Vatican Yearbook 2020: Bergoglio surpasses all historical titles

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I draw the information for my commentary below from Marco Tosatit’s, Vatican Yearbook: “Vicar of Christ” is just a historical title, translated by Giuseppe Pellegrino.

Last years opening pages of the Vatican Yearbook, the official register of offices and persons in the Church:

Screenshot_2020-04-02 Annuario-2 jpg (WEBP Image, 700 × 394 pixels)

As you can see on the Left Page, the titles for pope are placed above the Biography of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Now look at the opening pages from the Yearbook for 2020:

Screenshot_2020-04-02 annuario-1 jpg (WEBP Image, 700 × 491 pixels)

Notice the difference?

That is right! The biography of Jorge Mario Bergoglio is now above everything else. The titles are at the bottom. But more significantly, the titles are introduced with the Italian phrase:

Titoli storici

Which in English means, “Historical titles”.

The implications are that Bergoglio is something higher than all of these titles, surpassing the limits of all history. So I ask, What could be superior to the title, the Vicar of Christ?

This makes me remember, Saint Paul the Apostle’s warning in 2 Thessalonians 2:4:

He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.

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6 thoughts on “Vatican Yearbook 2020: Bergoglio surpasses all historical titles”

  1. He has been completely consistent in his words and actions from the beginning. He has paraded his false humility since he walked out on the balcony. While we did not have the visceral reaction to him that so many apparently had (we felt pity), around week 3 it became obvious the mantle of humility he was wearing as a matter of deception. What is he hiding, we worried. Along the way, his anger at those who oppose him (reports of screaming and vulgarity from his rooms), and malice toward any those who resist (American Catholics, faithful Catholics from anywhere), his vengeance (oppose him and get demoted), all added up to a pathological man with a black heart and soul, power mad. He has made sure to insert himself into the center of debates (keeping the world waiting for action that never came on the sex abuse scandal), and identifying a future date on which he would say or do something, always a future date. HE is always the focus, what will HE say, what will HE do. It is obvious he enjoys this, it has happened so often, why, he even changes the Our Father given us by Christ, giving one more way Christians can be divided! All because HE is more merciful and compassionate than Christ.
    He refuses to kneel before Christ, and glares at Him malevolently.
    He is the personification of pride. Recent case in point, his faux-dramatic, recent “walk”. All distant shots of him alone, in the rain, the idea being he is dramatically there on our behalf, asking Christ (Who’s historic 15th century crucifix was ruined by the rain and his stunt) to do what, end the plague? I don’t believe he asked for it, and he has said nothing about repentance or sin, and amending our lives for Christ. Why would he, all we need to do is turn off our air conditioners and open our borders and all would be well, bliss, nirvana, and Mother Earth would smile on us again. (We have angered her so much she throws a tantrum!)
    May God in His limitless mercy take pity on us and help us, amen. We need only stay faithful, having confidence that God will take care of us and repenting of our sins in the best way we can, now that the hirelings have run away, the mirage “field hospital” now shown for the scam it always was.
    In this time, it feels as if God is much closer than ever before. He holds our lives in His hands, and we can trust Him completely.

  2. Hilarious! As much as we criticize his illegitimate papacy, often, I stop and think how bad I feel for the guy. He’s lived a miserable life as a prelate, conflicted with himself as he may have taken on the wrong vocation, or was misled by the infiltrated masons and communist Jesuits of his time.

    Whatever wrong steps he took in his life that led him to be a heretic, a blaspheme, to hate everything that is Catholic, and to persecute the very Church that has always fed, clothed and cared for him daily, The Lord knows. But what we do know is that ultimately, there is no excuse for what a man like him has done and I am almost certain he has some sort of pact with Satan since things like idol worship, religious syncretism, and freemasonry comes with very dark compromises that most ordinary sinners would never even come close to.

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