induce a form of cell death termed pyroptosis. Dysregulation of inflammasomes is associated with a number of autoinflammatory syndromes and autoimmune diseases.

Speaking about SARS, which is a corona virus, studies have shows that its lethalness depends in great part on its ability to cause an exaggerated response of inflammasomes in the human body. Doris Loh explains this:

Proinflammatory cytokines defend host cells from invading pathogens, but they are also capable of driving pathological inflammation [46].  During viral infections, inflammation can act in dynamically opposing antiviral and proviral roles. Inflammatory responses can inhibit viral replication and lower infection, but inflammation also has the capacity to release a large number of virions, further disseminating viral infection to cells like macrophages which will spread the virus to various other tissues and organs in the host [46].

SARS-CoV coronaviruses encode viroporin proteins to activate inflammasomes in order to facilitate viral dissemination. The recent discovery of the ORF3a viroporin further deepens understanding as to why SARS-CoV can exert so much damage when infecting hosts. 

Melatonin’s powerful effects on Inflammasome storms

Doris Loh explains that scientific studies have already demonstrated that Melatonin is the organic compound used by the human body to moderate inflammatory responses. She writes:

Melatonin is well known for its chronobiotic effects, regulating biological functions tied to circadian rhythms.  Numerous studies have revealed that melatonin exerts effects beyond the control of circadian oscillators. The NLRP3 inflammasome is now recognized as a target for melatonin! 

The fact that the pro-inflammatory cytokine storm effects are induced by the activation of NLRP3 inflammasomes, the ability of melatonin to INHIBIT NLRP3 inflammasome elevates this powerful molecule to a truly unique position in the fight against COVID-19.  This also means that if a patient, regardless of age, has adequate melatonin, the infectiousness of COVID-19 will be greatly reduced, and the chances of developing ARDS/ALI significantly diminished.  

Melatonin is the reason why children under the age of 9 seldom exhibit severe symptoms. In fact, children may exhibit mild or even no symptoms at all, even though they have been infected by SARS-CoV-2 [73].  How significant is the difference in melatonin production between children, adults and the elderly?

For most people, peak melatonin production is between the hours of 2 am to 3 am.  The maximum melatonin levels measured in healthy adults between the ages of 65 to 70 years appeared to be around 49.3 picograms/ml (pg/ml).  Adults more than 75 years of age only have maximum production levels of 27.8 pg/ml [74].  

Young children, on the other hand, have extremely high melatonin levels, compared to adults.  The maximum levels recorded for children showed a decline as age increased. Children between the ages of 1 to 5 had peak melatonin at 325 pg/ml, while those between the ages of 5 to 11 already declined to 133 pg/ml [76].  

What makes the information presented by Doris Loh so convincing are the extensive citations to reputable sources. Her article contains more than 102 referenced and often linked footnotes.


This conclusion by Doris Loh does not mean that if you are young you cannot survive the Wuhan virus. But it does meant that as soon as anyone above 35 years of age, or who works at night, is infected, he should start receiving daily a dose of at least 1 mg of Melatonin to prevent the exaggerated response of inflammation in his lungs, which the Corona viruses are known to produce.

Melatonin, which is regularly sold in para-pharmacies and pharmacies for those wishing to benefit from its natural properties to aid in sleeping, is an easy solution to one symptom of Corona virus infection. It does not kill the virus, but it gives the body more time to do that job while insuring the lungs remain open to provide the necessary oxygen to the patient.

Why is such a simply solution not being used in hospitals? Because modern medical training does not prepare medical staff to be knowledgeable in how natural compounds, not sold by pharmaceutical companies can aid to cure disease.

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7 thoughts on “Melatonin, a cure for lethal Corona Virus pulmonary inflammation”

  1. I don’t know much about Melatonin because I had never tried it before. But if you want to suppress the inflammation, try lemon or lime with turmeric fresh or powder, no sugar, boil it and drink while it still warm (not hot.) Or Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, no sugar, turmeric mixed with warm water and drink it.

    Children can’t take plain like that, then add one spoon of Organic Raw Honey in a big cup and then divide to small dose and give them. Do it three times a day, and during the day, every 15 minutes or so, drink at least a few ounce of warm water. Make sure you drink about 100 oz. of warm water or 3000 cc/ml of warm water daily. That would kill the virus or weaken them. Children would be lesser than that. Make sure your body has consumed plenty vitamin C, okay.

    Eat plenty of veggies, and fresh fruits that contains high vitamin C, cook your food with plenty spicy and herb. All kinds of Spice and Herd are the key ingredients to kill bacterial and virus, boost your immune system, but the Western world will never let you know that secret. Eat more garlic, black pepper, red pepper, more herbs, more spicy, eat more in your meal.

    Avoid Cheese, avoid fat, oil, sugar, bread, sweet things, no candy, no ice cream, no cookies, none… No soft drink, no coca-cola, Pepsi, all kinds of soft drink because the fake sugar that they use in those drink will never benefit but to kill you silently. No sweet things, period.

    People die slowly with cancer and all kinds of problem due to overeating of sweet things and they don’t even know it. All the sugar that your body needed already have tons in the veggies, fiber, fruits… Don’t stuffed too much artificial sugar in your body again.

    1. Yes, you are right. I just heard online tip of the medications that cure Coronavirus is the combination of Chloroquine Phosphate 250 mg tablets with Azithromycin 500 mg. The combination of these two show effective treatment so far. Keep digging the information from those doctors who treated successfully their patients and be prepared and protected ourselves. The Trump and His NWO Satanic Freemasonry will not tell us the truth as same as the Synagogue of Satan for they want to kill 95% of all Goyims from this planet.

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