8 thoughts on “Dr. Shiva: Corona is being Hyped to promote Vaccination industry”

  1. I am convinced the “vaccine” will be in fact, the Mark of the Beast. I pray I am wrong…

  2. Sheesh, stop talking over the expert that you invited on your show to offer his thoughts.

  3. From blogger, Vic Borseth, at CatholicAmericanThinker, We have talked about perspective; let’s broaden it just for the sake of comparative causes of deaths in the world so far this year.

    Causes Rates

    Coronavirus 28,240
    Seasonal Flu 116,275
    Malaria 234,614
    Communicable Diseases 3,105,082
    Abortion 10,166,497
    Suicide 256,535
    Traffic Accidents 322,935
    Cancer 1,964,790

    People die. That’s one of the things all people do.

    Stop and think a minute about how it came to be such an important thing that not so much as one more person should die from Covid-19 infection, even at the cost of human liberty, the global economy and the Trump Presidency.


  4. Time to start thinking about how we are going to refuse the vaccination which he says, and I believe and agree, will be offered next pre flu season. Time to start studying the immune system so we can present our arguments in a simple fashion. We need to educate … after we are educated.

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