You won’t die from Corona virus, unless you are already very sick

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Be rational, not reactionary!

Think, do not emote.

Otherwise, you will be sucked into the hype.

The latest statistics from Italy show that the Pandemic is simply Hype.

This is a follow up report to Why that 3.4% mortality rate is a lie, which showed by there is a shell game being played between hospital mortality rates for the Wuhan virus and mortality rates for the whole population. In that article I showed that for nearly everyone, it is easier to win the lottery or the raffle at your local parish or bingo hall. My report was confirmed subsequently by Joe Hoft of the Gateway Pundit and the statistician William M. Briggs, all of us working independently of one another.

Today Pier Paolo Flammini of Rivera Oggi, here in Italy, is reporting the latest statistics which confirm my suspicions, that no one healthy is dying of Corona Virus (statistically no one, as there is always the rare case of someone lacking immune responses for genetic or congenital reasons). He is citing the official daily bulletin of the Civil Protection Agency, here in Italy:

The other aspect which is very important is the fact that the victims have very often common pathologies like stroke, hyptertension, cancer, kidney disease, and dementia. We see that 48.5% of the persons examined (for corona virus) have 2 or more of these pathologies, 25.1% have two pathologies, and 25.1% have one pathology.

Only 0.8% have no pathologies.

Among the youngest (victims) we find persons who already at that age have cardiovascular problems, diabetes, obesity, kidney problems.  Hence, even the young (victims) are fragile.

Everyone needs to shout from the roof top these statistics.

Only 0.8% of those who died from Corona Virus had no pathologies, that is, were otherwise healthy persons — though this does not mean they were not malnourished or had eating disorders.

But  note that in the Civil Protection Agency report there is no specification of HIV infections. This is because in Italian law such persons are protected from being identified. So in the list of pathologies, cited above, you can presume HIV is one of them.

However, that 0.8% with no pathologies regards those admitted to hospital and diagnosed with Coronavirus and who died of coronavirus, or at least, were reported to have died from corona virus. This does not mean that they did. This also means that the rate in the general population will be 0.13% total, which is nearly that of the common flue, which is measured at 0.1% for the total population which gets infected, whether they come to the hospital or not.

Hence, all your civil rights and all your divine rights to the sacraments are being denied for something no more lethal than the annual winter flu!  This is how stupid or evil your leaders are.

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8 thoughts on “You won’t die from Corona virus, unless you are already very sick”

  1. All true Br. Alexis based on your numbers and assumptions about the duration of Corno V.

    Evidently, our world leaders have other data which is leading them in the direction they are taking. I do not assume all of them are bad guy members of a world wide conspiracy and are just using Corno to inflict totalitarian rule.

  2. Reading that 10 priests have died of the corona virus in Italy, I was wondering if they also fit into your report. It sounds sensational when the news exclaims that 10 priests have died in Italy of the virus! Thank you Br. Alexis for your continued comments. God bless you.

    1. Donna, those 10 priests are in Bergamo, a city notoriously immoral, and covered with heavy fog all winter long. Bad conditions for the health of anyone, especially those who come in contact with everyone. Now with Amoris Laetitia a priest gives communion to some of the most filth persons in the neighborhood. So the poor priests are dying. And the fault is Francis.

  3. Br, Bugnolo, a young man from Madrid, Spain (CESAR) is reporting that Spain is now experiencing what Italy first experienced and it happened to them in Spain in a split overnight.. Besides the “hype”, this young man was on the phone all day yesterday speaking with Catholic Nurses and Healthcare workers who are big fans of his Catholic Youtube Channel and they felt the urgency to tell him what is really going from the insideof their Healthcare Systems, and one of those things is that at the Hospitals and places they work in, because of such limited medicine and therapy, they have to be selective in who gets tested, who gets the treatment, who doesn’t. For instance, does a 70 year old diabetic with heart disease get tested for COVID-19? Or should a 26 year old with little health risk and a longer life get tested? And if so, who gets the medicine? So, those with weaker immune systems who walk in to be treated for a common influenza or pneumonia, are not even being tested, let alone treated, and many of those are more prone to the COVID-19 virus, so yet another variable to take into consideration.

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