Salus populi romani: March 26, 2020

Perpetual Supplica


This devotion is inspired by the request made by Our Lady Herself in
Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich’s Vision of

August 25, 1822: “I know not now how I went to Rome last night, but I found myself near the church of Santa Maria Maggiore. Around it I saw crowds of poor, pious souls, in great distress and anxiety on account of the Pope’s disappearance and the agitation and alarming reports throughout the city. Led by one common impulse, they had come to invoke the Mother of God. They did not expect to find the church open, they intended only to pray outside. But I was inside, I opened the door and they entered, astounded at the door’s opening of itself. I was standing aloof where they could not see me. There was no service, only the chancel-lamps were burning, and the people knelt in quiet prayer. Then the Mother of God appeared. She said that great tribulations were at hand; that the people must pray earnestly with extended arms, if only for the length of three Our Fathers, for it was thus that her Son had prayed for them upon the Cross; that they should rise at midnight to pray thus; that they should continue to come to Her church which they would always find open; and that they should, above all, pray for the extirpation of the Church of Darkness. … I know not whether the people saw the apparition or not, but they must have been impressed by something supernatural for, when the Blessed Virgin said they should pray to God with arms extended, all lifted up their arms … It seemed to be an association of prayer.” From this time Sister Emmerich assisted nightly at the pious exercises at Santa Maria Maggiore. (The Life and Revelations of Ann Catherine Emmerich, Book 2)



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(Our English translation in Blue — Prayer will be said in Italian and Latin: Black)

The Prophetic Prayer of Pope Benedict XVI



(May 7, 2005)


In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

Tutta Santa, degna di ogni onore,
Tu la migliore offerta
che l’umanità possa presentare a Dio.

All Holy, Worthy of every honor,
Thou, the best offering
Which humanity can present to God.

Vergine Madre, Madre sempre vergine,
supplichi materna al Figlio Tuo.

Virgin Mother, Ever-Virgin Mother,
Offer a maternal supplication to Thy Son.

Conduci sino al porto la barca della Chiesa,
scansando gli scogli ​​e vincendo i mar rossi.

Bring the Barque of the Church to port,
avoiding the reefs and overcoming red seas.

Custodisci questa città;
Conforta chi vi giunge,
senza tetto né difesa,
ed estendi a tutti il Tuo sostegno.

Guard this City;
Comfort who comes here,
without shelter nor defense,
and extend Your protection to all.

Con fede professiamo a Te, Genetrice di Dio;
Con amore Ti onoriamo,
Con speranza Ti preghiamo,
Ti proclamiamo beata.

With faith we profess Thee, Mother of God;
With love we honor Thee;
With hope we pray Thee
We proclaim Thee blessed.

Tu, mia Signora, mio conforto da Dio,
aiuto alla mia inesperienza,
accogli la preghiera che rivolgo a Te.

Thou, My Lady, My consolation from God,
help for my inexperience,
receive the supplication which I make to Thee.

Tu per tutti fonte di gioia,
rendimi degno di esultare insieme a Te.

Thou, who for all are a fountain of joy,
make me worthy to exult together with Thee.

Guarda l’assemblea dei credenti,
Madre del Salvatore;
allontana da loro sventure e afflizioni;
liberali dal male e dal maligno;
proteggili con l’abbondanza della Tua benevolenza.

Watch over the assembly of believers,
Mother of the Savior;
remove from them misfortunes and afflictions;
free them from evil and from the Evil One;
protect them with the abundance of Thy benevolence.

Al ritorno glorioso del Tuo Figlio, nostro Dio,
difendi con la Tua materna intercessione
la nostra fragilità umana
ed accompagnaci sino alla vita eterna
con la Tua mano gentile,
Tu che sei potente, perche Madre.

At the glorious return of Thy Son, our God,
defend with Thy maternal intercession
our human fragility
and accompany us unto eternal life
with Thy gentle hand,
Thou who art powerful, as a Mother.


77 Our Fathers, that is 7 Rosary Decades of Our Fathers.

3 in Latin

71 in Italian — Or say them in your own tongue.

3 in Latin

3 Gloria Patri

Sacro Cuore di Gesù, abbi pietà di noi!
Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

Cuore Immacolato di Maria, prega per noi!
Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

San Giuseppe, Patrono della Chiesa, prega per noi!
Saint Joseph, Patron of the Church, pray for us!


San Michele Arcangelo, difendici nella battaglia, contro la perfidia e le insidie del diavolo sii Tu il nostro sostegno. Che Dio eserciti il suo domino su di lui, noi supplichevoli Lo preghiamo! E tu, Principe delle milizie celesti, ricaccia nell’inferno satana e gli altri spiriti maligni, che si aggirano in questa Città a perdizione delle anime.


Saint Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, o prince of the Heavenly Host, by the Divine Power, cast into Hell Satan and all the evils spirits who prowl about this City seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

San Gabriele Arcangelo, prega per noi!
Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us!

San Raffaele Arcangelo, prega per noi!
Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us!

San Francesco di Assisi, prega per noi!
Saint Francis of Assisi, pray for us!

San Antonio di Padova, prega per noi!
Saint Anthony of Padua, pray for us!

Santa Rosalia di Palermo, prega per noi!
Saint Rosalia of Palermo, pray for us!

Beata Anna Caterina Emmerich, prega per noi e prega con noi!
Bl. Ann Catherine Emmerich, pray for us and pray with us!

In Nomine Patris et Filii e Spiritus Sancti. Amen.


Al tuo tempio secolare
di ori e marmi rilucente
siamo accorsi ad implorare
il materno tuo favor.

At Thy Ancient Temple
of shinning gold and marble
we have come to implore
Thy Materna favor.

