No Government has the authority to shut down a nation

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

No government of men has the authority to shut down a nation. This is a common sense statement, which those too educated cannot understand. But I will try to explain it to them.

The state exists to serve the common good. The common good includes the whole of each individual, body and soul, being and action.

An influenza which will kill only 0.17% of the population is not a existential threat to a nation. And therefore it is not an existential threat to the common good. Therefore the common good remains more important. Therefore the Government must continue to serve the common good founded upon the rights of citizens to live and act freely.

If we start obeying insane political leaders we have opened pandora’s box. Germans decided to do that in 1932, and that lead to the deaths of 50 million human beings.

To entrust your mind, your soul and your obedience to an insane person is simply the penultimate step to suicide. To abandon reason itself is simply the choice to be insane.

Do not obey these idiots!

Keep your businesses open! Your schools open! Your factories open! Your stores open! Your restaurants open!

If you do get sick, stay at home. If you get very sick go to the hospital.

But the rest of us have the natural right to keep on living.

And no government of men can obstruct that right, because that right precedes the existence of the state, and comes from the Creator of Nature.

And those with a contrary opinion, are entitled to it, even though they are complete bozos.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a collage of photographs by Heinrich Hoffmann, Sept. 30 (Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-10460 ), depicting the German Reichchancellor of infamous name, and is used here in accord with a Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 Germany License, as described here.

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8 thoughts on “No Government has the authority to shut down a nation”

  1. Thank you for reminding us of this. All Gov’t employees, from a President, to a Prime Minister, all the way down to City Hall janitors, are employed by the People! Their right to serve “us” (the People) are protected by the laws of the Country, and so too the right of the people to employ them. Yet, even above those laws is the eternal virtue of Justice, one of God’s eternal attributes. How is it that a mortal servant of a People, or any regime, would have the right to shut down a sovereign nation under God? They’d have to be as ludicrous and tyrannical as an Adolf Hitler, or Conte, or Newsom

    Government does not produce a single pinch of growth, nor does it generate a single pinch of wealth, nor does it own the common good. What it has, exists only because of the People, and it is the People who create growth and generate wealth. A nation that is shut down by their Government, is literally like the tail wagging the Dog!

  2. You are l00% correct and it needs to be nipped in the bud from the beginning. They don’t have enough room in the prisons now as it is, how would they be able to imprison shop owners or churchgoers for heaven’s sake.

  3. They may not have enough prison accommodation but they certainly have bank vaults to stash the amount of fines being handed out to people who have broken the quarantine – ridiculous sums, up to €600K.

  4. The elderly will not at election time forget how mentally tortured we will be by the recommended isolation of us who live alone. But there are creative hygienic ways we can get round this,and I am not going to specify unless they try to outlaw it.

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