Followers of Maria Divine Mercy have been scammed by an extremely unscrupulous fraudster

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

True mercy is saving those who are deceived from lies. That is why Christ came into this world. As Christians, we should be ready and willing to do the same. And that is what FromRome.Info is all about.

For this reason, and because a few commentators at FromRome.Info have expressed credence in Maria Divine Mercy and the Book of Truth, I am publishing this short note to refer everyone to an investigative blog on Maria Carberry ne Maria McGovern which explains in great detail how this Irish publicist succeeded in hood-winking 100s of thousands of Catholics into believing she was a prophetess.

The blog is called Midway Street Blog (link here), and it has reports, investigations and even audio evidence which outs Carberry as one of the great religious fraudsters of modern times.

If you are a Carberry follower, read that blog.

If you have an incapacity to accept truth and reality and want to take flight into following a human being who has no signs of any charismatic gift, but only signs of vices and criminality, then you need to recognize that you are self deceived and need to go to confession, because to believe a lie is a mortal sin, and to belief a false prophet is a mortal sin.

The Catholic Faith teaches that we should never trust someone claiming to be of God without proofs they are from God. There is only proof she is of the devil, here.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a photo of Mary Carberry used on the blog cited in the article and used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary.

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30 thoughts on “Followers of Maria Divine Mercy have been scammed by an extremely unscrupulous fraudster”

  1. There is another cult run out of Australia by a non Catholic who claims to be Jesus Christ returned for the end of the world, and per-announced by Pope Benedict. If anyone can give me more information about this fraudster, leave a comment from me. I need at least his name to do an investigation.

    1. Darko,

      Very simple question for you. How you do know that she knew in 2011 or 2012 that Benedict would resign.

      Since 2010 Benedict said he would resign. Umm. And since the start Carberry was back dating all her prophecies to fool everyone.

  2. It is worth looking into the influence of one Joe Coleman on Mary Carberry.

    “Joe Coleman has “very many spirit guides – Indian, Buddhist, St Joseph, St Martin, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, who are always in contact before an apparition”. It was “not a Catholic religion thing. It is about the spirit. We come from the spirit and go home to the spirit,” he says.”


  3. Jesus warned us of false prophets and false Christs that would come prior to the great tribulation (worth reading Matthew 24I. Around the time of Maria Divine Mercy, I had heard of another so-called “prophet” who had predicted the coming of a false pope around 2011. Everyone now thinks he’s a prophet, until, I visited the home town where that man was from (for a Holy Week pilgrimage), and unknowingly, spent the whole week only 5 homes away from where the spiritual director of that so-called prophet lived, Fr. Ramon Esparza. During a prayer gathering, I asked the priest about that so-called prophet that I had heard about and who was making trips all over Latinamerica Europe prophesying. He said that 25 years ago, he told that so-called prophet to stop stealing the messages that were being given to a bed-ridden woman a few hours away from the same area. She was a legitimate seer but who obediently remained quiet because she was a victim soul who was suffering grave stigmata and sever illnesses all over her body. The so-called other “priphet” was stealing this woman’s messages and changing them a bit, reinterpreting their meaning, and even giving himself the credit, putting dates and times in which he had supposedly received the messages. Then, suddenly, several other prophets like Maria Divine Mercy were also giving similar so-called messages. Fr. Esparza also said that he had told that so-called “prophet” (25 years ago) to stop prophesying or doing any ministry because the woman he was living with in his home was not his legitimate wife and he was living in mortal sin! 😛

  4. Actually Br. It is completely untrue that she backdated her prophecies. I was reading them via email before the website was even started . They were not backdated as you say.. I think it is you who has swallowed all the lies and vicious slander about her with minimal or no proof. There is only what they like to offer as their proof. I have read most of those stories before and also asked God to clear the web of lies and deceit. He do this for me, because I do trust in Him, not in men’s testimonies and In the process, I was very humbled. Additionally, Maria continues to this day, to pray all of the prayers and to offer her sufferings and do penance. She stays out of the limelight but that is what her life entails. She is no different to us. I think it is you, Brother who needs to take a different approach. Pray, ask The Lord and actually read the Book of Truth, while praying for discernment. The media lies and twists and sets up events- and you know this. I spent months discerning this. And I read from both sides

    1. If you read the emails from the beginning, please copy and paste one with all the headers to prove she did not back date them. Against the facts of her own admission, voice recognition and numerous news reports, you should doubt yourself, not the facts. As I said many times in the comboxes on this sit, NO PROPHET HIDES THEIR IDENTITY this is a truth of the Scripture because God wants us to give our belief to known persons NOT TO ANONYMOUS PERSONS. To want to give your belief to an anonymous persons IS TOTALLY IMPRUDENT AND DIABOLIC. What can I say? Nothing more. If you cannot see that, I pity you.

