Responding to public calumny

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

My editorial defending the historical truth of the heroic efforts of Catholic Religious and Priests during the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 at Philadelphia, against the misrepresentation of Father Gismondi in his op-ed at Rorate Caeli blog, seems to have provoked the most violent outburst from their twitter account operator:

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Since Rorate’s Twitter account has gravely impugned my mental health, I consider it necessary to give a short response.

If there is anything inaccurate in what I said in my article about the Spanish Flu in Philadelphia, please refute it!

As for why I asked by email the person responsible for the blog to remove a link to the Franciscan Archive, back when I saw that Rorate Caeli was not taking a position to defend the Faith against Bergoglio, it was because I had seen that the operator of Rorate Caeli had manipulated a lot of traditional catholics to read his blog by giving a lot of us links to our websites, thereby making it appear we endorsed him or that he was one of us. I am not sure how The Franciscan Archive ended up on his blog, but I vaguely remembered that I was asked permission for the link to be placed there.

Thus, I asked that the link be removed once I found out that the person behind the blog was a political activist of the modern conservative type, which never wants to fight the left, only go more slowly to the left. And that is the truth. But I did not say that in my email, for charity sake.

As for Bergoglio, as everyone at Rome knows, I never thought he was a holy man. I hoped he would be a good pope, that is all, because at the time I thought he was the pope. If Rorate contests this, let them produce the email. As I began From Rome in September of 2013, I challenge anyone to find any article here wherein I ever said Bergoglio was a holy man.

As for presuming a man who you think is the pope is worthy of respect, I would contest with any Catholic who says that such a presumption is unreasonable on account of the providence which protects the Papacy. And it is certainly not psychologically aberrant. What I did find strange was that Rorate Caeli had for years continually defended the theologically aberrant things said by Ratzinger but upon the election of Bergoglio immediately pounced upon everything he said. That made me realize whoever was behind Rorate he was not acting on consistent or theological principles.

As anyone who use to comment at Rorate knows, I was the strongest critic of Ratzinger’s theology and also of Pope Benedict’s writings. I think Rorate banned me several times for that. But I did so on the basis of the teaching of the Church. That is the same basis I critiqued Bergoglio, because that is the only basis I critique the theological statements of anyone. I am consistent on that.

In the mean time, to the Twitter Account operator, I say: Act like a man and refute my article if it can be refuted, otherwise, have the integrity to admit that your blog published an op-ed which misrepresented the history of the Church of Philadelphia.

As for the readers of Rorate Caeli, I think this incident shows how worthwhile it is reading anything at that blog. In my opinion it never was an authentic Traditional Catholic site.  It pretended to be such like so many others, such as One Peter Five. I have been on the net since 1993, so I have seen a lot of newbies and their tricks. I am old enough to be tired of these posers, to tell you openly who they are.

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6 thoughts on “Responding to public calumny”

  1. The lines of division are already drawn.

    There are those who reject the two-headed Papacy. There are those who accept it.

    There are those who insist Tradition and Dogma govern the Pope in service to Christ our Lord. There are those who insist the Pope governs Tradition and Dogma and whatever he chooses to bind here on earth also binds Jesus in heaven.

    There are those who reject Pachamama as a false demonic god. There are those who accept Pachamama into the Pantheon of the Saints – worthy of generation and prayer.

    I have already seen enough to know which side Rorate falls on. Past reputation is no guarantee of future performance. Their writing raises my ire not even a little – no more than 1P5. They have chosen and I reject them and their beliefs.

    Whichever side of this dichotomy we choose, we will propel further and further to its natural conclusion: Heaven or Hell of which only God may be the judge, I humbly bow and submit myself to Him. I choose God. No man will turn me aside from my goal of being with God in Heaven forever. Nothing else matters to me. Certainly not the opinions of those serving in the angry anti-church.

    God Bless you, and all faithful who are struggling to spiritually survive. It is not easy. Look to the East!

  2. Trad Inc. and Bergoglio Inc. have become very frustrated in the last few weeks, and in the last few days, lashing out in violent ways against the Faithful Remnant of Pope Benedict XVI. It’s like they’ve fallen under the influence of an evil spirit of anger or wrath (Ave Maria Purissima!).

    Now that their false church of darkness under the anti pope is crumbling, and they’ve taken away the mass and sacraments from them, all because God has allowed an invisible nucleic acid molecule with proteins to bring them down from their prideful takeover of the papacy and the See, and now that the few prelates living in Santa Marta may very well be infected with the same virus (see here:, they are beginning to realize that they were wrong, and that God is bringing down their 7-year circus.

    The prideful insistence that “Munus” meant “Ministerium” can only lead them to follow whatever power takes over next in the “Holy See” after Bergoglio a.k.a. Antichrist? So sad, the enemy’s got em’…and now they seem to want to come after us…

  3. My last Twitter account before the one I use now, they blocked me for saying, “You can never have too much St. Thomas Aquinas!” It’s been peaceful since work computer is in the shop, no Twitter to deal with and no knife attacks by these Trads.

  4. Apart from which, it’s a pathetic argument to pick on someone because they changed their mind!! Presented with correct facts,, a humble enough person should! Driven by pride and opinion, they will never apologise -nor change course. Now which sounds saner to you? Those who love Christ will be persecuted for His names sake.

    1. Remnant Child, you are looking at the thing from the point of Christian Faith. But those who are addicted to their own politics cannot see it that way, since a death dealing ideology admits of no repentance or conversion.

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