True knowledge and true sight

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The most horrid thing about modern culture is how spiritual blind it is and how spiritually blind it makes those who accept it.

Our Holy Faith’s fundamental purpose is to liberate us from this blindness. But it seems wherever one goes, whether Europe or Australia or North America there is not much difference in the personal vision of Catholics who profess to believe and pagans who profess not to believe.

What value is it to you, anyway, to live as the world proposes to you to live your life? The only thing this world promises in the end is death and taxes.

The truly prudent man considers what is eternal and what is the safest way to reach that goal, and puts his trust in the Lord Jesus, Who said, “Follow me”.

In recent decades one has seen the disintegration of religious life. This has shocked many. But for us religious who seek the Kingdom of Heaven, it came as no surprise, because monks and friars everywhere for the last 60 years have openly expressed little or no interest in Eternal Salvation.

So distant and foreign is this concept, that its difficult to convince anyone to believe or pray, let alone support a monastic foundation. Still harder to join one.

Indeed, its no exaggeration to say that 99% of those who knock on the doors, today, of religious orders are not inspired by Jesus Christ. They are just sodomites who want to live with men and pretend to be holy. I say this on the basis of talking to vocation directors who say they have to turn away 99 out of 100 applications, upon application or during the temporary formation.

Till the rank and file Faithful return to living for God, purely for love of God, and turn aside from the slavery of living according to the world’s standards, they will not be able to collaborate with God to raise up true vocations to save the Church. For the true Catholic family is the first seminary of those vocations who will save the Church.

The Letters of Archbishop Viganò opened the eyes of many Friars, who for years struggled to keep the Observance and hold fast to the true Faith amid near universal opposition from above and from their peers. Now we understand better that we erred fundamentally in considering these our friends. To that extent, new possibilities for religious life are opened, since we can see better why having anything to do with such false friends is such a waste of time. And so, faithful religious can go forward and make new foundations. They need only the support of Catholics who have the same realistic vision of the Church’s problems.

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2 thoughts on “True knowledge and true sight”

  1. Before there can be more religious vocations there must be more religious Catholics. Hopefully this “pandemic” will help as it appears to a prelude to a much darker future.

  2. Memento Mori

    This should be the foundation upon which every conversion to the Catholic Faith is built.

    We must die to this world first, and know truly that we are. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust starts right now. Take up your cross, follow Christ to Calvary – it starts now. Repent of your old life and desires which will soon enough pass away and mean nothing. Live for God and that which is forever.

    If we “convert”, but fail to die to self and sin and all the things of this physical world; if we “convert” and take all the “good things“ and “rewards” of heaven while retaining all the good things and rewards of earth … we have not really converted; have not started down the sanctifying path of salvation; have not possessed the requirement of baptism to truly die to our old self and rise again in new life.

    Every thought, word, deed should in some way be consecrated to Jesus Christ our Lord in the full awareness that we are dead to the things of this world – all the wonderful things of the senses – and alive only in Christ.

    We live and love the things of this world only to the extent that they bring us closer to the One who will Judge us, one terrible day, heaven reserved only for those who rejected the offering of Satan to Be Like God and take what does not belong to us; but accepted the divine hand of their Creator who created us for all good things – in Him and Him alone.

    Remember Thou Must Die.

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