COVID-19: the New World Religion demanding submission from all other religions

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Leo Igwe, writing for the Maravi Post, out of Malawi, in the heart of Africa, has writen an extremely insightful editorial on the world response to COVID-19, entitle, COVID-19 and Common-sense Religion. The Maravi Post is named after an ancient kingdom which ruled all of Malawi and large sections of Tanzania and Mozambique.

In his editorial, Igwe points out that the response to the Wuhan Virus has taken on the dogmatism of a new world religion which demands that all other religions surrender, and stop claiming any authority to speak on human relations:

There is a new religion, a new world religion. This religion has suddenly taken over from various religions. This new religion is an umbrella religion that encapsulates others-African traditional religion, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Bahai. Even the non-religious outlooks subsists under its shade and cover.

The new religion has members of these religious faiths as followers and adherents. It includes all religious minutiae but to the extent that they accommodate and abide by the new injunctions. It is not a matter of choice for other religions and ideologies to align with the new religion.

I recommend you read his article in full at:

I also suggest you compare and contrast his editorial, with the Letter to the Editor from Scotland, which I received this evening. It is a good demonstration of how the Corona Hype Acceptance is a phenomena of western socialism.

Igwe has connected the dots and shown how those who back the One World Religion Initiative have reason to push the Corona Hype. It’s a brilliant observation.

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4 thoughts on “COVID-19: the New World Religion demanding submission from all other religions”

  1. Fantastic analysis of the situation! Brings to mind the words of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen: “The False prophet will have a religion without a cross. A religion without a world to come. A religion to destroy religions. There will be a counterfeit Church.”

    Bergoglio’s counterfeit church has spiritually replaced the Holy Eucharist in all tabernacles for a Petri Dish with COVID-19 cultures. The clergy have replaced their birettas, amices and pontifical gloves for N-95 face masks, latex gloves, polypropylene surgical caps and condor aprons.

    Bergoglio does not hold a “Petrine Ministry” but a “Petri Dish” ministry and is a complete fake, impostor, who has deceived many, leading them straight to the greatest apostasy in Church history.

  2. The article ends optimistically with a return to normality post COVID-19.

    But the powers behind the scenes will keep manufacturing crises to excuse further “common sense” solutions for us all.

  3. By supporting PF as a valid pope, prelates such as Burke, Mueller, Sarah, Schneider, Eijk, Nichols, Cupich, Farrel, Tobin, Gomez, Dolan, etc. are keeping the False Prophet in situ while allowing the true PBXVI to languish as a prisoner in the Vatican. We, the laity, cannot cling to such men in the hopes they will revert to the OHC&A Church in which they have been baptized, ordained & consecrated as direct descendants to the First Apostles any longer. The faithful prelates Zen, Lenga, Gracida, Gadecki, Strickland, Paprocki, Canizares Llovera, etc. must now publicly inform us that PF is a formal & material heretic whom we are not to follow. We need consecrated men in authoritative positions to lead us out of this satanic cabal which has taken over the Vatican & its episcopes. The Truth must be unveiled no matter at what cost to individuals who may not have been living lives in accordance with the Gospel.

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