R. O Maria Madre Santa
tu del popolo romano
sei salvezza luce e guida,
nostra speme e nostro amor,
sei salvezza luce e guida
nostra speme e nostro amore.

Refrain: O Maria, Holy Mother
Thou art of the Roman People
the salvation, light and guide,
our hope and our love,
Thou art the salvation, light and guide
our hope and our love.

Col Prodigio della Neve,
segnò il luogo in piena estate,
dell’augusta tua dimora,
il supremo tuo favor.

With the prodigy of the Snow,
Thou signed this place in high summer,
of August as Thy dwelling,
as Thy supreme favor.

R. O Maria Madre Santa
tu del popolo romano
sei salvezza luce e guida,
nostra speme e nostro amor,
sei salvezza luce e guida
nostra speme e nostro amore.

Refrain: O Maria, Holy Mother
Thou art of the Roman People
the salvation, light and guide,
our hope and our love,
Thou art the salvation, light and guide
our hope and our love.







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* Salus populi Romani, is Latin, for The Salvation of the Roman People. It is the ancient title of the Icon of Our Lady see at the top of this article.

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I am sick to my stomach watching these unnatural men who run the Church


by John Bronston

These are the days that have been foretold to us through Scripture, countless Saints, and numerous Marian apparitions. If we are not aware, it is because of our own ignorance and lack of desire to understand what our Faith is truly about. The Corona virus fear that has gripped the entire world is without a doubt a demonic plot to control the minds and hearts of the people of this world. But why is the Church and so many of the lay faithful going along with the world? We are not called to live as people in the world live. We are Christians and we are called to live as Christ lived.

We do not look to the world for answers or for hope in times of crisis. We should be picking up our rosary and bible and looking towards God for answers. If we aren’t doing that it means we are putting our faith in the world by absorbing the messages that are being given to us through the secular media, which is always atheistic and anti-God.  The world can not tell us anything that will help us save our souls. It despises us because we are followers of Christ. We know Satan is the ruler of this world and yet we look to the world for information. This is a classic example of insanity! The Father of Lies runs the world and we want to listen to him and his minions? No, we should open our bibles and let God speak to us here and now.

God’s word is alive and eternal. The Truth never changes and what was written 2,000 years ago under the guidance of the Holy Spirit (God) is full Truth. In fact, you will learn more about the reality of things today by reading that living word of God than you could ever learn through the news and media reports that come from the world every second of every day. It is sheer chaos and hysteria being spread by the world and the Devil. There is NO truth in them! We need to regain our senses and understand that God is in control of all things and figure out what His plan for us is in this current moment. He is not asking us to be afraid of a virus that can infect our bodies. He is more concerned with the spiritual virus, that is Sin, that is infecting our minds, hearts, souls and the Church!

This is all the more reason that we should not be accepting the closing of the masses by our Bishop(s)! If they had even an ounce of supernatural Faith they would not agree to go along with this diabolical agenda of the world and would resist until the point of death.  We the laity must protest this horrific abuse with all our might. We must write emails, plan protests, rally outside of our churches, depose unfaithful clergy, whatever it takes! It amazes me that so many Catholics on social media are celebrating this atrocity as a prudent decision by the Church. The Catholic Church is not what you think it is. It is not just the hierarchy who get to make decisions and the rest of us just blindly accept it even to our own eternal detriment. This is not using our God given intellect and will.

We do not follow faithless men. We, the Church of light who are called to be the salt of the earth for the rest of humanity, must retain our zeal! If we have lost that, then we are no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot (cf. Matthew 5:13-16).

I am sick to my stomach watching these unnatural men who run the Church telling us, the faithful, what we must do. They use your ignorance of the Faith and of your rights as Christians, to lie to get you to agree to things that no Christians in the history of the world would ever have agreed to.  The true Church does not take its marching orders from the State (Satan). It takes its orders from Christ and those who are in communion with Him. This means those who are in a state of Grace and who reside in the Truth.

We must despise all forms of lying in our own lives if we ever wish to be able to see the Truth as it clearly is. The sin of lying obstructs us from being able to see when others are lying to us. The current hierarchy of the Church is filled with immoral men who can lie with an unsettling ease that is impossible to detect unless you have trained your eyes and ears to only seek truth. Christ is the truth we must seek right now and always if we are ever going to be able to live as he has called us to live in this world.

Fear of God is the only respectable form of fear. If we are afraid, because the world has caused it in us, then we are not exhibiting true faith. If you tell me I cannot receive the most precious and holy Eucharist because of fear of contracting a cold virus then you are doing the devil’s work and you have cut yourself off from the true vine that gives life.  Please understand that your Church is being ripped away from you and if you’re ok watching mass on television and not receiving the most blessed Sacrament than I feel sorry for you. If this is not ok with you than let us, the militant Church, do something about it right now.

Stay away from people who are not followers of the Lord! Can someone who is good get along with someone who is evil? Are light and darkness the same? Is Christ a friend of Satan? Can people who follow the Lord have anything in common with those who don’t? Do idols belong in the temple of God? We are the temple of the living God (2 Corinthians 6:14-16).

