COVID-19 & the Poverty and Neglect of the Elderly

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One of the saddest realities of the Coronavirus is that it afflicts the elderly most of all.

In modern times, the elderly have pretty much been seen as a group to attack and exploit: attack, inasmuch as their ability to be a collective memory of an age before modern errors were as viciously predatory as they are, and exploited for their votes to propose a slower down spiral to the brave new world of socialist tyranny.

But for the most part the elderly are neglected. Part of the reason is the continual Marxist propaganda though mass media (TV and Movies) which focuses on a youth culture and ignores the elderly as if they do not exist or as persons who are only worthy of interest when they are ridiculously portrayed. Part of the reason is the excessive hands off policies of modern nations which have allowed work to be divorced from family live, and thus have deprived elderly parents of the company and care of their children, who are forced to work, increasingly, far from home.

But no sooner as the Corona Stunt began, all of a sudden the whole world should stop for the elderly to prevent their death by coronavirus. As soon as I began to hear this propaganda, I realized it was totally dishonest, because no one in the State nor Church nor Media has given one bit of concern to the elderly for 70 years.

The real reasons why so many elderly die of the influenza is because they live in poverty and neglect. This is especially true in Italy, where the majority of elderly live alone in their ancestral villages, without any support or assistance of children and grand children, who had to seek work and careers abroad or in distant cities.

This is further exacerbated by the abysmal discrimination of the Italian welfare system against the aged. In Italy only those receive pensions who have worked at a salaried job for all their lives. But most of today’s elderly never had that kind of economic opportunity. For the last two decades, in fact, there have been complaints from the elderly across Italy, that they have to forgo eating to afford their medicine or to pay their rent. They are even made to pay income taxes on the little income they have if it is less than 10 thousand euros!

Indeed, there are some entire cities, such as Caltabellota, in Sicily, which are more than 65% populated by the elderly and where the average citizen lives on less than 12,000 dollars a year!

It is not surprising then, that the elderly are the predominate victims of Coronavirus, because they lack proper nutrition and have no one to look out for them. Many of them are obviously turning to medical care much too late to be helped through the infectious stages of Coronavirus.

When I look at the long lines outside in the winter cold, in front of each supermarket on a daily basis — because the Decrees for Health Safety for the Corona Pandemic require no more than so many persons in a supermarket at any one time — I cringe at heart, knowing that such exposure to the elderly is the worse thing they need during an epidemic. They are given, moreover, no priority in line.

The ultimate cruelty, is that when they do fall sick to Coronavirus, and go to a hospital, that in the hospital they are denied all human consolation and solace by their loved ones and are forced to die without their family around them, without the Sacraments, and even without a public funeral.

Worse still is that in many western countries, now, there is a move to euthanize corona patients who are very old. It is called Pallative Care, and in the USA they hare setting up such teams at each hospital to ensure death without any oversight or intervention by relatives.

The Corona Control caused many caregivers for the elderly in Italy to abandon their patrons and return to their home countries in Eastern Europe. This resulted in thousands of elderly being left alone, falling into very poor conditions and being rushed to hospital, where they were infected with coronavirus and neglected unto death. Read the stunning report here, under the update for April 1, Italy. If this is true, a large percentage of the 12,000 victims of Coronavirus in Italy will fall squarely on the shoulders of Giuseppe Conte and the ruling government.

So the next time you hear your daily Main Stream Median shout that the elderly will be massacred by this virus, understand it as pure bluster. The Corona Control being imposed is the worse thing for the elderly and will enable them to be killed off in silence.

The deaths of the elderly are a political necessity for Globalists and Marxists, because both want to remove the foundations of morality and destroy the collective knowledge of the past, so that they can establish their dictatorship of the globalist elite.


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3 thoughts on “COVID-19 & the Poverty and Neglect of the Elderly”

  1. The testimony of Odile Guinnepain. Odile Guinnepain is a French palliative care nurse and the founder of the listening station for caregivers: “Our hands won’t kill”. In this period of epidemic, she received the call from nurses alerting about the increase in sedation on patients declared “sick with Covid-19”.

    – When did you receive the first calls and what exactly is happening in our hospitals?

    – I received the first alert on 17 March. It came from a nurse working in the emergency room of a major Paris hospital. Since March 10, she has seen many patients arrive when the intensive care unit was already full. They were mainly elderly or very elderly people, suffering from Covid-19 and suffering from respiratory distress. But they generally had no medical history. These patients, who could have been put on a ventilator for resuscitation, were not, due to lack of space. Most alarming is that these nurses were given a routine sedation protocol to apply to such patients. The recommended doses left me speechless: 1 mg of morphine per hour combined with 1 mg of Hypnovel per hour, intravenously. The daily dose of morphine that is given – 24 mg – is lethal in itself for elderly patients who have never received morphine and are already in respiratory distress. The amount of Hypnovel administered to them is just as enormous. Hypnovel is considered lethal from 30 mg daily. However, these patients receive 24 mg per day from the outset! These situations are terrible for the nurses because they are asked to apply a protocol without thinking, without monitoring, when it clearly leads to an overdose and very quickly leads these patients to death.

    Translated with (free version)

  2. Br, Bugnolo, the neglect of the elderly during this fake pandemic hype is absolutely insane and it is occurring on a greater scale than we think. Let me explain:. Just in my “first world” city, my own mother and me found out that three elderly women whom we know, who used to be parishioners at our old parish and whom we’ve always kept in contact with, were found unaided and unattended for entire days at a time by their own paid caretakers! And they never told us because in one case, their landline was not in service, another one had her cell phone uncharged and did not know how to charge the thing, and the other had been so sedated, she could not even move!! In one of the cases, the young lady caretaker said she had been forced to miss a day or two because her children were at home and she could not find a day care for them while her husband was also out of work. Couldn’t the useless husband care for the kids while she went and did her noble work? Anyway, it seems men these days are far worse than children.

    She also had to do chores and care for her own family. Then, because she did not have enough time to wait in line to shop for the elderly woman’s grocery, she had been unable to cook any real meals for the elderly woman, so she was feeding her stale bread sandwhiches with very little nutrition value and yogurt. Anyway, my mother and me have had to step in for these elderly men and women, cook them meals daily and help them out a few hours a day. In order to avoid them being infected by this virus we cook the meals at home, and my mother goes in to assist them and so forth. Anyway, the saddest part is that for part of the day, they don’t have someone to help them move from their chair or go to the restroom, or help them when they need to be laid a certain way. The situation is terrible.

    This must be going on a lot more than we think, and I can only imagine how much worse it must be in places like italy or even poorer countries where the elderly do not even have a viable pension, or basic medications, let alone family members, or even basic needs. On top of that, you have the global elitists who have done everything in their power within the last 50 years, to implement all of the legalities and protocols to obliterate this great generation of ours. They despise our elderly because they represent Wisdom and are truly the strongest sector of our human patrimony. They gave us Faith in God, Strength, Wisdom, and all the virtues without which none of us would survive!!!

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