Corona Panic spreads world wide

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The number of nations which have succumbed to the panic is amazing. They are shutting down their borders completely or partially, in most of the world. Amazingly China is not restricting travel!

Here is a map showing in Red which nations have imposed partial or total restrictions as of 4 pm today. The information used to make this graphic is from Aljazeera. The graphic was created using

Screenshot_2020-03-20 World Map - Simple - MapChart

This panic has a purpose. Because if it continues indefinitely, then any attempt by Catholics to restore the Sacred Hiearchy in their Church becomes extremely difficult, since movement across all international borders will be very difficult.

The irony here is that the Left MSM has urged a panic which has finally shut down the borders, which they have demanded to be kept open for illegal immigrants. Also, while Bergoglio has insisted since 2016 that the Sacraments be given to public sinners, now he insists they be given to no one, not even the faitful!

The Left, both in the State and in the Church, have flipped in a matter of a few weeks. But China, the sick man of Asia, keeps her borders open!

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9 thoughts on “Corona Panic spreads world wide”

  1. And, now, the SSPX announced that no more than 50 people may attend Mass- and, you have to have a reservation to receive Our Blessed Lord in Holy Communion! We nothing left except televised Masses and our Rosaries. Lord Jesus, have mercy!

      1. I don’t know if he is playing any role. It seems as though the SSPX as a whole have thrown in the towel.

  2. This makes me wonder…are all of these countries basically under the governing of the 1 World govt? This map is therefore more important than you may realise. It’s symboling how far their control has a grip.
    Ever since Australia ‘got rid of’ Tony Abbott, there has been a decidedly sinister agenda ruling our country. And this even though the leaders now pretend to have a Christian Faith and/or morals, but introduce evil laws, doing as little as possible to mitigate them.

    1. You have a good point. But some countries may not have bans nor the virus, so they do not take action. Others may have many nationals overseas and they fear retaliation if they impose a ban. Notice how the Marxist nations of Cuba, Nicaragua, China, North Korea, Belarus etc. have not closed their borders. Something is afoot.

  3. Many Catholics (especially in America) who have been indoctrinated with Freemasonic ideals like “separation of Church and State”, have not realized that the Church was separated from the State, precisely to then be subjected totally under it, as we are now witnessing. I’ve had to confront several mid to high-level members of the so-called “Knights of Columbus”, (some of whom admitted to also being Freemasons which I do not understand).

    There is no right that the State can grant to the Church without first having to take it away from Her. The idea that the Church and State are “separated”, in practice, means the complete opposite, as we can now see. Our Bishops of the false church are now acting like a bunch of dumb puppets and useless idiots of the New World Order, and most Catholics (who have been mentally prepared to accept that this is okay) have given up and will continue to support this false church of the State.

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