​“Who’s going to save our Church? It’s not our bishops, it’s not our priests and it is not the religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes and the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that the priests act like priests, your bishops act like bishops, and the religious act like religious.” – Archbishop Fulton Sheen

“Anyway, they are no more than false apostles and dishonest workers. They only pretend to be apostles of Christ. And it is no wonder. Even Satan tries to make himself look like an angel of light. So why does it seem strange for Satan’s servants to pretend to do what is right? Someday they will get exactly what they deserve.” 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

“For the shepherds are stupid, and do not inquire of the Lord; therefore they have not prospered, and all their flock is scattered.” Jeremiah 10:21

“It is an easy matter for many to be shut up in the hands of a few: and there is no difference in the sight of the God of heaven to deliver with a great multitude, or with a small company: For the success of war is not in the multitude of the army, but strength cometh from heaven. They come against us with an insolent multitude, and with pride, to destroy us, and our wives, and our children, and to take our spoils. But we will fight for our lives and our laws: And the Lord himself will overthrow them before our face: but as for you, fear them not.” 1 (Maccabees) 3:18-22


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a photo of Cardinals Kasper and the last Daneels, two prominent members of the St. Gallen Mafia, who promoted Bergoglio to supreme power. It is used here in accord with a Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 unported license, as described here.

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To vindicate the dead: The Spanish Influenza at Philadephia in 1918

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I am horrified.

I am horrified at Rorate Caeli that they would stoop so low as to encourage the faithful to go without the Sacraments! And to justify the decision of superiors in Church and State who want to shut down the Catholic Church!

I am especially horrified at the shell game perpetrated by Father Carl Gismondi, FSSP, in his Op-Ed, entitled, Suspending Public Mass is not new, where he cites the example of Philadephia during the Spanish Flu of 1918 as a precedent for closing churches today round the world.

I am personally very incensed. I am such, because my family comes from Philadelphia and lived their during the Spanish Flu Epidemic which struck the city in October of 1918. My great uncle Antonio Cafeo died in that Epidemic.

My grandfather Giovanni Cafeo told me about it, when I was discussing with him one day, nearly 40 years ago, how he survived the Spanish Flu Epidemic. He nearly died himself. He caught it while working as a barber in the U.S. Army in France, as an enlisted soldier. They had to move him to a hospital on the French Coast near Nantes, where he convalesced for 3 months.

I asked him then, about his brothers. It was then he told me that I had a great uncle, who died in the epidemic: Antonio, my grandfather’s older brother. He died at the age of around 28 years. He was a violinist, and very close to my grand dad. I could see in the face of my grandfather the profound love and attachment he had for his brother, even 70 years later, when he spoke of Antonio, briefly though, because it was such a great sorrow to him, that he did not want to remember it for long. I asked him what happened to Antonio. “He got very sick and they took him away. I visited him, but they later told me he had died.”

So I am astounded at Father Gismondi, that he should cite the example of Philadelphia in the Influenza of 1918 to justify the monstrosity of mania which has gripped the Bishops of the world over a virus which is not even as lethal as the common winter flu!

In his article, he cites a book for reference: a book which condemns him and the bishops of today. That book is entitled, The Work of the Sisters during the epidemic of influenza, October 1981, by  Francis Edward Tourscher. It recounts the heroism of the Catholic religious who ministered to the sick during the epidemic which gripped the city of Philadephia in 1918. I do not know, where my great uncle was cared for or died, but I like to think it was in a bed under the care of these truly saintly women.

Well the point of my objection to Father Gismondi is this. From reading the book you can see that the sick were brought the sacraments of Eucharist, Penance, Baptism and Extremunction (cf. p. 29). And that public funerals were celebrated. Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament was still celebrated (p. 23). Seminarian dug graves for the poor (p. 19). Masses were still said with the people.

And if priests were doing all these things for the sick and dying, is Father Gismondi trying to convince us that they were NOT doing these also for the living?

There is absolutely no comparison to be made. The death rates from coronavirus are minuscule. There are not as many confirmed dead in the entire world from coronavirus as there were in Philadelphia from the Spanish Flu of 1918!

As can be seen from the book cited by Fr. Gismondi, p. 53, the death rates were 75% in 1918, as compared to the latest statistics in Italy and the USA of 1-2%.

But as regards the closing of the Churches, the author of the Book cited, Mr.Tourcher discusses this on p. 111 in the appendix. The Churches were NOT locked, attendance at private masses on Sundays or weekdays were NOT forbidden (p. 112), visits to the Blessed Sacrament continued normally. For two Sundays, Masses were celebrated in the open air (p. 112). The order of “closing” lasted only 3 weeks (p. 112).

Is what this book recounts sufficient support for Fr. Gismondi’s argument. Hardly. Rather, it is deeply offensive to the heroic example of the Catholic priests and religious sisters who served so heroically and who had more Catholic faith in their little finger than most of the clergy today combined, who are cowards and lackeys running like little girls as from a bear, which is nothing more than a mouse!

For more information about Philadelphia during the Spanish Flu of 1918, see, 100 years ago, “Spanish flu” shut down Philadelphia — and wiped out thousands, which was published by the Voice on Sept. 27, 2018, from which I have taken the screen shot which is used as the Featured Image here in my editorial.

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Readership Feedback: Please comment


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here I ask the readers of FromRome.Info to share with me their thoughts, comments, criticisms, advice, etc., regarding FromRome.Info.

Not only in regard to the new header image, but as regards our news coverage etc..

I know that the most common thing I am going to hear is about typographical errors! Bear with me as I work around a tablet which has so little memory, my fingers outpace its ability to type what I type.

But please feel free to comment on anything whatsover. FromRome.Info is yours since you pay the bills, so you have the right to express yourself. I only ask you not to make this a forum for promoting news or other items.

Thank you one and all who have supported FromRome.Info this month, during this panic attack by nation and religious leaders. That means a lot. As a Franciscan hermit, who observes the poverty of the Rule of Saint Francis, I literally cannot do anything with out you.

Finally, many thanks to Lynn Colgan for her work in graphic design for the new header image, which features a photo of mine of Saint Peter’s Basilica, this February, for the background.

