One thought on “Abp Lenga: “Koronawirus to kara Boża?” Brzytwa, czyli ostro na każdy temat”

  1. It is indeed a chastisement from God & there will be more if the CC does not heed Heaven & return to the Gospel & Liturgy of Ages worldwide, give up their Apostasy & immoral living & finally & publicly repent & submit to Our Lord & Master.

    Abbysus Abbysum Invocat. carries a recent interview which Ml. Matt carried out with Bishop Vigano which pulls no punches & well worth reading. The world as we once knew it is dangerously near collapse brought about by the immoral leadership of our prelates following upon VII (Our Lady described it as a Bad Council) which has spread into nearly all world governments & has given birth to the satanic NWO totalitarianism.

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