Amazing Polly: We are being played by the Corona Hype

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8 thoughts on “Amazing Polly: We are being played by the Corona Hype”

  1. We will have a very serious new problem, soon. They are supposedly developing a vaccine to prevent ‘Coronavirus’. Not only do we not need this vaccine, but I believe its the reason they caused this supposed ‘pandemic’. I am concerned that they ‘may’ enforce vaccination through law. Australia changed its laws (yet again) to allow for this as of last November. The global vaccine will be deadly. Some of my elder (teenage) children don’t believe me so I have a good reason to think of alternatives. I am wondering whether I should deliberately get ‘Coronavirus’? The reason for this is to avoid the vaccine as I could then say that I am (we are) already immune.
    I don’t feel there is a great risk as I am not immune compromised and neither is anyone in my immediate family with whom I would have contact. I am not concerned about getting the ‘flu’. I have serious reservations about any flu vaccine. My mum and uncle both got extremely ill for at least 18 months after directly receiving a flu vaccine. We all determined never to have one again, for that reason. What ideas are there to avoid this vaccine if they force it upon Australians, or indeed upon the world?

  2. One more connection you should know about. Deborah Brix and Seema Karma are part of the Third Path Movement, the subtle wing of the euthanasia movement that defined a new field of medicine palliative medicine for those who are seriously ill. Patients are targeted into palliative care by multidisciplinary palliative care teams. The teams are trained into how to coax the patient to choose comfort care only. See our timeline of this movement at Also, look for the short printable 2-page version.

    Leading for profit hospice Vitas Healthcare has joined in dialogue with the task force. I believe Dr. Birx was once a part of VITAS. See AP Press Releasee of March 5, 2020. “President and CEO Nick Westfall, along with other leading healthcare executives, met with US Vice President, White House Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx and Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service Administrator Seema Verma to discuss … how hospice and palliative care are uniquely positioned in the continuum of care to meet the needs of patients by transitioning patients to their preferred setting of care.”
    Elizabeth Wickham
    Executive Director, LifeTree

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