Corona Hype has exposed Catholic Media personalities as propagandists for the Revolution

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Let us pray for all the dead, from whatever cause of death, because all the dead are equally dead, physically speaking, though according to the current Globalist dogma, some dead are more equal than others.

That is, because some dead can be used to justify panic and national economic collapse, the imprisonment of billions and the economic hegemony of the Chinese Marxist State.

But at the same time, the Corona Hype Event has given every Catholic a demonstration of which Catholic media personalities are rational and which are irrational; which think on their own feet and which take the party line; which ask you to think and consider the facts of reality, and which tell you to shut up, buckle under and go along with what the Main Stream Media is telling you to think and do and feel.

These same personalities told you that Benedict XVI resigned the papacy, Bergoglio was validly elected, that Bergoglio has not lost his office by heresy, and that you should shut up and pray and leave big questions like this to the Cardinals and Bishops and to themselves. These same clergy are now denying you the Sacraments!

It should not surprise you, therefore, that all those writers who have been telling you that Pope Benedict XVI has not resigned according to the norm of law, are also telling you that the Pandemic is Hype and that you should look at the facts, not the propaganda.

They are also the only ones lamenting with you that you have been denied the Sacraments and the Mass for no sound reason.

Maybe now you should listen to them on the Benedict XVI issue too?

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10 thoughts on “Corona Hype has exposed Catholic Media personalities as propagandists for the Revolution”

  1. It is surprising how compliant most folks to various ban of Church and State. Hopefully, in the next 30 days the sheep may begin wondering where they are being led.

  2. When funds dry up & readership slumps they will be forced to re-evaluate their positions. Those prelates & wealthy lay Catholic organisations i.e. Knights of Columba & Opus Dei, will not be as forthcoming to financially support Trad Inc. if they lose their readership.

    With stupendous amounts of donated money having been squandered on the paedophile scandal, erotic homo sex orgies & other atrocities, the Bishops Conferences’ submission to governments worldwide imposed quarantine to Corona Virus outbreak by closing churches to the public will be the last straw. I cannot see the laity’s confidence return any time soon & this could lead to a breaking of rank within the higher echelons of the CC.

  3. I like to kid myself that I enjoy sufficient fluid reasoning skills such that I can look at facts reasonably and reach reasonable conclusions. In this situation, I can’t, and I suspect that this is actually true for most of us, if not all. There is too much we don’t know, and with all these variables not understood, we have no idea where we are, so we can’t really know where to head.
    I am dismayed by the number of fellow Catholics, people who I would consider leading lights in the last few years, who feel we are about to be taken over by Marxist forces, because we have submitted to forced isolation in order to try to stem the devastating virus. Most especially disappointing is to read that I am in the expendable category. In my 60’s, with one “pre-existing condition” (I take a pill every day) I now qualify for the poor folks who die, but what of it, she was “already sick”. I work, have a family I interact with, have hobbies, activities, go to Mass each week, etc., but I am now in the expendable group so it’s no biggie if I die. By all means, let’s not shut down the economy and go bankrupt (shiver) for a few weeks or months in order to try to prevent another Italy. I think people really fail to grasp how horrific it would be to see people gasping for air, and there is no air to give them because there are no ventilators. It is too easy to dismiss the abstract other who watches a loved one die and they cannot help. I honestly don’t know what to make of this attitude, which to me seems cavalier, but I admit, maybe I am looking at this thing all wrong.
    God has permitted this denial of the Holy Mass, during Lent of all times. But we will not accept nor see it as a Holy Sacrifice not of our own choosing. No. We must have our way and have it NOW.
    It may be that Communists are going to take advantage of this and make things worse. It may be the economy does not recover well, even though indications are it can survive this for quite some time. But if we are a people of life, we should worry about life first, do what is obviously necessary, quarantine ourselves, and worry about those things after. Death is not the worst thing, but it is not the worst thing to do what we can to prevent it for ourselves, our loved ones, or other people’s loved ones.

    1. See my recent report from the Doctors of Bergamo to understand how your thinking is based on false premises, and how you are in fact a victim of misinformation, which may cause you to put yourself in a situation where your fears come true.

  4. I certainly hope you are correct. It is impossible at this point to know who to believe, there is simply too much contradictory information. I hope I am always open to correction, and I know for sure I can be wrong, but given the importance of the outcome (suffering/lives), it seems prudent to act conservatively, maybe very conservatively, and endure for a few weeks what we may not want to. After the fact, assuming one is here, we can apply hindsight. Right now is contagion escalation time, for this week and next. We will probably know by 3/30 where we are headed in terms of demand on the healthcare system in our local areas and general spread. I admit I may very well be a victim of misinformation, there are so many voices.

    1. Kate, rather than destroying the world economy, may it would be easier for all those at risk (over 50 with pathologies or weak immune systems) to quarantine themselves and if they do not, they they take the responsibility on their own shoulders, as human beings have done since we were casst out of the Garden of Eden. You think that might work?

  5. Bottom line which hopefully no one will seriously question:
    We must balance health risk against economic risk recognizing the economic risk must be preferenced since it will effect everyone.

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