Dear Priests: Switch your allegiance from where you are not wanted to where you belong!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Dear Priests of the Catholic Church,

A horrible deception has fallen upon the Bishops of the world. They are in a panic and no longer acting as shepherds but sheep. Their Pastor is no longer Jesus Christ, but the voices of this world.

And so great is the diabolic delusion which has come upon them and taken hold of their minds and souls, that they have ordered you to stop being a priest!

I hope you can see now, that there are 2 Churches. One of the Light and One of  Darkness.

The One of Light lives by faith in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Who conquered death and every disease, and gave us Sacraments of Life to be the consolation and cure of our bodies and souls. She believes that as the Author of Life Himself, Jesus knows best how to cure soul and body. She holds that if we no longer believe that, we no longer believe in Jesus.

The Other is the mindless herd of those who have lost this faith, and who are now in rout. They have asked you, who were ordained to be an Ambassador of the God of Life, the Risen Lord, and a Dispenser of the Mysteries of God the Creator and Lord of every living thing, to stop being what you were created to be by sacred ordination.

I hope you can see that there are now 2 Churches, and that one has just fired you from your job.

For that reason, I am writing to let you know that there is a massive need for workers in the Vineyard of the Church of Light, the Church of the Resurrection. Hundreds of Millions of Souls without the Sacrament, in a time in which the Churches would otherwise be packed to the doors with humble souls seeking the protection of God, confessing their sins and embracing the Risen One in Holy Communion!

This Church of Light has as its visible head on earth, Pope Benedict XVI, who never renounced according to the requirement of the law of Pope John Paul II, and who is thus and has always been the Vicar of Jesus Christ.  He has not shut the churches, He has not ordered you to stop being a priest, He has not said you should give the Holy of Holies to public sinners, He has not blasphemed God, He has not denigrated Our Lady, He has not rewritten the Our Father, He has not offered latria to a demon in the Vatican Gardens or Saint Peter’s Basilica, He is not a disciple of George Soros or Barrack Obama.

Return to Pope Benedict XVI and to the Church of the Light. That way you will have the Divine Authority to take any action you think best to reboot the Catholic Church in your town.  I say, “reboot”, because the word “Church” in the Bible, “ecclesia” in Greek or “qahal” in Hebrew, means coming together. When the Church no longer comes together, the Church no longer exists. And this cannot happen without a Priest to lead them.

So since the Church of Darkness, overcome by the darkness of the world, has ordered itself to cease to exist, there is really nothing more for you to do, but sign up back with the Church of Light, which has not succumbed, but is just in need of a massive influx of Vineyard workers. The Church of Darkness has told you to stop celebrating one with its pope in public. The Church of Light has never given you any such instructions from Pope Benedict.

I am not asking you to be a hero. But I am asking you to remember who you are and to be that!

And in times of total chaos, you have the right to act, because The Salvation of Souls is the supreme law of the Church, canon 1752.

+ + +

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7 thoughts on “Dear Priests: Switch your allegiance from where you are not wanted to where you belong!”

  1. Very straight forward. The longer our Priests delay in continuing to exercise their priesthood by refusing the sacraments to the flock, the more their Charity will grow cold. Eventually, Satan will take over in their despair and anxiety, and will lead them to abandon their vocation.

  2. We cannot allow this insanity to continue. We must ensure our Easter Celebrations (Holy Week processions here in Spain & elsewhere) to continue as usual. We can still maintain social distancing by increasing the number of Masses so that people can spread themselves out, as it were, & Holy Hours are in this time of perceived crisis an essential part of the response to Corona Virus.

    In order to maintain & secure our Catholic services we urgently request the necessary input from our Bishops & priests to provide essential sacraments to those in need – particularly confession & Last Rites, & not run away from their responsibility in doing so. They should also investigate the provision of hiring buses at week-ends to take people from outlying areas as public transport has been stopped. Those using them could pay towards the cost of rental but the CC is wealthy enough to carry the main burden, which realistically will cease in time.

    Those priests who are ready, willing & able to pull up their sleeves & tackle the situation display their apostleship to God in carrying out His orders to “Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. [20] Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.” Matthew 28:19.

  3. Civil disobedience is lawful when the order is unlawful. God does not “go dark”.

    Priests should ignore their Bishop who commands darkness in their Diocese, look to Jesus – Light Of The World, open their doors and receive the Faithful – come what may.

    Their reward will be great in heaven. And the dam of apostasy, holding back the waters of Grace, may well break.

  4. Hail Mary.

    Today, when I asked a Gregorian priest for the soul of a friend, on the condition that they could be prayed in communion with BXVI, I received the happy answer:

    “Good morning, Professor Airton. Hail Mary most pure. I can pray it yes.
    I never pray for another “Pope”, I have always prayed for His Holiness Benedictus XVI and all the Bishops… including Bishop Bergoglio. I even take this opportunity to thank you for the texts you sent me by e-mail…for them, I see that I am not alone praying in union with the true Pope…Benedictus XVI. Long live the Pope!”

    Translated with (free version)

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