4 thoughts on “Bolsonaro says the “Pandemic” is Media Hype and must be rejected by all nations”

  1. This is the best president of the world.
    Always try to be real and always try to say the truth.

  2. I do not know.
    I am just Looking what he is doing.
    He is doing the same thing you are fighting for, at this Chinese virus.
    He is trying to put this Chinese flu in its real perspective, fighting all, specially the lefts.
    But he does not deny the danger , he is not with his arms crossed.

    He also is one of the only presidents in the world that fight abortion and perversion, a registered trademark of masons.

    Has a lot of enemies like Macron, which I have no doubts is a mason.

    If Bolsonaro is a mason he is acting different.

    I know that sometimes, “ a reasonable “ person which expresses some beautiful things , is a mason, but I became used to look inside and detected at least some of them, many specially in the press , politics, and of course , Bergoglio and almost all his court .

    Also I remember when all mason press was opposing Bolsonaro and was almost killed two years ago.

    I am ready to change my mind when I see something that deserves it.

    But for the time being I will follow Jesus Christ :Luke 6-43.

    Best regards Brother.

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