Alan John Miller and Mary Luck: fraudsters posing as Jesus and Mary Magdalene

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Another cult worthy of mention, is the Divine Truth cult run by Alan John Miller, of Queensland, Australia. Though Miller is an ex-Jehovah Witness, and to my knowledge, never was a Catholic, he believes that Benedict XVI was inspired by God to renounce, but shortly afterwards announced the imminent return of Jesus Christ, in the form of Alan John Miller. Now all Catholics are “seed of the devil Bergoglio”, as one follower called me in a Combox, if they do not accept Miller as the Messiah returned.

No. You cannot make this up! It is that ridiculous.

The followers of the cult purchased over 300 hectares of land in Australia and live in a sort of commune. Though Miller admits he cannot speak Aramaic, he claims to be Jesus Christ by a sort of spiritual evolution based on emotional cleansing.

Among his false prophecies, Wikipedia reports the following:

AJ Miller has stated that what others claim are predictions are just his personal opinions and feelings at that point in time and not to be taken as definite predictions. One of these opinions was that “100-foot tidal waves” would turn Kingaroy into beachfront property. His feeling at the time was that global Earth changes would occur between 2011 and 2013, and that billions of people would die. Miller describes some of these events as similar to events in the movie 2012.[3] Miller stated in 2011: “There’s the movie 2012 right? Everyone I suggest you see it, everyone. A lot of the events portrayed in the movie are kind of similar to the events that will be occurring.[8]

The sad thing is how many poor souls have allowed themselves to be deceived by him and Mary Luck, who claims to be Mary Magdalene.

And if you know anything about the Son of God, you would know that He would not even permit Himself to be crucified in, let alone wear, such a ridiculous shirt.

There are many scriptural passages to refute Miller, the chief one is this Matthew 26:26 ff.:

If therefore they shall say to you, Behold he is in the desert: go ye not out. Behold he is in the closets: believe it not. For as lightning cometh out of the east and appeareth even into the west: so shall also the cowling of the Son of man be.


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3 thoughts on “Alan John Miller and Mary Luck: fraudsters posing as Jesus and Mary Magdalene”

  1. Lol, they all look like a bunch of weirdos. Their motive is either for money, notoriety, or control. Sadly, history shows us their followers usually end up dead.

    What about David Applewhite, 1997, Heaven’s Gate whose 40 followers thought they were going to be saved by aliens from outer space. Applewhite did look like an alien.

    Or, David Koresh, Branch Davidians, Waco, Texas 1993, he thought he was God and 75 people died. Or Jim Jones of Jonestown, Guayana Esequiba 1978, 1000 people were killed by drinking the tainted cool-aid. Or Aleph the Japanese religious terrorist. Now he was scary looking.

  2. Hello i came across your website on aj miller , he is using spirit mediums and witches in new age to draw in a huge crowd , my family live near him he is defiantly a sociopath , and has proclaimed to be Jesus in a former life , they use brainwashing and witchcraft to draw people in , love bomb them to death with their satanic videos on u tube Every ahab has his Jezebel and these two are deceiving hundreds . Aj is a lady killer and has been known to seduce many woman , so mary is not his one and only . you can see how he puts on the charm with other pretty wemon . He is very much like Jim Jones or David Koresh . many have left families from all over the globe to live near his compound . He is also conning them into selling their property and they are building a cross shaped compound and miller said when finished will be the ultimate sacrifice with the disciples he chooses . He has 13 disciples not 12 like Jesus did He is Big into Spirit Guides and Talking to the Dead ! many children are in there they came with parents that left their spouses ! Aj tells them they are not their soul partner and tells them to leave and live with him

    The Kingaroy Police have been notified
    they are watching closely but cant do anything because they
    willingly want to live there . only if someone comes forward to suspect him of Child Abuse then they can take over and get the others out .
    hes has videos of brainwashing children to where they are crying while he smiles ? hes a psyco path in the making

    i know one lady that came all the way from California
    left her husband and has been there since 2011 !
    time will tell but this looks like another Jim Jones in the making
    and in the end it will not end well .

    rock ross and Cult Education Institute know all about Miller
    and Mrs Luck

    all we can do is keep EXPOSING HIM as a FRAUD
    and a Child Abuser

    thanks for boldy coming out against this Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

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