Canon Lawyer at Rome says Priests must disregard orders to cancel public masses

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I am never one to discount the truth said by someone who thinks Bergoglio is the pope. The cancellation of the mass has a lot of Catholic shocked to the core of their soul. And it is good to see a Canon Lawyer at Rome equally shocked, even if she disagrees with my commentary on her blog post on Papal Renunciations.

I speak of Cathy Caridi, JCL. Those letters after her name indicate she holds a licentiate in Canon Law. Her article is worth reading and sharing WITH ALL PRIESTS AND BISHOPS!

It is entitled, Do Bishops have the Authority to cancel Masses Completely? And she published it yesterday, here in Rome.

God bless her!

On the question of ordering priests not to allow the faithful to attend their masses she writes eloquently:

To sum up: if priests are being told in your country that “all public Masses must be cancelled, by order of the Bishops’ Conference,” this directive has no legal weight and should be disregarded, period.  There is no wiggle-room here.

But what’s a parish priest supposed to do, when his own diocesan bishop orders him to cancel Mass altogether, and bar parishioners from attending and receiving the sacraments?  Since, as we’ve already seen above, a bishop is required to do exactly the opposite, we undeniably have here an example of an unjust law.  “Because I said so” does not constitute justification for violating the law and the rights of the faithful.

I have said the same thing in other words, but having a Canon Lawyer at Rome say it, might convinced those who do not know how to see the truth stands on its own feet.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of the webpage cited in the article. Cathy Caridi will be famous in history for having been the canonist who foretold a month before Feb. 11, 2013, that a papal renunciation could be invalid on account of a substantial error. I reviewed her article last month.

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7 thoughts on “Canon Lawyer at Rome says Priests must disregard orders to cancel public masses”

  1. Too late. Priests today are trained with the “PAY. PRAY. AND OBEY” mentality of the Bishops. They are not to question their Bishop’s authority on anything. This is the mentality of the Muslims. It is not a Christian obedience, but instead, a form of “fideism” out of fear of men and cowardess.

  2. God bless her indeed.

    We present Christ crucified to the Faithful and we being God’s Grace to a desperately sinful world.

    Unless we cancel the public offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and all our Sacraments.

    Then we remove Almighty God from the Altar and collectively bow down to the gods of this world, starting with Pachamama Baal, then Corona Baal.

    Our God reigns! Their gods are lifeless ashes and dust. Time for Pope, Bishops, Cardinals, Priests, Faithful to choose Almighty God or Corona Baal. Corona is as nothing in the powerful hand of our God.

    1. No. Christ’s authority is above every power and authority of this world. We should prefer death than to omit the Mass. We should prefer to start a revolution than to allow our Churches to be closed.

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