In Italy, Corona Control results in persecution of the Catholic Religion

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

With the flick of the switch, Italy has moved from one of the countries where the Catholic Faith enjoyed the greatest civil liberty to a nation with more persecution than Marxist China. To merely list the stories of the outrageous things happening is sufficient to show how the so-called stay-at-home decrees implemented by an illegal Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers (the Italian Prime Minister) at request of the World Health Organization, are not about preventing the spread of the virus which apparently kills no one but those already sick, but about suppressing the Catholic religion completely.

Don Domenic Cirigliano, pastor of Rocca Imperiale, decided to do what he could to give his parishioners some comfort, seeing that the Decrees forbade him to distribute the Sacraments. So he carried a large Crucifix — in which in 1691 human blood miraculously gushed forth from the wounds of the image of Christ — through the streets of the town and blessed the homes of the faithful as he passed. The Police fined him 400 Euros and the Mayor put him under house arrest for 2 weeks! He was officially charged with inciting a procession, because some faithful followed at a distance behind him, during his walk through the town with the Cross!

Don Cirigliano is a great priest. As an example to all of Italy, he has publicly stated that he will not pay the fine! When asked why he thinks he was fined, he said, “They want to fine the Church!”

On March 25, the pastors of four parishes and the Mayor of Giulianova held Mass at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Splendor, and afterwards the Mayor consecrated his city to the Blessed Virgin. All the rules for social distancing were observed and the event was televised to 4000 residents. There were less than 10 persons present. The next day, those participating in the Mass were informed that they had been denounced to the local Prosecutor who was opening a misdemeanor case against each of them, including the Mayor!

But by far the worse outrage so far, was the sacrilege of the Mass at the Parish of Saint Francis of Assisi in Civitavecchia: a large church build in the round, below the town in a residential quarter for upper scale housing. The Mass was broadcast on live streaming and the faithful gathered in small numbers on their own initiative outside the Church looking through the open doors. The Mayor, as soon as he knew of it, ordered the police to break it up. So two officers of the city police entered the Church in violation of the Lateran Pact and arrested the priest as he sat in the Sanctuary, even though he had violated no aspect of the Decrees for Coronavirus. — However, later it came to the fore, that the Mayor is a radical pro LGBT advocate and had battled with the priest for years over the issue. He apparently saw his opportunity to take vendetta and he did.

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  1. I fear a lot more blood may have to be shed. May the Lord give us his strength to endure this coming scourge.

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