How much more until you admit that we are in the Great Apostasy?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

How many more heresies, blasphemies, sacrileges, idolatries and profanations have to be uttered or committed at the Vatican?

How many more churches have to be shuttered?

How many more Bishops have to order their priests to stop being priests?

How many more Catholics have to be denied the sacraments by State and Church?

How many more absurd excuses do you need to hear from your Bishop or Pastor about how this is all for your good?

How many more Catholics need to tell you a winter flue is worse than going to Hell because you cannot get to Confession?

How many more priests have to totally and utterly spurn you spiritual welfare?

How much more of this, until you admit we are in the Great Apostasy?

The Great Apostasy according to the fathers of the Church is the great falling away which Saint John the Apostle prophesied in the twelfth chapter of the Book of Revelations, when he saw the dragon with its tail sweep a third of the stars from heaven and cast them down to the earth. The Fathers of the Church say that those stars represent the clergy. And their being swept out of the heavens is the biblical way of saying they will abandon their sacred ministry.

Oh, and for all those Catholics out there, who think Pope Benedict XVI is no longer the pope, because they bought into the Big Lie that a renunciation of ministry is the same thing as a renunciation of office, please tell me now, if you pope and your bishops and your priests have or have not renounced their offices, in renouncing their ministry to you?

I would love to hear the discombobulated reasons to explain that away….

Oh, and since it its the tail OF the dragon who does this, tell me who is the tail and who is the dragon?

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7 thoughts on “How much more until you admit that we are in the Great Apostasy?”

  1. Amen! People are being fed a false sense of hope by the false prophets of Trad Inc. and Bergoglio Inc., telling people that soon they will return to their parishes, and continue their daily mass and sacraments as normal, as if this was simply a small test from God to see how faithful they were without receiving the mass and sacraments for a few days; as if their daily sacrifices and prayers were always acceptable and pleasing to God; as if the anti church they remained faithful and obedient to was the True Church; as if the false pope and his apostate clergy were in communion with the True Pope Benedict XVI (which they never cared to be), as if their impossible mercy was God’s true Divine Mercy, as if these men were truly Christ’s Shepherds.

    None of these false prophets have been sent by God, and even their own enterprises are coming to the biggest failure and collapse. As the prophet said, “…both priest and prophet wander senselessly through unknown land.” (Jr. 14:18)

    None of them are certain of what the future holds, and as long as they await for the false prophet in Rome to open doors, they are blocked from the Lord’s understanding.

  2. For years I have been warning, informing, pleading, cajoling, imploring and begging the Faithful to awaken to the reality of The Great Apostasy. To my sorry it appeared to me that they would throw over their Faith for a crust of mammon. The Remnant Flock just gets smaller and smaller…

  3. I was 6 years old when Vatican Council ll ended. I consider myself a victim of the heresy of Modernism. Had I known the truth abut sin and God there are so many sins I would not have committed. I am battling from sins committed and rebuilding after the disaster of Modernism. We are in fact in the time of the great apostasy, it cannot be denied.

  4. When can we expect the true prelate mentioned by our Lady of Good success to make his appearance to bring the clergy back to their sacred office and ministry? When can we expect the Lord to deliver on His promise that the gates of hell won’t prevail against the Church? This is also mentioned by our Lady in private apparitions that just when things seem at their worst there will be a miraculous intervention and things will start improving?
    How much worse must it still get. If souls eternal destiny are at stake is it not in the Lord’s best interest to intervene sooner rather than later seeing it will continue to get worse and more souls being lost in hell the longer we need to wait for the divine intervention?

    1. Albert, I know that when God gives the grace it will happen, until then, we must beg God to grant the grace and pray in advance for these holy men that they receive these graces. We must do penance and say the Rosary and implore God with all our strength for this.

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