Zero Hedge spills the beans on why you must accept Corona as a pandemic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Zero Hedge is a news site mostly for information about financial matters. It is notorious for using as its avatar on Twitter, the image of the belly of a gay prostitute nude. Their twitter account sounded the news that Bergoglio was elected before anyone else on the planet.

So It does not surprise me in the least, that Zero Hedge ran a story at a little past midnight, Rome time, today, insisting that we must accept Corona Virus as a pandemic.

Yes, for Zero Hedge’s demographic — section of the population from which they come or identify — its a pandemic, because it is culling their own.

But for the rest of us, who are in good health, it is not even as bad as the winter flu, from the point of view of mortality rates. I cannot comment on the symptoms, because, though I have done an internet apostolate for more than 20 years, and know thousands of persons, no one has yet told me that they know of anyone who is sick from Corona Virus.

If you are not a man, but a coward, you will run from a mouse. That is why our leaders are running. If you do not have an immune system, Corona Virus is the Black Plague and the day of reckoning!

If only those who fear it most would repent of their sins instead of wanting to herd humanity into a black hole of dark age serfdom.

Misanthropic is the word for it. That is Greek for, haters of mankind.

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8 thoughts on “Zero Hedge spills the beans on why you must accept Corona as a pandemic”

  1. My job requires me to work with large numbers of customers in an enclosed space. No symptoms noted, ever. I regularly ask those at work that question: “do you know anyone with ‘Corona’”? Zero. Nada.

    I have seen zero evidence. No hospitals shut down for lack of space. Everything is normal, except on the tp aisle at the grocery.

    A pandemic means you are walking down any street – littered with dead bodies. The hospital literally is running triage. Symptoms are well known and immediate by everyone. *We all* know someone with the dreaded disease. The first symptoms are the grip of the grim reaper.

    This is the mother of all communist fake news propaganda campaigns. Misinformation lies are also an unseen killer – lies and deceptions being violence against nature and Truth … in some cases rising to the level of moral murder. In this case we have *mass* murder – the Holy Sacrifice of Mass and Sacraments being cancelled for the Faithful throughout the world: over a lie.

  2. Upon reflection I must also add: cancelled during the *grave obligations* (upon pain of mortal sin) of our Blessed Easter liturgical season – the summit of our Faith.

    These men who cancelled Mass, Penance, Sacraments during Lent and Easter are risking sending all our souls to hell. We must be very careful how we respond because our eternity hangs in the balance.

    Christ endured torture and death on our behalf, condemned by both religious and secular leaders. He was faithful and submitted to their unjust judgement. How, then, can we submit?

    1. We cannot obey schismatics who have excommunicated 99% of the Church so that they can establish their new pachamama church. They are excommunciated by canon 1364 for this horrible crime.

  3. I can’t see this quarantine lasting too long. Already the car & van traffic has greatly increased from last week-end. Buses are at an all-time low as they are public transport. Queuing at supermarkets is being managed well but stocks are still low in certain goods. Peoples’ patience will run out in about another week or so & then we’ll be witnessing disturbances, as these powers weren’t even known in wartime. It will be catastrophic to all economies & I’m quite sure governments will be hit & brought down if this course is continued overlong.

    We don’t like dictatorships in Europe & are naturally aghast at PF’s blatant SA Marxist tyranny on Catholics. I hope it doesn’t bring about WW3 & governments see the light in time to avert such a disaster. We have a huge fight in front of us, not against Corona Virus, but against NWO godless totalitarianism rearing its head in Communist China, Russia, SA countries, Democrat Party in US, Catalonian Government, EU, UN, etc.

    1. Ana, I think Cardinal Sarah is letting you now that you are not going to get your freedom back. The Vatican knows what is being planned and they are in on it 100%

  4. Aja! It was only a matter of time before the beans were spilled. Those who have given themselves over to fear, have quarantined the ability to reason and to have faith, and they will be the first to go in this crisis, because their slave state of mind will not allow them to act according to Faith and Reason!!

  5. The Twitter avatar for Zero Hedge is not “the belly of a gay prostitute nude”. It is the belly of a shirtless Brad Pitt from the movie Fight Club.

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