How is it, that You can handle Mammon, but not receive the Eucharist?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The real reason behind the Corona Stunt is something much more than simple control. It has a purpose. Here in Italy, most every activity is prohibited other than those who work in necessary sectors of the economy (Politicians and journalists are, obviously, considered necessary), buying groceries and walking your dog!

Walking your dog?

Did you know that the dog is considered sacred to Freemasons?

They get their dog, and we are denied our God?

At the supermarket, no one is afraid that in exchanging coins or bills, that they will catch Coronavirus. But we are told that the Catholic Mass is a possible source of contagion, so distribution of the Eucharist must be suspended?

Mammon is O.K. to handle? But the Eucharist is dangerous and unhealthy?

Something does not add up.

I can understand if the Bishops or some priests have AIDS, but surely they do not all have AIDS? There are also many young priests who are in good health, what are they afraid of?

“But I have to obey my Bishop!” they are saying. Really? What could your Bishop do to you which is worse than not being able to act as a priest?

Suspend you a divinis?  You are already suspended, you cannot act as priest!

Reduce you to the state of a layman?  What do you think you have become?

Excommunicate you?

Oh, Lord, forbid that! You would not want to be excommunicated for acting like a priest, for then you would be denied all the Sacraments of the Church, like the rest of us!

God forbid!

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7 thoughts on “How is it, that You can handle Mammon, but not receive the Eucharist?”

  1. Great point!

    “Suspend you a divinis? You are already suspended, you cannot act as priest!”

    I’m forwarding to all the local priests.

  2. To understand why the Bishops are petrified, I recommend everyone read Ann B’s post from several days ago. One of the consequences of sodomitical actions is that it is extremely unhealthy. Every man who lives that lifestyle already carries disease within his body. This makes them extremely susceptible to dying from the virus. Imo they closed everything down to protect themselves and their partners from coming in contact with others who have the virus.

  3. Superbly said, Brother Bugnolo. That Mammon in the sacramental form of “fiat” currency is regarded higher in value and esteem by society and especially by Bishops, is eternally worse that if 100% of the clergy were to be infected with coronavirus and die at once, because spiritual death is eternally worse than natural death.

    As for the priests that humanly obey their BIshops, are like the mute dogs that the prophet isaiah says are “unable to bark”.(Is 56:10). They are worse than domesticated dogs, because domesticated dogs still get their way these days, and if they were to ever be deprived of their nature and purpose, they would bark, rant, and rave in fury and outrage, not letting the owners sleep at night, attacking them as soon as they could get their teeth on them. It is sad to compare these fallen men to such beasts, but as King Solomon’s motto goes “…a living dog is better than a dead lion”.(Eccles. 9:4)

  4. A divinis… the post Vatican II modernists say this about the SSPX. However, I still cannot fathom for the life of me WHY the SSPX as a whole has not only canceled Mass throughout the world (in most locations), but still hang pictures of the antipope in all their chapels. And, to make matters worse, the bishops of the SSPX have said NOTHING!

    1. @Al the Silent Crusader: The only thing that makes any sense to me is spiritual blindness brought on by YEARS and YEARS of practicing Recognize and Resist tactics which in turn has made most SSPXers into practical sedevacantists.

  5. The SSPX offered 6 Masses at one local today. Palm Sunday. Within an easy one-hour drive of New York City

    ASC–you are right that picture of Antipope Bergoglio was there at the main church. Makes me wary.

    Here’s the thing–they are the only game in town. Last man standing. No other Catholic priest dares offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in public in N. Y. N. J. Conn.

    In “Is the Traditional Catholic Movement Catholic? | FromRome.Info” Bro. Bugnolo addressed the bona fides of the SSPX.

    I believe this article may be summarized in two points.

    1. Does the SSPX wish to save the Church as its first end?

    2. Is the Sspx willing to follow Canon Law, specifically Canon 1364, particularly in regard to Antipope Francis and his Apostasy, and (although not explicitly mentioned by Bro. B in this article) Canon 188 & Can. 332 in regard to insufficient and invalid resignation of Benedict.

    I add my own reflection. Positive side: it was Pope Benedict who lifted the excommunication.

    On the other hand, like FFSP &. Inst. of Christ the King, they are all loudly pro-Antipope, starting in the upper echelons though the honesty usually tends to break out in the lower. Is that not the case w FSSPX-Ridgefield?

    In other words, are they doctrinaire Francis-is-pope men?

    If so they are doomed.

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