      1. Dear Brother. I will have to search back to emails from Nov 2010. They were forwarded from a person in Ireland who knew my Aunty. I will try to find them for you if that is what you need to put that lie to rest. From these original emailed messages, prayer groups were formed and a small unofficial site called which united people in prayer. It was not until a couple months later that the official site TheWarningSecondComing was started and from that point the messages were available to the whole world for free via internet. They came out usually daily (sometimes twice a day) and occasionally there would be a days’ break in between. I know this because I looked each day -when a message was posted. Messages were dated the same day, or day before that they came out. I am sure you can see this on the internet archive. Only later were they available in book form and you did not have to buy anything because it was all there for free as long as you had internet -and still is.
        About her anonymity, you may pity me, that’s ok but I cannot see how you jump to “that makes it diabolical”. Many televangelists reap nothing but fame and glory unto their personage and I will add, possible even some real prophets have been adulated. This is wrong. It clearly leaves the emphasis on the messages rather than the person- which is where any purported God given message should rest; on the words and testimony rather than on the convincing nature of the charismatic personality. I have read a fair bit on prophets from the Bible over the past few years. Some retreated into deserts, even for years. Or to sea or ran in the opposite direction at first. There are a great variety of prophets. All true prophets did not deliver ‘easy’ messages. Most were hated or rejected, at least at some point. They were called liars. I do not believe there is anything where God suggests that they must announce themselves, only His Word. She was told to remain anonymous.
        Death threats were received from Satanists against her and her family; particularly when The Irish Newspaper published her identity and where she lived. It will take me a little while to find a few emails to show you the first point. I trust you will tell your readers when I do find them because I know you care about Truth even if we don’t agree on this right now. This is why you reexamined the facts on Benedict and came to know the Truth.

  5. If a person can’t do at least one Rosary a day faithfully and go to at least 5 Consecutive First Saturday Mass with intention to make Reparation to the Immaculate Heart, that person more likely will not have the grace to recognize truth and false. They will be duped and fallen into the traps of the devils. Even devils can become a disguise “saints” to deceive people if people let them do that to them. You must obligate yourself learning the Catholic Faith and stop being deceived by anybody who claim himself or herself “a prophet”… Exam everything, if there any contradictory than he or she is 100% a tool-bag for the devils/Antichrists of the NWO. Maria Divine Mercy is a fraud, a cheap shot “snake-oil saleperson” for the NWO/AntiChrist. If you people believe her, then because you have never been taught a concrete solid Catechism when you was young. You never have a strong foundation of the Catholic Faith. When other alarmed you the danger, you should “thank” them and hurry up look at your mirror and see when you have got thing wrong and make a serious correction. Catholic Church based on FAITH. If you have no FAITH, anyone such as Maria Divine Mercy and snatch your soul not even cost her two cents. That’s cheap.

      1. Remnantchild —- Your response proved my point 100% accuracy. You’re being duped to spiritual blindness and your arrogant will dig yourself a grave in heresy. I pray that someday you will wake up before it’s too late. LOOK AT THE FRUIT TO KNOW THE TREE. Ask your “idol” that she ever received or demanded money in exchange for her “fortune teller cookies”… all of her cheap shot “fortune teller” is a blasphemy and from Satan. Wake up and don’t be so stupidity in your arrogant. But be humble and learn the truth, exam the truth, live the truth and DEFEND THE TRUTH. Birds same feather flock together. You and your “idol” are fraudsters.

