Now more than ever, Our Lord needs you to act!

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11 thoughts on “Now more than ever, Our Lord needs you to act!”

  1. Amen, Brother! When Jesus gave St. Faustina Kowalska the image and devotion of Divine Mercy, the two Rays that came out of his wounded side were white and red color, which represented the Sacraments. The Bishops, who are known for all sorts of ccover-up, have blocked the Rays of Mercy and have dared to cover-up the wound of Jesus by shutting down the Sacraments. This is an affront to the Divine Majesty and His Mercy. Bishops have dissipated the rays of Mercy and now, they must face the terrible King of Justice, as Jesus can no longer hold the clouds of darkness behind him. The Bishops have told Jesus:

    “Jesus, I no longer Trust In You”.

  2. Thanks Brother. What needs to be done is for the governments of the world to declare that the death rate of CV is relatively small, say no more that 3% of the total population and that accordingly the shutdown must be aborted and everyone should go back to work and to Church.

    If the shutdown is not aborted civil society will breakdown, chaos will ensue and totalitarian measures will be imposed. We would then have a Communist hell on earth.

    In other words we either accept a max of 3% death rate or Communist dictatorship which will be worse.

      1. It doesn’t make any difference whether Mundabor is right or wrong. The important thing is to stop the panic and get back to work and Church. This would mean accepting the collateral deaths from CV as was the case with Spanish flu, etc. The alternative of mitigating CV by stopping the economy is by far much worse.

      2. I think the jury is still out on how serious CV will become. Personally I think it is relatively serious. But whatever it is, we need to not let the rather minimal death rate(1-3%) destroy the world economy resulting in loss of our freedoms. And right now the worse case scenario is that old folks and the unhealthy will die a little sooner. At 85 years old I say that is a small price to pay.

      3. The 1-3% is not the death rate, it is the rate of those admitted to hospitals and diagnosed with corona virus and not sent home because they have serious complications or symptoms.

      4. What I’m saying that even if the overall death rate is 1-3% (millions of people) in a worse case scenario, it should be accepted as collateral damage. Hopefully, in line with your thinking, the actual death rate will be much, much less.

  3. It’s the Liberal mindset at work here that must be challenged. We’ve had plenty of plagues or one sort or another since our existence but none were handled with such ferocity against God & Man. The action of our leaders, both Church & State are totally out of hand & it will lead to civil unrest if they continue down this road. Maybe, of course, that is the intention!

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