3 thoughts on “Frank Walker: You need a lot of Big Lies to imprison the whole world”

  1. The Holy Virus. The Blessed Virus. 😂😂😂

    Thank you, Frank, for exposing how Catholic media has bowed down to the hoax #panicdemic.

    The spiritual fatuousness deserves our scorn.

    Thanks to From Rome for publishing your updates.

  2. I intend not to die over the next four weeks,since I won’t get the last rites, And i have a park over the road where I can take a walk after watching the mass online and Frank Walker who will keep me sane.
    and laughing my head off. i am not in Kiwi lockdown.in my head.

  3. That Prison is good for us is one more identifying mark that Francis is a dyed in the wool Marxist Communist.

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