Shopping at Rome in a time of Pandemic Hype

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The pictures tell the story.


In the photo above, you need no explanation if you live at Rome. If there is a line wrapping round the block, there must be a supermarket round the corner. This line was seen yesterday, Sunday morning, opposite the Piazza of Santa Maria Maggiore.

But look how many police there were to make it clear to everyone that they better not dare even to think to take a step towards the Basilica to visit it:


The same sights can be seen elsewhere in Rome. Here are the lines at supermarket today, Monday:


This supermarket has longer lines because it is one of the few which is managing to keep its shelves stocked. Indeed they have merchandise waiting on the curbside to go into the store. It’s a good way of publicizing that it’s worth your while to wait in line:


As you approach the door, you are given plastic disposable gloves to wear while in the story. Something, someone though of in the past few days.

However, as you enter you are greeted with the daily propaganda. I notice propaganda readily, because I grew up in the USA where it is rarely seen:


The Italian phrase, Andrà tutto bene, means, “Everything will be all right!”

I cannot fail to notice that future tense of the verb.

In the store, if you waited the 45 minutes in line, you found that bread shelf was nearly empty and the meat shelf was half empty. But everything else was well stocked, because prices at this particular supermarket are 20-50% higher than the others, whose shelves are even less well stocked.

As they say in Italy, you can only be certain of the truth, when it is publicly denied.

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2 thoughts on “Shopping at Rome in a time of Pandemic Hype”

  1. That is terrible. Only 1/3 of meat in Italy is from Italy and most of it comes from Poland and other European countries. Br. Bugnolo, if you have access to an oven at a nearby restaurant that is not being used, you may suggest that they turn it into a bakery, and you can make some extra cents by promoting it. You can call it the “St. Francis’ Bread”., blessed by St. Francis! 🙂

    Also, the Wall Street Journal reported a few days ago that 300 Chinese Doctors arrived in Italy along with “supplies”. Now, yesterday, Cuba reportedly sent 52 doctors from Communist Cuba whom arrived in Lombardy, Italy. Why are communist doctors being sent to first-world “free” countries?

    Remember that any “doctors” from Cuba that have been sent to various socialist countries in Latinamerica like Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, now Mexico, their job has been to psychologically condition people to the State and to sterilize women and heavily promote contraception. They are also superstitious witch doctors who promote their evil and disgusting witchcraft and begin to use it on people. This who agenda by Conte and Communist countries is diabolical.

    1. Italy is a socialized economy. Those with a restaurant license cannot make bread and sell it because they do not have a bakery license. This kind of control of economics is essential for the Gramescian effort to collapse the economy in times of crisis. Alas even Salvini is pushing the Hype 24/7. Italy has no leaders right now to protect her from being raped by the WHO and the Globalists.

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