Don Minutella’s warning to the Clergy of the world: You have till Easter to repent

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There was much interest, the other day, when I made reference to the warning given by Don Alessandro Minutella, pastor of the Church of San Don Bosco, Palermo, who has been admonishing Catholics, and clergy especially, for more than 2 years, that Bergoglio is a heretic, and thus cannot be the Vicar of Christ or the Pope. He has always said that he was acting on the basis of a special interior inspiration from the Blessed Virgin Mary, to whom he is very devoted.

Last weekend, he gave this warning to the world (see below English translation). I publish this for its news worthiness, not because I have seen any evidence that Don Minutella has or does not have a special grace of inspiration. But his discourse reminds me of Revelations 18:4-8.

But he is absolutely correct, Pope Benedict XVI according to the norm of Canon Law, and thus the will of Heaven, is the only true Successor of Saint Peter, Vicar of Christ, Pope and Bishop of Rome, as I and many others have demonstrated with never-refuted arguments of canon law, logic, philosophy, and common sense. (see my Index to the Renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI for more information).

So for the sake of those who do not speak or read Italian, here is an English translation of the transcription of the warning he gave in Italian on live video, last weekend.

+ + +

Dearly beloved brethren,

.. there writes to you, in order to reach you, a brother of yours, possibly the smallest and, perhaps, the most unsuitable, to give you a message from heaven.

There is no more time to waste getting out of the false church. You are offered a last, precious supplement of time, which will last until April 12, the Solemnity of the Resurrection of the Lord.

Humanity has entered into the last times. The sin of idolatry accomplished by Bergoglio with the placing of pagan and satanic idols, has given the official start to the chastisements of Heaven, already predicted many times, both in Fatima and in other apparitions.

Scripture speaks to us at length of the last times and of the final clash between good and evil, with the advent of the Antichrist and the kingdom of perdition. Do not let secular voices and even atheists notice this, while the shepherds pretend not to understand it!

I come to plead with those of you who, and you are not few, have followed my story in one way or another in these years. I have been sent by God on an important mission. Believe me, if only for the constancy in the trials I have shown so far: the final time has come.

To those of you who have had doubts about the validity of the 2013 election, to those who still look to Benedict XVI as the Pope, to those who are aware of the apostate and multi heretical drift of the false church, the Blessed Virgin makes a final appeal: GET OUT!

Come out, dear priests.

Make a video or any other public gesture to make it known that you are not in communion with the false pope, forerunner of the Antichrist, and that instead you will celebrate, from now on, publicly (because you already do it privately), in communion with Pope Benedict XVI.

Our Heavenly Mother says to you: can’t you see how many people are dying now? Do you not see the beginning of the great warning promised? What still, now, is holding you back? You will lose everything, if you hesitate, but you will also lose yourself if, even now, while the breath of the Apocalypse deserts the world, you hold back from coming out for fear of losing something. And do you not see the signs of the times? The closed churches, the private masses at home, the forbidden sacraments, St. Peter’s Square empty, in a word the Catholic Church become a desert. As Jesus says in Lk 21:22: “they will in fact be days of vengeance, that all that has been written may be fulfilled”.

Do you wish, perhaps, to remain blind to the signs of the times? Remember, I pray you, the Lord’s words: “Look at the fig tree and all the plants; when they already sprout, look at them and see for yourselves that summer is near. So also, when you see these things happening, know that the kingdom of God is near” (Lk 21:29-31).

Dear confreres, I invite you to enter openly and officially into the Marian Priestly Society, in open communion with Pope Benedict XVI. You will save yourselves and the souls entrusted to you.

There is no more time.

This time of crisis will soon cease, but only for a pause. It will serve to compact more and more the small Catholic remnant around Pope Benedict who, by now, is increasingly on his way to God.

Afterwards, when it will seem to fall into oblivion over the pandemic virus now underway, more terrible punishments will come again. What we are experiencing is the beginning of the great warning, but what, after the pause of a few months, will happen, will be the entrance into the time of punishment.

You know that I have been considered mad, and yet the things I have prophesied in this three years, so far, have all occurred, as it is before your eyes.

Come out!

The time has come. Do not delay. It’s heaven’s last chance. By April 12th.

After that you too will be marked with the sign of the beast.

The Holy Virgin is waiting for you…

And, if nothing else, you will not be able to tell God that you were not warned, even though the instrument He is using, that is, me, is the least suitable and the most inconvenient. But that is God’s logic.

I pray for you, forgive me, give me your blessing, especially believe me. And finally come out!

