3 thoughts on “Persecution now in China resulting from Bergoglio’s alliance with Peking”

  1. The film is superb! Anti pope Bergoglio has shut down mass and sacraments virtually all around the world, first in China, then Italy, setting the example for all bishoprics under his pachamama-ministerium.

    A vicar made in the perfect image and likeness of satan.

  2. San Juan Capistrano
    28th March MMXX A. D.

    Indeed. What Antipope Francis would do to every Catholic Chinese person–viz: cut his throat–Antipope Francis would do to us all.

    The noose tightens here in New York.

    The faithless cardinal Timothy the Fat has followed the Antipope’s lead: closing the Church BEFORE the civil law mandate. The civil law–led by communist mayor Bill Di Blasio–saw the opening; made it criminal (or threatened to do so–with COWs that is often enough) to hold a Mass; and the few–very few– Catholic priests remaining are now COWED into submission; and these few faithful (?) priests have cancelled the underground August Sacrifice of the Mass.

    They know the fake cardinal will NOT support them; and likely will applaud if the State arrests them for violating the Fat Cardinal’s SUSPENSION OF THE MASS.

    Dire times.

  3. And I agree–the video is superb.

    Secret Agreement? Not very Christlike in and of itself.

    It begs the question: Aside from the obvious–the destruction of the Church in China, which we know can only warm the grizzled old rock that passes for Antipope Bergoglio’s wicked heart–what did Bergoglio and his coven get in return from China? What were his 30 pieces of silver (in this case)??

    Answer us Antipope and Coven.

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