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Palestrina: Missa Gabriel Archangelus

Today is the Feast of the Annunciation
of the Archangel Gabriel to the Most Blessed Virgin

As there is no day of the year in which this Great Archangel is so joyful for having been tasked by Almighty God to bear His Message of Divine Mercy to mankind we can do no better than to rejoice with this Great Archangel and pledge to him that from now on we shall be especially loyal to God Most High and devoted to the Most Holy Ever Virgin Mary, Mother of Our God and Savior!

As we continue our perusal of the sacred repertoire of  Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, the greatest Italian composer of the 16th century, we sample his motet Missa Gabriel Archangelus, a musical composition for the feast of the Archangel on March 24.

This performance is  by the Choir of Swiss Radio.

FromRome.Info features at 5 P.M. daily, Rome time, a selection of sacred music for the edification of our readers, so that they can better grasp how contrary to the very nature of Catholic liturgy were the so called “reforms” of Vatican II.

Br. Bugnolo: I wish to publicly thank this great Archangel, who on his feast day enabled me to upload the Perpetual Supplica video in 24 minutes, when it normally takes 100! It was a miracle of cellphone technology.


Conte has used manipulated death stats to justify super-Fascist control of Italy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Corona virus “pandemic” is beginning to look like a complete fabrication. Just like the claim of Bergoglio to be pope, the more you investigate it the more lies you find.

The latest is a report by Sarah Newey, writing for one of the United Kingdom’s leading newspapers, The Telegraph. She quotes Professor Walter Ricciardi, scientific adviser to Italy’s Ministry of Health, on just how many of those reported dead from coronavirus actually did die of coronavirus?

“On re-evaluation by the National Institute of Health, only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus, while 88 per cent of patients who have died have at least one pre-morbidity – many had two or three,” he says.

This means that of the latest death toll, published 17 hours ago, of 6820 persons, only 12% died of corona virus. That means the real statistic is 818. And that means the real mortality rate for all those reported to be infected, 69,176 is more like 1.18% which is nearly exactly that of what is being seen in the USA which has a much more efficient health care system (because it is not socialized medicine).

But as I mentioned previously, the actual mortality rate for coronavirus in hospitals of proven cases, will be 640% higher than in the general population, due to the fact that most never develop symptoms which warrant a visit to the doctor. So the total mortality rate for the entire population will be more like 18.48 per ten thousand. — To put that in perspective, the mortality rate for all those who get the winter flue is 10.

But the Italian statistic needs to be modified further, because they reported that 99.8% of all who died, had a co-morbidity, that is were already very sick on account of having diabetes, heart, lung or liver disease or some other pathology. The Italian Institute of Health still has not divulged how many had AIDS, which is crucially important to understand why patients are dying, since AIDS patients have a 700% higher likelihood of dying from a respiratory infection.

To be clear, you can die of coronavirus and you can die with coronavirus but by some pre-existing condition. Most of us have 100s of other species of virus in us all the time, but we do not die from any one of them, because we are healthy and our immune system is constantly at war with it.

So if none of those dying are AIDS patients, then the real Italian figure is going to be not 18 per 10,000 but much lower. In fact, in 2012 the annual death rate in Italy was 92.2 per 10,000, of which 35% died of the top 4 most common pathologies. That means 32 per 10,000 is the normal death rate for those dying of pathologies in Italy, approximately (though by using 2012 figures for 2020, this is obviously not a scientifically accurate estimate).

So the 18 death rate for Italy will be more like 6 per 10,000 for Corona virus IF everyone in the Country contracts the disease. But only 19% seem to ever catch it, if you take the statistic of the recent cruise ship which was quarantined with 3700 passengers aboard as any indication of what the infection rate would be in the ideal infectious environment.

It also means that the real death rate in Italy for Corona virus has not even risen to 20% of the normal death rate! But no one shuts down the nation for the normal death rate.

And that means, that if the government wants Corona virus to appear to be a pandemic, they have a lot of dead people they can claim as victims, even if none of them are.

I recall a man from Scotland who berated me the other day for saying just the same thing. Oh well, I suppose sometimes I do just go on being proven right, even though, I wish I were wrong. It just goes to show you, in every argument, stick to the facts, and you will win, win and win. Whereas those whose minds are possessed by propaganda, hype and left wing ideologies, will always end up frustrated that their imaginary world is not the world we all live in.

In the meantime, Italians are up in arms that Giuseppe Conte, the Italian PM, the other day, spoke to the nation directly on Facebook and then the next day put his speech into a decree. They are up in arms because this is was the style of government of Mussolini, the Fascist Dictator.

I think I demonstrated that Conte’s government is more like Mussolini than Italian might realize.

I think I also gave good indication that the death rate for coronavirus in any nation is never going to exceed the normal death rate: it just will be associated in part with those who were in bad states of health and who die in high numbers each year from pre-existing pathologies.

+ + +

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Did Bill Gates ask Bergoglio to shut down the Catholic Church?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo, Editor

As a reader of FromRome.Info, you may have noticed that I try to emphasize reports which connect the dots — that is, which show the relationships between cause and effect, and try to discern the cause of effects and demonstrate the effects of causes.

I do this, because as as student in middle school, I recognized that only when you understand causes and effects do you really begin to understand.

Investigating the Corona Hype

At the beginning I believed the hype on Coronavirus. Because like most people, you just do not hold as a default that everyone in the Media would all lie about something in the same way at  the same time for some purpose. But thanks to you readers, I took a look at the facts and that opened my eyes.

For that reason, I have recently published for you a series articles about the Corona Hype, which show that the panic being pushed by the World Health Organization and National leaders is not based on the real threat of COVID-19, the natural mortality of which world wide is much lower than the normal winter flue in the principle nations of the earth. For all the articles on Corona Virus, see here.

