3 thoughts on “Frank Walker: No sacraments is the dream religion of Bergoglio”

  1. Please guys….advise sound Catholics that if they really need to go to confession or go have communion, all they have to do is to write a letter to their local parish priest….and ask. They can reassure the priest reminding him that confessionaries have a physical separation between them so no close contact is done…at least most parishes have proper confessionary spaces. When finished with confession, they can ask the priest to have communion since all parishes already have consecrated hosts inside the holy Tabernacle. Guys, when there’s a will, there’s a way!!

    Good bless you all.

  2. My God, Luis rodriguez Coelho…where i live our priest refused every confession, Communion etc. when your not seak (!!!) at home…Even for the few people who’s present every day in the church the answer is NO….Pray for him please…

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