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by Br Alexis Bugnolo

I need only another 300 subscribers, and YouTube will let me do live broadcasts. And that means I can do a lot more for each of you, since YouTube allows live chat and I can literally answer your questions in real time.

I would like to do a Catechetical program to help parents, especially teach their children the Faith. Now that the Clergy have apostatized from their duty in so many countries, there is not more instruction in the parishes, and that means you need to learn to be the teachers of your own children.

There are so many errors being spread by laymen on the internet, that the truth needs to be defended.

And as always, I can answer your question about canon law.

As I have done more than 100 hours of TV programs, I have some experience in this, but I cannot do it, without your help to get me another 300 subscribers.subscribe

FromRome.Info Video Channel on Youtube. — Thank you!


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