This led me to take the editorial position against the hype, on March 16, in my Editorial pledging to oppose it.

Reflecting on this, I began to recognize the true story here was the universal, unquestioning and dogmatic hype regarding a phenomenon which medically did not deserve such panic-mongering.

As an anthropologist — B. A. University of Florida, Gainesville, 1986 — I know that in such human events, the causes are human beings. Specifically, the causes arise among individuals asking or advising one another to act in response to certain events. For this reason, I owe a big thanks to the lady who goes by the Nick, The Amazing Polly, for encouraging me to question what was going on, from the point of view of the human event of the Corona Hype.

As a son of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, I know that when it comes to the manipulation of the masses, one must look at Freemasonry and the many organizations which are founded upon promoting lies so as to rule by mendacity. For this reason, I already knew much of what Alex Jones reported more than 10 years ago, about the Bilderberg Group. But his report was prophetic, in a sense, because therein he explains in a way easily understood, just what the global network of elites want to do and how they are achieving their plans. See his movie, the End Game, a link to which you can find here in the middle of the Article.

Did the Bilderberg Meeting in 2019 plan Corona Hype?

One of the important lessons you can learn from Jone’s, Endgame, is that the Bilderberg Group plans world events in advance and executes them through a myriad of organizations each of which is controlled by a Bilderberg agent in that organization, whether private, national, or ecclesiastical.

If you want to understand, then, the ultimate cause of the Corona Panic, it pays to take a look at last year’s agenda for the Bilderberg Meeting in 2019.  Let me quote from their official press release, on the agenda for their 2019 meeting. Their words, not mine:

MONTREUX, 28 MAY 2019 – The 67th Bilderberg Meeting will take place from 30 May – 2 June 2019 in Montreux, Switzerland. About 130 participants from 23 countries have confirmed their attendance. As ever, a diverse group of political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia, labour and the media has been invited. The list of participants is available on

The key topics for discussion this year are:

1. A Stable Strategic Order
2. What Next for Europe?
3. Climate Change and Sustainability
4. China
5. Russia
6. The Future of Capitalism
7. Brexit
8. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
9. The Weaponisation of Social Media
10. The Importance of Space
11. Cyber Threats

As far as the Corona Hype is concerned, there are on that agenda several topics which explicitly speak about key components of that hype: China, The Weaponization of Social Media, the Future of Capitalism, Climate Change and Sustainability, What is Next for Europe? But if you think about all of those talking points, then you can see that they all can be put into one sentence:

To achieve our goals of world domination which consist in a Stable Strategic Order controlled by ourselves, we need to make happen the What is next for Europe?, using as a fundamental ideological basis Climate Change and Sustainability, by tasking China to release its bio-engineered SARS virus to create, by means of the Weaponization of  Social Media a world wide panic, but especially in Europe and the West, which will induce a fundamental end game for the Future of Capitalism by destroying national economies and making Europe in particular, dependent upon China, in the name of protecting the planet and public health: and this to suborn China to our goals by giving them a central role in the world economy in exchange for loyalty to ourselves.

I wrote what is in italics. I used my training in Archeology to assemble the facts and put them together in a working hypothesis which from multiple aspects best fits the events which happened and are happening.

Seeing that the Agenda for the 2019 Bilderberg Group mentions key factors which are showing themselves to be part of the Corona Panic and seeing that it is not difficult to construe the overall agenda as something in line to what actual happened, I return to what Alex Jones said in his movie, Endgame, namely, that those who become public faces or rulers of nations, first attend a Bilderberg Group meeting, and then are rolled out on the public stage.

So I find interesting that Bill Gates attended the Bilderberg Group Meeting in 2010, simply because in the 2020 Corona Hype Event,  his fingerprints are on every major actor, as David Kaftal demonstrates in today’s report, entitled, Bill Gates: God Father of the Worldwide Coronavirus Panic.  (Please note that I did not entitle the article God-Father because of a typo. The lack of the hyphen was intentional.)

David’s article gives a lot of reasons to suspect that Bill Gates is a major player in the Hype on Coronavirus, from the point of view of his personal contacts, the financial or moral backing he has chosen to grant every group involved, or his pre-existing personal relationships.

Who and where did the Hype begin?

But, as you may have learned from Sherlock Holmes — a character I admire greatly for his promotion of the science of forensic analysis — in his battle with the crime-mastermind, Doctor Moriarty, to prove anything you need to show that chronologically the suspect or his agents was involved from the beginning.

So here is some backstory on the course of events which led to the Corona Hype. I quote from the notes of FromRome.Info’s investigative reporter to me, the other day:

The first news report I could find mentioning coronavirus was from Dec. 31, 2019, which was before the the virus was reportedly identified or named. It was from the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy of the University of Minnesota, an article at

It cited its source for the story as the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health in Hong Kong (

Most media reports just say that on Dec. 31, 2019 Chinese state officials contacted the WHO and reported a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan.

Except for the two links above, every other reference to the occurrence I could find was posted after the fact in a retrospective timeline. Later releases of information, such as took place when the virus was isolated and named, and when the first fatality occurred, seemed to have been issued either by the ChiComs or the WHO, picked up by the AP, and distributed throughout the MSM.

