There is only one sane response to the Corona Virus Hype: Massive Civil disobedience!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is not just a question of the rights of Christians to worship together, the rights of the Church to exist, the rights of the Catholic Clergy to minister to the faithful.

And it is not just a question of the civil rights of assembly and work, and life.

It is now the duty of sanity itself.

The Corona Virus Hype is a demonic delusion sponsored by insanely stupid world leaders, both in the State and in the Church and in Mass Media.

There is only one response which we obliged to show to this hype, and all the laws and restrictions being put into place to sustain it.

Massive Civil Disobedience.

Because none of us has the obligation to live in the make-believe world of loonies who think a common cold is the Plague of Plagues.

And all of us have the duty to defend reality and live in reality.

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6 thoughts on “There is only one sane response to the Corona Virus Hype: Massive Civil disobedience!”

  1. True, brother. I am marveled at this situation. It really proves the failure and the superficiality of a social order that has abandoned Jesus Christ and His Saving Faith.

    The silence and complicity of the people, of the so-called “Catholics”, and of so-called church “leaders”, before the powers of this world: flesh, sin, money, the State, Bergoglio, his false [anti] church, and ultimately Satan, is Apocalyptic.

    God watches in dismay as both priests and prophets remain silent like mute dogs unable to bark.

    Suddenly, not a single soul in all of Rome or the world, has the grace, power or authority to lift up their hand in prayer, and by the Power of the Holy Spirit, command the virus to leave the bodies of the afflicted, or to raise their voice and shout the sins to their people who have have no faith; that they would convert and bend knees at the sound of Jesus’ Holy Name.

    What men and women of little faith! If only they had the faith of a mustard seed, they would say unto this mountain, throw yourself to the sea, and it would be done. If we believe, we will receive whatever we ask for in prayer. But if this affliction is God’s permissive Will, then His Will be done. (Mt. 21:21)

    What else could Jesus come and do or say for us!? He’s given us everything we need! Ask and we shall receive!

  2. There is another side of your proposal though. Massive, civil disobedience is usually out of control, what might create more chaos, suffering and even innocent deaths! Be careful what you are wishing for! Ghandi’s ideas are better – none violent protest, however very rarely exercised peacefully due to our rebellious human nature.
    Also, remember that through some kind of Rome revolution – the III secret of Fatima will be fulfilled in the Vatican and our dear pope Benedict will become a martyr pope, then!

    1. Massive civil disobedience does not mean what you think. Please look up the term. It just means in this case, going back to your normal life and realizing that the government has no authority to act the way it is doing.

  3. Dear Tereze Avila I wonder what would have happened to Europe if King Jan Sobieski from Poland had had such advisers like you in 1683.

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