Download: “My Life with Mary” prayer-booklet

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In August of 2004, I had the grace to make a pilgrimage to La Salette, France, and I resolved there to do what I can to promote the life of prayer among Catholics. I subsequently compiled a collection of prayers, which I entitled: My Life with Mary, which is published by Save Old St. Mary’s, Inc., in the USA, but which I offer here in PDF format in English, Italian, French and Arabic. — This is a great little booklet to keep on your cellphone or computer, so that wherever you are and have a moment you can find a prayer to help you pray.


ENGLISH: PDF — This is the original

ITALIANO: PDF — Questo file è di alta qualità per portare dal tipografo per stampare in grandi quantità

FRENCH: PDF  — This translation prepared with the assistance of a native speaker.

ARABIC: PDF  — This translation prepared by a native speaker from Egypt, who is a Catholic Copt.

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4 thoughts on “Download: “My Life with Mary” prayer-booklet”

  1. Thank you so very much. May our Blessed Mother see you safely to Heaven and all the days between. This booklet, is just precious.

  2. Thank you, Brother, for this much-needed prayer booklet. All of my favorite prayers (and then some) in a beautiful form. May God bless you.

  3. THANK YOU! This prayerbook is very special. I will forward it to many and will start praying the beautiful prayers with my husband every night. It’s nice to have these classic prayers all in one place. Is there a place here in the US (Massachusetts??) where one can order a nice quantity?

    Thank you for all your emails regarding this virus. I plan to study them more carefully very soon. There is no doubt in my mind that the same people (Third Path Movement) who are working on the front lines to spread palliative care so as to make euthanasia legal are involved in flushing out the pandemic for their purpose which is to hasten death. Eric Toner was the moderator for the Event 201, Oct 18, 2019, and just a couple days ago came out with en elaborate diagram from Univ of Pittsburg on how to ration resources. They are at the bedside promoting “comfort care only.” Friend sent me a story about a 93 year old who was offered that choice by the palliative care team and he agreed.

    Interesting how we have come together. The Holy Ghost told me to reach out to you about our research since there is no way God would let the papacy fall into the hands of a person who promoted euthanasia.

    Prayers to the Holy Ghost, Betty

    1. In the USA the English version of the prayer booklet can be obtained from

      Save Old St Mary’s Inc.
      16 Laurie Lane
      Westminster, MA 01473

      for a donation, there is no fixed price, but I would suggest 50 cents a copy. They only have about 500 copies left, as far as I know.

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