RAI in 2015 reported that the Chinese had developed COVID-19

This report is in Italian, but is too important to hold back for lack of a a transcript.

Here is my summation: The report regards the shock from international experts on virology that China had announced “success” in creating a chimera SARS virus, by taking a SARS virus which was not lethal in mice and grafting into its genetic code parts of a coronavirus from Bats which live in China, so that the resulting virus would have the ability to latch on to the proteins in the walls of human lungs and thus be highly dangerous.

The news of the development caused governments to stop co-funding the Chinese BioLab responsible and issue warnings that such research was not beneficial in any determinate way to the advancement of science, nay, was a threat to humanity itself.

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9 thoughts on “RAI in 2015 reported that the Chinese had developed COVID-19”

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