Your brother,

Don Minutella

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22 thoughts on “Don Minutella’s warning to the Clergy of the world: You have till Easter to repent”

  1. Not enough people pray and offer sacrifices for their conversion. Therefore, they will be bound in their own sins and spiritual blindness. As same effect, why don’t Pope Benedict XVI come out and say something. Now is the time that he needs to get out of his silence and gather the church back to Christ. Now is the time that he should reveal the TRUE 3rd Secret of Fatima to wake people up. Now is the time that he needs to tell his church to go back to the true mass that was codified by St. Pope Pius V and now is the time that he needs to tell everybody goes back to confession, make reparation, say Rosary daily and etc. etc. etc… He plunged the whole church and himself into the hands of the Lucifer/Antichrist of the NWO. He has much to be blamed too.

  2. Your hyperlink “the transcription of the warning” brings us to Radio Spada, who seemingly went out of their way to transcribe the live video of Don Minutella’s warning, but only to tell us that such an apocalyptic statement is worth postponing due to its “pro-Ratzingerian accents”. In other words, they don’t want to be in communion with Benedict. Who is the pope for this Radio Spada site — Bergoglio, or are they sedevacantists?

  3. Fr. Minutella’s appeal which appears to have come from Heaven, reminds me of Apocalypse 18:4 which speaks of the chastisement that will come upon the apostate church of the end times that had persecuted the faithful remnant Church of Benedict XVI, represented in the woman in labor pains of Ch. 12 that small and faithful remnant that flees to the desert where it is fed for a time, times and half a time (1,260 days)

    Ap 18:4 –

    “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues…”

    1. According to the Fathers of the Church, these voices from Heaven in Revelations are holy priests and bishops who warn the faithful. So I do not discount it.

  4. I firmly back Fr. Minutella’s plea to priests to come out publicly on the side of PBXVI. It’s high time they showed loyalty to the sitting Pope, although he hasn’t asked for it nor does he seem to want it. However, he is the Pope whether he likes it or not & must be spurred into action if the Papacy itself is to be saved.

    By speaking the truth as we witness it we don’t presume to judge anyone’s soul, but if everyone hides their head in the sand by false obedience to an anti-pope bringing disastrous consequences on themselves & those they purport to serve, then they demonstrate that they are unwilling (rather than unable) for the battle God Himself expects them to engage in.

  5. Palm Sunday MMXX

    Bro. Bugnolo,

    Have you any further information on the Marian Priestly Society that Don Minutella mentions?

    Is there an analogous group for laymen? If not we should start one.

    The faithless cardinal primate of New York in addition to locking down ALL the churches even closed all Catholic cemeteries (!) on the pretext of the corona stunt.

    The faithless cardinal primate of New Jersey (a proud member of the clerical Homosexual Network Strangling the Church, like his counterpart in Philadelphia) banned even Confession.

    We have a Palm Sunday Mass with the Fraternity of St Pius X within 100 miles so we are going. We would do so if it were 200 miles.

    It is telling that the SSPX due to its very exile has the freedom to keep the Mass and the flock alive, and probably warrants an article . . . by you.

    Buona Festa, however bleak and evil these times.

    1. He calls those who remain faithful to Pope Benedict, the Little Remnant. Some of those live in a small Catholic village, which he calls the Little Nazareth, near the airport at Palermo, Italy.

  6. P. S.

    “It is easier for the earth to exist without the sun than without the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.”
    — St. Padre Pio

    Look what antipope and false pope Bergoglio has done. Cast the world into darkness AT EASTER !

    Crime against humanity.

  7. True. Thank the Good God the Immaculate Heart intercedes for us.

    “Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, thou alone hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world.”

  8. This post shook me to the core.

    Interior choice first: Is there a false Church, Anti-Pope or not? Where is the True Church and the True Pope.

    Act accordingly second.

    God will not allow indecision. No choice *IS* a choice. And from that choice comes the interior spiritual *Mark* from God upon our individual souls forever. The physical Mark, from Bill Gates/Jorge Bergóglio comes later.

    I have chosen. I am passing this warning in to those I love.

  9. If Benedict is the true Pope, then where is his voice in opposition to the false pope? If you look at the history of the Catholic Church, every time there has been an antipope, there has ALWAYS been the competing voice (unambiguous and public voice) of the true Pope.

    Also, what exactly is Don Minutella stating will happen by April 12th? His prophecy seems rather vague. Contrast this with authentic private revelation, say at Fatima or Lourdes, where a certain miracle was predicted to occur at a certain time and place. Genuine private revelation is always falsifiable, never ambiguous.

    1. As regards your first question, See the top of every page at FromRome.Info, in the article An Index to Pope Benedict’s Renunciation. As for Don Minutella, I cannot answer your question, as he has not explained it. However, Don Minutella is not claiming private revelation as at Lourdes or Fatima, he says he has a private inspiration, that is something very different. See the book, entitled, Mystical Evolution, by Father Arintero, O.P., for more about this distinction.

  10. I too, and deeply considering what has been shared here, and how best to inform those I love, especially those out of the church entirely.
    I am assuming, this would be the time to warn those we love about choices. They are not priests, my closest loved ones, but time seems short for all. God have mercy on us.

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