Italian Civil Protection Agency walks back on all COVID-19 numbers

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

While the Italian PM has just imposed a complete control upon the Italian economy sector by sector, ordering shut down everything which is not on his list of “essential” activities, the Civil Protection Agency has admitted that they do not know for certain if anyone has died of the Wuhan Virus!

The amazing admission came in the daily Bolletino published by the Department of Protezione Civile, which is subject directly to the Council of Ministers.

Here is the Italian text of March 22, 2020:


Coronavirus: sono 46.638 i positivi

22 marzo 2020

Aggiornamento delle ore 18.00

Presso la sede del Dipartimento della Protezione Civile proseguono i lavori del Comitato Operativo al fine di assicurare il coordinamento degli interventi delle componenti e delle strutture operative del Servizio Nazionale della protezione civile.  Nell’ambito del monitoraggio sanitario relativo alla diffusione del Coronavirus sul territorio nazionale, al momento 46.638 persone risultano positive al virus. Ad oggi, in Italia sono stati 59.138 i casi totali.

Nel dettaglio: i casi attualmente positivi sono 17.885 in Lombardia, 6.390 in Emilia-Romagna, 4.644 in Veneto, 4.127 in Piemonte, 2.231 nelle Marche, 2.144 in Toscana, 1.351 in Liguria, 1.272 nel Lazio, 866 in Campania, 738 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, 885 nella Provincia autonoma di Trento, 648 nella Provincia autonoma di Bolzano, 748 in Puglia, 596 in Sicilia, 539 in Abruzzo, 500 in Umbria, 354 in Valle d’Aosta, 327 in Sardegna, 260 in Calabria, 81 in Basilicata e 52 in Molise.

Sono 7.024 le persone guarite. I deceduti sono 5.476, ma questo numero potrà essere confermato solo dopo che l’Istituto Superiore di Sanità avrà stabilito la causa effettiva del decesso.

Here is my English translation:

At the Department of Civil Protection work is continuing by the Operating Committee to assure the coordination of intervention by the components and operative structures of the National Service for Civil Protection. As regards the monitoring of health relative to the spread of Coronavirus in the national territory, at the present 46,638 test positive for the virus. Today, in Italy, there are a total of 59,138 cases.

Specifically: the actual positive cases are 17,885 in Lombardy, 6,390 in Emilia-Romagna, 4,644 in the Veneto, 4,127 in Piemonte, 2,231 in the Marche, 2,144 in Tuscany, 1,345 in Liguria, 1,271 in Lazio, 866 in Campania, 738 in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, 885 in the autonomy province of Trento, 648 in the autonomous province of Bolzano, 748 in Puglia, 596 in Sicily, 539 in Abruzzo, 500 in Umbria, 354 in Vall d-Aosta, 327 in Sardinia, 260 in Calabria, 81 in Basilicata, and 52 in Molise.

Persons cured are 7,024. The deceased are 5,476, but this number will be able to be confirmed only after the Instituto Superiore for Health has established the effective cause of death.

There you have it. When the day comes that everyone realizes that the Corona Virus Pandemic was pure hype, the Italian government will point to today’s bulletin to say, we told you so, but you did not pay attention!

Meanwhile the Italian press and TV stations are continuing to push the hype. And the Government is acting like the Hype is true.

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4 thoughts on “Italian Civil Protection Agency walks back on all COVID-19 numbers”

  1. And as a side note over here in the good old USA Trump political mastermind Steve Bannon is advocating for a total shutdown of economic activity. He evidently has gone mad.

    One problem with the shutdown idea is when and how to determine when to lift the ban—setting aside the total economic devastation that occurs in the process. Some of our states have little or no CV but could get it later when the band is lifted, etc. So by declaring a band you set yourself up for failure regardless what happens with CV. It is a no win approach. The best idea is no blanket ban. Let each state and each corporation handle the ban determination. Sick people, of course, should stay home or be sent home.

  2. This is consistent with an article I saw yesterday, saying that according to an Italian national health agency (Perhaps the same one you quoted here, I don’t know), only 12% of all the deaths attributed in the hype stories to the Wuhan Flu are actually caused by it, with the other 88% the result of other conditions. But the hype stories attribute to Wuhan Flu every death of every person shown to have the virus in their bodies, regardless of any medically established cause of death.

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