Bill Gates: the Catholic Religion may have to be suspended for ever


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Ominously, at 17:40 in this Video, Bill Gates implies that the Catholic Religion will remain outlawed until all can be certified to have received a vaccine, if even then!

He is talking about suspending the Mass for 18 months or forever!

And not only mass, all professional sporting events, like Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey etc. etc..

I know there has always been speculation about Bill Gates’ name having the ASCII value of 666, but his comments above are more ridiculous, they are diabolic!

Melinda Gates is a Roman Catholic, and Bill and Melinda have raised all their children as Catholics. However, I some how think there is something big missing in their lives, if they think like this: God.


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46 thoughts on “Bill Gates: the Catholic Religion may have to be suspended for ever”

  1. I wonder if Bill has given thought to what the world will look like after 18 months of shutdown? That it would not be at all unlikely that he himself would become a victim of a world gone mad.

  2. The “vaccine” will be accompanied by the insertion of a microchip in the hand to prove it was received. Absent this indicator a person will not be allowed to do anything. The Mark of the Beast. Pray for the courage to refuse it, even if it means physical death.

  3. Michael Dowd. You need to wake up. Bill and Melinda Gates are totally possessed. They operate at the instruction of the Antichrist. This virus is a lab-created entity, and the Global/Satanic Elite have already received the vaccine, and have total insulation to any societal breakdown in their DUMBs and other hidden sanctuaries. Read up on The Great Tribulation, and pray you have the courage to refuse The Mark of the Beast.

  4. All the Catholic religion has to do is wise up and get rid of that fake Pope and it will survive. The current Pope is as big a mistake to the Catholic faith as Obama was for the USA. Both with clear agendas to destroy doing as much hard as they can possible cram into their time in office. As for Bill Gates, much he is proving that just because someone has a lot of money does not mean they are exceptionally intelligent in all matters.

  5. Bill, The Catholic religion is a practice, just like the Baptists you are a real stupid idiot. People claim you are an expert, well your Windows 10 OS is a piece of Sh*t.

  6. Rachel,

    If you were his wife or secretary, then I grant you could tell us what he meant. But as a matter of fact, since at Mass a priest must put his hand near the mouth of each person, and the congregation sings, I really do not see any reason why what you assert is true or even probable. The issue here is not that he said, mass, or Mass, but what mass gatherings means.

  7. God made Heaven and Earth; NOT Bill and Honey Gates. The Catholic Religion is The One, True Religion: that’s why he and other rich morons want to destroy it. Freemasons, Moguls, etc… God is good because He is in His Heaven. These people are bad because they tempt God and the Faithful from The True God & Religion. Think about that. Satan has His Hour, but God has His DAY! Catholics were martyred in the early Centuries for following The Risen and Ascended Christ. So it has continued throughout the centuries. You martyr us: we go to Heaven. You challenge God: shall we say, you WILL NOT go to Heaven. Take your suntan lotion with you when you go.

  8. They are asking advise of Bill Gates… college dropout, OS pioneer, and not-a-doctor. Which one of those is qualifying him to say these things?!

    1. That is not true. When we die, Christ judges each of us, some to Heaven, some to Purgatory, some to Hell. Thus very few see the pearly gates immediately and a lot never at all.

  9. Bill Gates is Jewish. His father anglicized his surname. His father was also the first National Director of Planned Parenthood.

  10. The vaccine itself will be the trigger mechanism that will permanently altar and subdue the DNA and chemical and physical structures of everyone who accepts it. Those persons will never be the same. They will become compliant slaves. The persons mind and body and even the soul will be ‘remanufactured’ to the likings, wants and demands of Gates and similars. You’ve been warned long ago this was coming. Woe to those persons who allow it.. They will die a million deaths over and again. ‘Fear not he who kills the body… but he who kills the soul”

    1. Not all vaccines have this power, but I would advise everyone from receiving any vaccine made by Gates or his corporate allies. He is clearly a psychopathic megalomaniac.

  11. Why does this man have ANY SAY, about the future of this situation in our country or around the world, except that he has the money to buy his SAY. He is not an elected official, he does not have any credentials, as a matter of fact he’s a drop out who made billions on suckers like me who spent my hard earned money to purchase toys I did not need. We better get our steel spines up and push back at every turn or we will bear the burden of handing to our progeny a Church that has been confined to the catacombs. Blessed Mother pray for us. Jesus please have mercy on us.

  12. The mind control has already been done we are conditioned to ask our computers and our phones and our Goggle boxes all the questions and we always believe its answers no matter what it says. So the control part is done, Now get off your computers and go read your Bible!

  13. In the video, he did NOT say “Mass” he said “mass gatherings,” e.g. concerts, conventions, etc.
    That being said, Gates is EVIL.
    The Bible mentions him by name in Matt. 16:17-20:
    “The Gates of hell shall not prevail…”
    He is, certainly, “of hell.”

    1. Stacy, I am a Catholic and an anthropologist. So I know that a Catholic religious service, which is called a Mass, is a mass gathering. As for what he said, your claim is unfounded, because in English, there is no way with the spoken language to say

      mass gathering
      Mass gathering
      “Mass” gathering

      differently from one another. They are all vocalized in the same way. But you miss the point. When Catholics come together for Mass we come in much more closer contact that at sporting events, because of communion. Bill goes to Mass with his wife and kids who are catholics. So I think he understands that as well. Hence whatever YOU think he said, it does mean Catholic Services, just as it means any other event with many people in close contact.

      I really chuckle at how public education has made it so difficult for anyone to hear what another persons is saying. It is like as if someone said, “I want to murder everyone in Philadelphia”, and you said, “My brother Ed lives in Philadephia! You just said you want to murder my brother Ed” and the one threatening responded, “I never said such a thing at all. I said everyone”. That is about as valid an argument as you advance.

  14. “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock, I will build My Church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven.” (Mt 16:18-19)

  15. this possessed idiot together with his wrinkled bag just have forget who is in charge and who created them…soon will be told it straight into their stupid faces…don’t understand why people are so stubbornly asking them any questions and are interested in their opinions….he and she are 100% the same as anyone else in this planet…as I had my plans for holiday and didn’t make it he and she can have it to …if anyone want to wake them up…LET’S OPENLY PRAY FOR THEM…GOD WILL HELP THEM PROPERLY MANAGE THE MONEY ..AS WE CAN SEE LOOSING YOUR SOUL IS ALWAYS FOLLOWED WITH LOOSING YOUR MIND…GATES ARE IDIOTS…SO SO SO POOR THAT THEY ONLY HAVE A MONEY….NOTHING ELSE!!!PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST !!!

  16. Who are you to say that! Religion is in the heart of every person, if you don’t have God who created us all then leave us alone! I am a Roman Catholic and you cannot get it from me.

  17. Remember, Mr. Gates, that the Prince of the World pays his followers in fool’s gold.

  18. I am a friend of Melinda’s mother. All I can say is that her parents are pro-life and good Catholics. They cannot say much because they would no longer be able to see their grandchildren. Melinda tried for years to get Bill to go to Mass with her, but he has always disliked the Church. He did agree to let her and the kids go. Since he is so rich he is pretty much in an atmosphere of being untouchable. Really sad situation.

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