Italian PM imposes push-to-collapse measures on Italian economy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The level of insanity coming out of the Italian government is truly historic. Not only did Giuseppe Conte, without any legal authority, order all Italians to stay at home until April 3, he closed all the points of sale but the large Supermarket Chains and the small food stores or fruit stands own by Muslims in most cities. He ordered all other retail businesses which were “not essential” to close.

But now, by his decree of yesterday, he has ordered the entire economy to shut down, denying the basic necessities of every item except food and medical supplies.

His decree specifies the closing of “all industrial and commercial production”. He has also forbidden all movement of persons by public transport from one town to another, who are not doing so to get to work or a hospital. He has spared only the medical industry and the military industrial complex, and lawyers and other such professionals, like journalists, along with a long list of support industries for transportation, Petrochemicals, mining, etc.

Italians are assured there will be no closures of supermarkets, but his new decree gives to the governors of the Regions to limit their hours, which will ignite further panic to buy food. The lines already begin 45 minutes before stores open, and supermarkets are hiring security guards to prevent rioting.

But there is certainly to be a rush to buy soap today, because it appears the decree does not spare soap production!

Overall, it seems the decree is designed to destroy the small businessman. It contains provisions only to protect multinational chains and assembly line production.

This is the level of pathological mania which has either gripped the Italian Government — which is very friendly to China which has NOT shut down any part of its economy — of which is being deliberately promoted by the Italian government to case the most massive economic collapse possible in national history.

And this, after 3 days of progressively decreasing numbers of new infections and new deaths.

There is something more to the panic that meets the eye. Having shut down all religious activity, it has itself become the new dogma and new State Religion, and it wants to sacrifice Italy upon its altar of fake-news supported dogmatism.

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5 thoughts on “Italian PM imposes push-to-collapse measures on Italian economy”

  1. Yes, crazy. Where are the food stores going to get their merchandise if everything else is shut down. Sounds to me like he is forcing the hand of the EU for more bailout money.

    All of this is orchestrated hysteria. Why don’t the Italian people rebel, take to the streets, call for his head?

  2. In Spain we are entering the tenth day of such draconian measures. Our Prime Minister is an Atheist & Socialist (Commie?) & has now called for EU to introduce Marshall Law. It seems similar to the coup d’etat against PBXVI the Vatican has so far got away with, except this usurpation of civil law is directed against the people who voted them into office.

  3. And not just China. Russia as well. It seems that Putin was asked by Conte to help fight COVID-19 by bringing in Russian military virologists, 8 teams in helicopters, and 100 more to come later, to Lombardy. Communist Cuba also sent in military doctors to fight COVID-19.

    1. Conte clearly wants to make Italy another Soviet Union. It is the Gramescian dream to use crises to established Marxist Dictatorship. Conte is clearly following this line of action.

  4. I should clarify the “100” as 100 more people, but yeah it definitely looks like this is the case. I never bought that Russia has really gone non-Communist, especially since there has been hankering back for the “good ol’ days of Soviet Russia.”

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