Bill Gates seems to be the central figure in all this. He’s funded the Pirbright Institute, which holds the patent on an earlier iteration of the live coronavirus and is working on developing a vaccine for the current one, which is almost identical (, and donated 20 million dollars to Johns Hopkins (

He has also donated many millions of dollars to WHO. As recently as Feb 5, in response to WHO’s request for $675 million dollars in global donations to fight the virus, he announced that he is donating $100 million for vaccine research (

Bill Gates wants to use his fortune to “better mankind,’ through vaccinations which he has repeatedly said will aid with population reduction (his alleged reasoning: much overpopulation is caused by people in third world countries needing to have too many children because some of their children will die due to lack of vaccines) and with direct donations to Planned Parenthood and other organizations devoted to population reduction

The public face of Johns Hopkins’ role in Event 201 is Lauren Gardiner, Co-director, Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering. The media keeps quoting Johns Hopkins figures because of their “Dashboard,” a sophisticated tracking website that uses statistics from the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China, and Dingxiangyuan, a social networking site for health care professionals that provides real-time information on cases. ( Since then the sources of their data has reportedly changed to WHO, the CDC, European Centre for Disease Prevention and ControlChina’s National Health Commission, and, an independent data source maintained by Chinese physicians. (

As you can see from those notes, the first organization to sound the alarm about the Wuhan Virus was in the USA: The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, at the University of Minnesota.

Why Minnesota? You would think the first to sound the alarm would be an organization in China or someone in the World Health Organization. But if you are making up a narrative, you have to launch it from where it would be considered an authentic crisis and not directly from any main player which would, in subsequent weeks, take the lead in steering and weaponizing the crisis.

So my hunch was that this University of Minnesota Center was controlled by Gates somehow, and upon request, my investigator found the following: : University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease and Policy is developing the “Universal Influenza Vaccine Technology Landscape” with support from the Global Funders Consortium for Universal Influenza Vaccine Development, which was established in 2017 with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bingo. Now we have substantial indications that Bill Gates is in fact behind the engineering of the hype.

Corona Hype shut down of the Catholic Church

Part of the Corona Hype, for us Catholics, was the decision of Bergoglio to shut down masses at Rome, then get the Italian Bishops’ Conference, and the Bishops’ Conferences of much of the planet to shut down the Catholic religion. This shut down consists in ending the public celebration of the Sacrifice of the Mass and all public Sacramental functions. But not only that, it consists in ending all priestly ministry, for the most part, and closing down all social services the Church renders to the poor through parishes.

This shut down is the dream of dreams of Freemasonry and Satanists and of the Chinese Marxist Tyrrany of China. It is inexplicable on the basis of Catholic teaching, and thus, its motive must be sought outside the Catholic Religion.

So, with all the facts assembled so far, we must take a careful look at the Vatican’s relations with Bilderberg and Bill Gates.

The Vatican Secretary of State at Bilderberg 2018

The first thing to take note of is the scandalous event in 2018, when the Vatican Secretary of State attended the Bilderberg meeting that year. To understand how this could happen you have to understand first of all the coup d’etat which took place in 2013, when Pope Benedict XVI read a statement about his desire to resign, but did not resign. And how the Cardinals interpreted it as a resignation to get him out of the way and open the path to Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Cardinal Archbishop of Buenas Aires, and notorious adherent of international socialism and globalism.

Thus, as far as Catholics are concerned, Bergoglio never was nor could be the Pope, because the Church can only have one pope, and until the first one renounces every aspect of his office and dignity, the second one is nothing but a usurper and anti-pope.

From the get-go, Bergoglio showed himself to be an agent of globalism and aped the political positions of Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton, who had openly advocated before 2013, a Catholic “Spring” to remove Pope Benedict XVI form power.

So that Bergoglio sends his de facto Secretary of State, Cardinal Parolin, was not surprising to Catholics, but was shocking to those who bought the big lie in February 2013, because they could not understand how the Vatican, the arch-enemy for 200 years of the Masonic Lodge would even be invited let alone attend one of the high councils of world Freemasonry.

Ominously too, the Bilderberg meeting of 2018 was held in Turin, Italy, which is one of the capitals of satanism in Europe.

Edward Pentin — who is the former secretary to a leading Socialist of the United Kingdom — wrote an article in the National Catholic Register ( formerly owned by the Legionaries of Christ, who were investigated by Benedict XVI, but now by EWTN which now collaborates with Opus Dei for Vatican news coverage) — wrote an article attempting to explain Parolin’s presence at the 2018 Bilderberg Conference. It was entitled, Vatican Official Explains why Cardinal Parolin attended Bilderberg meeting.

In that article, Pentin reports the crucial fact, speaking of Bergoglio:

The Pope was certainly aware of the cardinal’s participation, the official said, and that the cardinal was “fully aware of the controversial nature” of the event but felt encouraged by having already met many of the participants in “other contexts.”

“He already knew some of the people, prime ministers and so on,” the official said.

Following the 2018 Bilderberg Meeting, Bergoglio signed in October, an Accord with China surrendering the Church there to the hands of Peking, and then in the following Janaury traveled to the United Arab Emirates to sign an accord for a One World Religion Initiative, which effectively denied that the Catholic Religion is uniquely willed by God for the salvation of all. It is hard, then, to deny that there was no effect resulting from Cardinal Parolin’s attendance.

Did Bill Gates ask Bergoglio to shut down the Catholic Church?

At last we come to the point where we can ask the key question of the day, and attempt to answer it: Is the world-wide shutting down of the Catholic Church, the suspension of the public sacrifice, something which Bill Gates, as part of the role given him by the Bilderberg Meeting in 2010, and planned in the Meeting of 2019, played a central role?

Of course it is possible. Gates simply could have called Bergoglio on the phone and asked him. And only the US Government, which intercepts all phone calls, would have the evidence. But obviously, a request so momentous would have to require previous negotiations. Bergoglio would have to sign on and get something out of it. And what would that be? because by shutting down the churches and dioceses you risk destroying the financial support of the Church and alienating a massive amount of the faithful.

