The liberty of mankind is founded upon this fact…

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Absolute tyranny has its limits.

You cannot control everyone in all things at all times and in all places, because then you would need more police than there are citizens.

And in this, the liberty of mankind has its practical basis: there are always more of us than of the tyrants and their allies in tyranny.

Forcing everyone to stay at home, however, is one of the more brilliant acts of tyranny. Because shut in your house, you are denied in an absolute manner all rights to free assembly. And in a certain sense, all rights to free speech.

Yes, being shut in your house denies you free speech, because of what value is it, if no one hears you? And what kind of freedom do you really have, if everything you say has to be done through a medium which can be policed by super-fast AI programmed computers? a few of which can watch all humanity simultaneously.

This is why the Corona Hype is the perfect instrument of a brave new world of tyrants. And the psychopathic narcissistic political leaders of our age, in Church and State, are glorying in it. That is why the love extending the deadlines.

And personally I think we should all have a healthy doubt that the deadlines will ever end.

We might very well see a World War III begin, not with arms and bullets, but with bio-weapons released by this or that country which either wants more panic, so that their leaders can exact more servitude from the masses, or because they want to take revenge on the countries they perceived caused the Wuhan virus.

But our strength lies in this: they cannot monitor what you say with your voice, apart from your phone and the internet. They cannot watch everyone in every neighborhood. They cannot know how you are organizing your neighborhood. And if neighborhood after neighborhood resists the Hype and resists control, they will lose control very quickly.

From a simple point of view of truth and honesty, the world leaders who are promoting and implementing Corona Hype and Corona Panic and Corona Control need to be removed from power. They are now the real enemies of humanity. And the threat they pose is both imminent and existential.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is detail of a photograph of the planet Earth, from orbit, by NASA, and is accordingly in the public domain by US law.

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4 thoughts on “The liberty of mankind is founded upon this fact…”

  1. Of course you are right, but we are not called sheep for nothing. Collectively we are much too apathetic, expecting that those we vote into office will keep their promises & protect our freedom & welfare when threatened. This belief is not only non-sensical but dangerous as well.

    The newly formed VOX Party led by Santiago Abascal & the Fidesz Party in Hungary led by Viktor Orban are the only ones that give us hope. The Socialist Lefties don’t like them & call them Fascist but they are only resisting what could indeed lead to WW3. Our Lady referred to a great civil leader as well as a great prelate who combined would fight the enemy & bring back Catholicism to Europe. If anything good comes from this senseless incarceration of entire nations under dread of the Corona Virus then let it come from men such as these & the prelate that is still unknown to us but well known in Heaven.

  2. You say, “we should all have a healthy doubt that the deadlines will ever end.” Incrementalism–two steps forward, one step back–still allows one to arrive at his destination.

    My geographical neighbors are in the age-risk category and although almost to a man they see the overreach for what it is, they are like deer in headlights. They are caught in loving families who add to their own doubts by concurring with the social distancing guidelines on the off-chance that they will become infected themselves and then infect their older loved ones and in turn be responsible for killing them.

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