  6. It is true the messages were not backdated. I read them as they were coming out daily as early as fall 2011. It was only after the message relating to Benedict’s resignation, that was prophesied one year to the day that I started publicly sharing the messages. It was an incredible event. Because the messages were also describing the false prophet. I was one of the few that knew before Bergoglio stepped out onto the Balcony that he was not the Pope. I will remember these things for the rest of my life.

    1. Pope Benedict announced that he would retire as early as 2010, so any “prophecy” from 2012 was not supernatural at all. Also on Feb. 11, 2012 it was reported in the British Press that Benedict was threatened with death if he did not resign. From then on he put out to the St Gallen Mafia (Cardinal of London) that he would shortly resign. Carberry just read the newspapers and faked a prophecy. Do you really want to go to Hell for all eternity by holding that she is a prophet of God when she is a fraudster. Do you realize you are calling God a friend of fraudsters? And implying He reveals things to liars? Weigh your soul…

    1. Now read the news about the death threats against Pope Benedict, which were published on Feb. 10, 2012, and see if your prophetess reads the newspapers and publishes prophecies the next day, Also see if anything else she prophesied came true. As for Benedict he says he was not forced out. So if you want to call the pope a truth teller, you have to call Mary Divine Mercy on that one part of her prophecy also a liar. So nothing in that prophecy from the day after she read the paper came true as she said it. So shey is not a prophetess. Now IF she had said, he will renounce the ministerium not the munus, then maybe, but that would contradict the fact that she says he was forced out. He was not forced out because he is still the pope. So ask yourself for all these reasons WHY ON EARTH YOU KEEP LISTENING TO THIS CHARLATAN! It’s sick to persist in loving a liar.

  7. When was elected Bergoglio
    Mary Divine Mercy wrote
    “He, Pope Benedict, will guide My followers towards the Truth. I have no deserted him and I will hold him close to My Heart and give him the comfort He needs at this terrible time. His throne has been stolen. His power has not. Your Jesus ” (March 13th 2013)

  8. It was stated here that we should check the “fruits” of believing that The Book of Truth given to MDM are divine. I have and have found them life changing and transformational for all who have believed. I would ask you to check the fruits you have sown in your judgment and determination to disparage them here along with all of the others who agree with you. The “arguments” put forth by you and those who ridicule these messages are ugly, judgmental and unbecoming of anyone who genuinely cares about the Salvation of Souls. Come Lord Jesus.

    1. No Steve, the arguments put forth here are simply the Catholic Faith. Period. I am sure a lot of good works come from reading the Book of Mormon, but the value is the same as reading the Book of Truth, zero. Because to knowingly follow someone as a prophet of God when all evidence is that they are a crook is a blasphemy. Its like following Lucifer as a holy Angel. It is satanic superstition.

  9. Your “evidence” is tantamount to reading the Enquirer at the grocery check out lanes. NOBODY “follows” MDM. She is merely a reluctant transcriber of messages she received from Jesus, Mary and God Almighty. No editorializing, no holding back the truth, hard as it may be for some to handle. I was converted to Catholicism in 1973, and like most since Vatican II was very poorly cathecized. There was little but cursory mention of the Sacraments beyond rote memorization, no mention or discussion of The Rosary and very vague discussion of The Real presence. After being introduced to The Book of Truth by Dr. Kelly Bowring, that all changed and our lives have been transformed forever, not just the type of “rub off” goodness like you mention might be obtained from The Book of Mormon, but Life changing transformation and devotion. You are spreading rumor and gossip that is unbecoming of you. You are not saving or protecting anyone in your vitriol towards MDM and you should be silent, rather than chime in with the haters.

    1. Steve Dr Bowring has abandoned the fundamental principles of discernment in regard to prophecy, which is this, God never sends an anonymous to give prophecy, because the purpose of Prophecy is to give testimony, and testimony in the Biblical sense is always personal and tied to a public person who is identifiable and knowable. Dont preach to me a cradel catholic about what is Catholic, you are being extremely presumptuous and obviously have never read the Bible even to know what salvation is about. It has nothing to do with private revelation or following laypeople. PERIOD.