So let us take a look at the agenda of the 2018 Bilderberg Meeting to see if Cardinal Parolin, as the Vatican representative, was invited to discuss anything pertinent to the present affair. Interestingly enough, Wikipedia which has an article on the 2017 and 2019 Meetings has no article in English on the 2018 meeting. For that you have to go to the Bilderberg official website. It was their 66th meeting and held immediately after 06/06/2018, but let us not be superstitious!

TURIN, 5 JUNE 2018 – The 66th Bilderberg Meeting to take place from 7 – 10 June 2018 in Turin, Italy.

TURIN, 5 JUNE 2018 –The 66th Bilderberg Meeting is set to take place from 7 – 10 June 2018 in Turin, Italy. As of today, 131 participants from 23 countries have confirmed their attendance. As ever, a diverse group of political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia and the media has been invited. The list of participants is available on

The key topics for discussion this year include:

  1. Populism in Europe
  2. The inequality challenge
  3. The future of work
  4. Artificial intelligence
  5. The US before midterms
  6. Free trade
  7. US world leadership
  8. Russia
  9. Quantum computing
  10. Saudi Arabia and Iran
  11. The “post-truth” world
  12. Current events

Since, Christ says of Himself, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, as a Catholic I am able to understand that n. 11, can very well mean a world without Christ. And since Christ is present on Earth through the Church, His Mystical Body, a world without the truth, is theologically a world without the Church.  I know too, from my training in theology, that the Church is defined as the public assembly of those who believe in Jesus as God. It focuses on the Mass, but also on the other Sacraments. To shut down the Church as Bergoglio has done, is therefore, to establish as Post-Truth world.

The other topics such as Populism, which Bergoglio has railed against strongly since 2018; inequality, which Bergoglio is constantly harping on as the reason why socialism must be imposed on the masses, and US World leadership, which Bergoglio sees as a threat to humanity and fraternity, all are key reasons why Bergoglio may have sent Parolin to the Bilderberg Meeting.

They are all reasons, too, for which Bergoglio would be motivated to comply with the plans of Bilderberg 2019 if they included attacking his enemies.

Bill Gates and Bergoglio agreed in 2014 to save the world together?

I can guess, too, that if Bergoglio was to be given by the Bilderberg group the leading role as the head of world religion they are planing to unveil, that such a price would certainly convince him to do anything.

But there is more to this story than speculation, because Bill Gates and Bergoglio seem to have already pledged in 2014 to save the world together. Market Watch reported on this in an detailed exposé written by Paul B. Farrel and published on June 14, 2014. Farrel’s words were significant:

Pope Francis has already warned us of the three self-destructive trends: First: unsustainable global warming and climate change on Planet-Earth. Second: The pope says the global economy is “near collapse” as inequality increases, fueling revolutions. Third: Earth’s natural resources will be unable to feed the 10 billion people living in 2050. The three go hand-in-hand, merge, with trigger mechanisms cross-linked to ignite simultaneously.

True, Pope Francis, Bill Gates and many other billionaires are already working on philanthropic projects of personal interest. Now it’s time to combine forces, see the world as one entity, search for common solutions. For as Ben Franklin put it during the signing of the Declaration of Independence back in 1776: “We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Read that final sentence again.

Farrel understood that Bill Gates and Bergoglio were not only ideologically but historically impelled to collaborate. What was the enemy they sought to eradicate? I summarize Farrel, by citing the headers of his article:

  1. Unsustainable climate change destroying the planet
  2. Global economy collapsing fueled by widening inequality gap
  3. Earth’s natural resources cannot feed 10 billion in 2050

If you know one thing about Marxists, of the Gramescian variety, they seek to cause governmental or societal collapse by incrementalism. And if they cannot achieve it that way, they seek to create crises to push the nation to collapse. The Corona Virus Panic is the perfect engineered crisis for such a work. Bill Gates and Bergoglio already publicly endorsed the goal of the agenda. So why would Bergoglio not be willing to see those goals achieved by any means?

Yes, Farrel’s story is a cover. He speaks about what should and might happen in the future, not of any signed agreement. But when a major news site such as Market Watch publishes such a ridiculous piece of propaganda about men with a lot of political influence, and fawns over them, it is clearly a propaganda willed by the men mentioned for publicity reasons. Call it a trial balloon or advance notice to the inner circles.

But there are other ties, which cannot be ignored.

Jeffry Dorfman, writing for the highly influential, on January 9, 2014 was more explicit than Farrel. His article is entitled, The Pope Wants More People like Bill Gates not President Obama.  Forbes is not uninformed about what is really going on. Their family made their fortune pushing the fake news which caused the Stock Market Crash of 1929.

In 2015, The Vatican hosted a fireworks show funded by the co-founder of Microsoft, according to Sandro Magister, writing on March 9, 2016. It is events like this, where money can flow for reasons other than stated. Just as might have happened earlier this year of 2020, when the Vatican sent 600,000 medical masks to China.

Gates and Bergoglio seem to have kept their collaboration going on other score since 2014, with the Global Education Pact, which is let by Sachs but seeks funding from Gates. The suspension on March 3 of this meeting at the Vatican, scheduled for this spring, was te efirst indication that Bergoglio would sign on to the Corona Hype.

So we all need to ask the question: Did Bill Gates suggest to Bergoglio that the Sacraments are unhealthy occasions of viral transmission and that it would be best to shut down the Catholic Church to stop the spread of Coronavirus?

This would be the crowing achievement of the Corona Hype, because in this way you insure that 1 Billion Catholics stay at home daily and on Sundays and be deprived of the graces by which they could resist the Hype and network against it.

