Bergamo propaganda now seen as essential to the Corona hype

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Let us pray for the dead, regardless from what they have died. But let us pray for world leaders that they do not exploit the dead for political agendas.

Take Bergamo for instance.

In recent days the international press has run stories about this Italian City as ground zero for the Wuhan Virus pandemic. They want desperately that all panic and accept their narrative about the apocalyptic plague which is decimating this city.

First, we cannot dismiss or diminish the death of any person let alone of large numbers of them. But, second, we ought not manipulate statistics to make a flu seem like a plague.

Bergamo is a city of around 120,000 souls. It is also the chief city in the province of Brescia, which has 1.2 million souls. There are many hospitals in the province, but Bergamo has the principal ones. Not all who are patients at Bergamo are citizens from the city.

As being reported, the Mayor of Bergamo says the total deaths of citizens of the city since the outbreak of the Corona Virus is 108 more than normal. He is using 2019, in which the deaths were 56 in the same period, as the basis. But he admits that only 30 some, of all the dead were known victims of the Wuhan virus.

However, the press wants you to think that everyone is dying in the city, and that everyone is dying of coronavirus. The Ecco of Bergamo is sounding this kind of alarm.

So let’s look at statistics, because as statisticians say, statistics never lie, but liars use statistics.

According to the Italian national census of 2011, the mortality rate in the province of Brescia is 92.99 per 10,000 (Source: Istat). With a population of 1.264 million the total mortality annually should be 11,754, or 980 per month.

The city of Brescia, also in the province of Brescia, has about 80% of the quantity of infected as Bergamo, so we can extrapolate that the total Corona virus deaths in the province so far is 54. The infection was brought to the region on January 24th.

During that time, therefore, in the province of Bergamo there would be expected a total mortality of 1,970 souls. But total deaths from Corona Virus are 54!

Bergamo has 20.7% of the known Corona virus infections in the region of Lombardy, so it is the principle infected city, but by no means the sole city affected.

These statistics show that some people are dying from the Wuhan Virus, and mostly at Bergamo and Brescia. But the total deaths there are only 1/40th of the total expected deaths in that province in the same time period!

These statistics are even more doubtful, because the winter flue this year in Italy was virulent. I know, I came down with it in January. I was sick in bed for 10 days. And had to stay at home for 10 more days to recover my strength. I know to avoid milk products during a flu to avoid mucus build up in the lungs, but with such a complete abstinence I was still coughing up a tremendous quantity of the thickest mucus I have ever seen. I had to take special over the counter expectorant to prevent its production, but it still formed in amazing quantities. For those not intelligent enough to ask for the special kind of medicine used in the USA and who were not abstaining from milk and cheese, this years influence would certainly be highly risky, even mortal, for some.

Therefore, the claim that hospitals cannot cope with the medical cases, therefore, if true, says more about the failure of a socialized medical system to have adequate facilities, than it does about the virulence of the Wuhan Virus.

Is Corona Virus a medical threat to some persons. Yes, undoubtedly. But is it a threat significant enough to shut down a nation of 65 million and confine them to their homes?

The statistics do not support an affirmative response to that question.

Indeed, since Italian death statistics show that HIV patients have a 700% higher likelihood of dying by infectious diseases, the insistence of Ministry of Health to not release the stats regarding how many victims of Corona virus are HIV positive is troubling and disingenuous, since everyone has a right to know who is succumbing to the Wuhan Virus.

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  1. There are lies, damn lies and statistics. Often statistics are used to fit the ideological curve—which appears now to be a socialist totalitarian mindset.

  2. Looking objectively at all these things and the funny goings-on in the stock market and governments, one would say there is at motion a big push to further the anti-Christ agenda, most likely to Sovietize the West at one big swoop. It’s a shame my friends have also bought into the nonsense that the closure of public Masses is necessary for the prevention of the COVID-19 spread when those public Masses would help stave off this man-made crisis and even stop it!

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