      You and the others defending MDM here seem to be intellectually capable of distinguishing a true statement from a statement made by a fraudster. You are acting like 8 year old children who know nothing of the world. Read up on the tricks used by liars. Your devotion is false to this woman and to that Dr.. Follow Jesus and the Canonized saints, and not according to the opinions of laypeople. Christ founded the clergy to give us direction. He NEVER ASKED LAYPEOPLE TO EVEN SPEAK OR TEACH. That is why Our Lady never said anything in Scripture, and why when She truly appears says nearly nothing. Wake up and start being a Christian and stop idolizing laypeople who are in serious error or who are false prophets. To follow a false prophet or idolize a human being is idolatry and it merits eternal damnation So if you do not care to risk your immortal soul in such things, please read another website and stop commenting here, because FromRome.Info is not for idolaters!

  10. My dear From Rome Editor, please read the messages of Maria Divine Mercy before you pass judgement on her. If you find even one sentence that goes against the teachings of our Catholic faith, then you are welcome to continue spewing.

    I was one of those following her messages as they came out on her website. Regarding Pope Benedict’s resignation,

    Date of message: 11 February 2012
    Date of resignation : 11 February 2013

    Make of that what you will.

    1. Dear Maria Jewel,

      If you had learned anything about Christianity from your book of messages you would know that I am not spewing I am simply stating facts and the basics of Christianity. You are in a cult and you need to get out of it. But perhaps you cannot because you are too simple and refuse to use the mind Christ gave you and heed the warnings of Saint Paul, clearly in Scripture, against following false prophets.

  11. Its unfortunate that you must resort to insulting and belittling those of us who yes, do have the faith of children (which I am grateful for), but that does not make us “simple” minded. We have prayed hard and long for discernment and have only received good graces as a result. I am not a “Cradle” Catholic as you proudly proclaim and because the Church has failed so badly I have been privileged to learn much from great men like Dr. Kelly Bowring. His credentials and background are below:

    Dr. Kelly Bowring is a Catholic theologian and popular Catholic speaker, who received his doctorate from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Rome); his licentiate from the Dominican House and the John Paul II Institute (Washington DC) while working at the US Bishops Office; and his masters from Franciscan University of Steubenville (Ohio). He has the Church’s mandatum to teach theology.

    Dr. Bowring has been a dean, chair, and professor of theology at the Graduate School of Theology at St. Charles Seminary, Southern Catholic College, and St. Mary’s College of Ave Maria University.

    1. The holding of a mandatum gives him no right to teach a novel theory of prophecy. I am not belittling you, I am correcting you in the Lord. This is the last comment I will hear from you, because you need to pray and discern, not argue.

  12. Jesus’ instruction concerning the messengers:
    “Your must remain silent if in doubt about any Divine message given to the world and pray for the seer. Pray and follow your faith and continue in your ways of honoring God”

    1. Jesus never said any such thing. You are involved in a cult run by a fraudster. Sad. I think a lot of the accounts on the Net which promote MDM are still controlled by Carberry and her supporters, that is why you keep repeating the same mindless lies.

  13. To mariajewel above I reply

    Date of message: 11 February 2012
    Date of resignation : 11 February 2013

    The liar Mary Carberry got her “prophecy” from the Associated Press the day before!!!!

    And if you want a sentence that goes against the Catholic Faith, try this ;

    Heresy from 14th April 2011:

    “Many Christians ignore one of the most fundamental promises I made during My Crucifixion, where I would be Present in Bread and Wine and leave a permanent mark to help nourish souls”

    a) Christ only made one promise during His Crucifixion, that to the Good thief
    b) Christ is not present in bread and wine. This is the Lutheran heresy of Consubstantiation.
    c) The Eucharist does not leave a permanent mark on the soul.

    How people can continue to follow this fraudster 5 years after she was exposed and disappeared from the scene is beyond me (almost).

    Good heavens even in the early days of this phoney we knew in Ireland that she was a fraud. She started a facebook page called maria divine mercy on Jun 2, 2010, a full FIVE MONTHS BEFORE Jesus allegedly appeared to her for the first time, telling her to take the name Maria Divine Mercy.

    So to those of you who think she is a true prophetess, where is she now? 5 years later and she is nowhere to be found. In fact when she was exposed as a fraud back in 2015 she was found to be trying to buy up all the Daily Mail newspapers in her part of Dublin to stop the word getting out. Too late.

    This woman is a fraud and a liar and that is why she has done a disappearing act.

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