Bill Gates’ name, as I demonstrated the other day, has the decimal ASCII value of 666. So does the name Bergoglio, but not in the same way. According to the Fathers of the Church, the Anti-Christ will be a Jew who would end the public sacrifice of the Mass for 1260 days. I am not saying either Gates, whose 4 grandparents have surnames used by Jews or Bergoglio, who seems to have no Jews in his linegage, is the Antichrist, but I do recognize that the prophetic value of the Book of Revelations, written by the Apostle Saint John can not only apply to the actual end of this world, but also to all pre-figurements, or dry runs, of that end.

I leave it to you, to ask the questions which now must be asked.

But I do think that the Coronavirus Stunt might very well be the instrument whereby the Bilderberg group co-opts into their world plan for domination both the Catholic Church and Marxist China, which already signed a mutual secret alliance in 2018, following the 2018 Bilderberg Meeting which Parolin attended.

As a final note, Bill Gates is investing in technology which will track by finger print who has and who has not been vaccinated by which vaccines. Will a future world, post corona virus, require that everyone be so registered with Bill Gate’s technology, so as to be able to buy and sell in a healthy hygienic manner? This would ominously fulfill another prophesy of Saint John, in Rev. 13:17.

+ + +

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Bill Gates: God Father of the Worldwide Coronavirus Panic

by David Kaftal

Currently the world’s economies are crashing, much of the world’s population is under what is effectively house arrest, and the mainstream media, the world’s governments, and talking heads with M.D.’s and Ph.D.’s are telling us that it is unavoidable and in our best interest.

Did the architects of these draconian measures that created the above massive collateral damage know in advance that their approach would have this effect?

Whatever the answer to that question, it is perhaps curious that the people who crafted this response were those who would profit the most from picking up the pieces afterwards. Also curious and possibly significant is the fact that just weeks after holding panel discussions and enacting the response to a worldwide pandemic of an imaginary novel coronavirus that was highly contagious and attacked the respiratory system, the exercise had become real world. But, this time it was not an imaginary virus!

It is important to look at who was behind the enactment and panel discussions. The event took place in New York City on October 18, 2019, and was called Event 201. It was sponsored by The World Economic Institute, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. There are countless references to this event all over the internet, including video of some of the panel discussions.

THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM is a club comprised of the largest corporations in the world. Profoundly globalist in nature, it is proud that its members use their wealth to “shape the future” of just about everything in the world. Its role in the Event 201 scenario as revealed in panel discussions was to rescue the world’s crippled businesses in a public-private partnership with the world’s governments. Not only would this effectively nationalize those businesses, but coupled with unprecedented governmental control of citizens, the arrangement would constitute textbook fascism.

320px-Bill_og_Melinda_Gates_2009-06-03_(bilde_01)THE BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION was right in the middle of the coordinated effort to develop and implement the protocols and procedures that would end up creating the largest “redistribution” of wealth and power in history. Bill Gates is lauded and fawned over by the mainstream media for his humanitarian philanthropy, a large portion of which is devoted to population reduction (Source 1 & 2). He has links to every major player in the coronavirus response.

Editor’s note: published a video in 2015 of Bill Gates promoting preparation for the next epidemic. (I have added this video to this report by David Kaftal, after the fact, on March 28, 2020) At 6:23 in this video, Gates mentions the need for vaccination clinics round the world.

THE PEOPLES’ REPUBLIC OF CHINA: Bill Gates has a close relationship with the government of the People’s Republic of China. A couple of examples: he donated $33 million to the Chinese Ministry of Health between 2009 and 2014, ostensibly for tuberculosis research (Source), and in 2017 he was elected to the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the national engineering academy of the People’s Republic of China (Source). It is one of the “two academies” of the PRC, the other being the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which operates the mysterious Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4) Wuhan Institute of Virology. It is beyond the scope of this article to address the controversies and speculations surrounding this high security research facility, but the SARS virus did escape more than once from a Chinese Level 4 facility in recent years (Source).

THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: In addition to partnering with them to hold Event 201, Bill Gates has been an “Agenda Contributor” for well over a decade (Source).

THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO): According to WHO’s website, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a Workforce Alliance member and one of their funding members (Source). In fact, as of January of 2019, the Gates Foundation was WHO’s second largest funder, after the U.S. government (Source). WHO has recently been the subject of a number of scandals, including providing worthless testing kits for Covid-19.

Most recently, the Gateway Pundit revealed that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director General of WHO and former Minister of Health and Minister of Foreign Affairs in Ethiopia, was a recent ranking member of a terrorist organization and currently a corrupt Red Chinese puppet (Source). An Ethiopian website accuses Ghebreyesus of corruption, the coverup of a cholera epidemic, and other criminal activity while in office (Source). And “Tedros’s rapid rise to the top of the directorship of the WHO began after his collaboration with Bill Gates and the Clinton Foundation and its CHAI initiative.” (Source)

JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY: Noted for its coronavirus-tracking “Dashboard,” which the mainstream media frequently quotes, it is the third member of the triumvirate that sponsored Event 201. In 1999 the Gates Foundation gave Johns Hopkins a gift of $20 million to endow the brand new Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health at the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health (Source). Currently Johns Hopkins is trying to develop a coronavirus vaccine, one of Bill Gates’ favorite dreams.

Gates is heavily invested in a number of aspects of vaccination technology. He calls the $10 billion dollars he’s spent to promote vaccinations the best investment he’s ever made (Source). One of the most disturbing instances of his involvement in this arena is an invisible “Tattoo ID” developed by Gates and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It will allow law enforcement or military personnel to scan people with an infrared device to show whether they’ve received government-mandated innoculations (Source).


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of  part of the home page of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with an ominous juxtaposition of two statements. The article published here is an exclusive by a correspondent of FromRome.Info. The photo of Bill and Melinda Gates is by Kjetil Ree and is used in accord with a Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 Unported license as described here.

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