In the USA, the Media is claiming Hospitals are overflowing, but….

And what if the Main Stream Media is doing this also in other countries. Since we are all confined to our homes, how do we know?

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18 thoughts on “In the USA, the Media is claiming Hospitals are overflowing, but….”

  1. Yes, more proof Covid-19 is more an orchestrated panic than a population decimating disease Who profits is the question?

    And if the above TV clip is for real why doesn’t Trump send his people to check it out and let everyone know how phony it is? ..

    1. If he does not check it out, then there are two possibilities. He does not care about the truth, he is taking orders to act the way he acts, or he never was against the Globalists, he is one of them. Has he lost his mind that he cannot see the grave damage to the hotel business? Why would he suicide his own company?

      1. Trump is fighting against the Deep State. He getting bad advice. Too many traitors.

      2. Or, perhaps, Br Bugnolo, when President Trump refers to “the invisible enemy” he means more than just the virus. Could it be that he is willing to strain his own company in order to uncover even more than the “tip of the iceberg” of the global ‘Deep State’ that has been revealed?

        For example: Both the northern and southern borders are closed in a bipartisan fashion; illegal aliens who are now caught crossing illegally are immediately sent back; abortions have been deemed “non-essential medical procedures” which has pushed closing abortion clinics (at least temporarily) back into the states’ purview–IF the citizens of each state have the will to ACT; local and state government officials in many places have shown themselves to be incompetent and unable to manage a crisis; and China/communism has shown its lying, slave-labor, totalitarian evil to Americans.

        What will each person do with what has been revealed more and more clearly?

  2. This is boots on the ground reporting, not the staged theatrics of the MSM using fake dolls on ventilators.

  3. The Polish rulers say that over 38 million people live in Poland. A little above 4000 people are officially sick from the coronavirus, but the Polish rulers use the same shutdown methods as the American rulers.

  4. Yes, Most Venerable Brother Bugnolo. But the vast majority of Poles still believe in liberal democracy which overtakes blatant communism in its evilness. And at the time of the nearly total shutdown the Polish rulers are pushing the mad idea of organizing the presidential elections on the 10th of May. They are striving to make post office elections.

  5. I pray for that every day. But it inter alia involves critically looking at the Vatican II pseudoteaching, at the new mass, at the liberal pseudodiscipline, at the pontificate of John Paul II and the primacy of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński (a possible freemason,ludzie-w-ornatach-od-mokrej-roboty-cz-3 in Polish). It involves clear and most cruel persecutions of Catholics not only by rulers, what is already taking place, but also by their significant others.

  6. I live in a suburban county adjacent to Dallas County Texas. Our county has had two—that’s right, two—fatalities ascribed to this alleged pandemic in the past three weeks, out of a population of 973,000. There are only 256 total “confirmed” cases. There have been 91 recoveries.
    Dallas County has extended its lockdown to May 20 based on models. The hospitals in Dallas are no busier than the ones on the video.
    This whole thing is a stinking lie.

    1. @txtradcatholic: What you describe for your suburban county in Texas is true for the WHOLE state of Wyoming only we’ve had 0 deaths attributed to the virus as yet: population 580,000 (for the WHOLE state); 197 confirmed cases with 50 recoveries which means 147 active cases. We’ve been incrementally closed down first through April 3rd then the 17th and now through April 30th. Our health department stopped posting regular weekly flu data on March 6th. Is your state and/or county department of health still reporting your flu cases and Influenza/Pneumonia deaths? You might try to find out.

  7. Most Venerable Brother Bugnolo, it is a genetive of word charyści (the charists) which is a commonly used name (like the jesuits) for Unio Sacerdotum Saecularium Charitatis Apostolicae. This union looks very much like a freemasonic lodge created by Jewish converts and non-Jews inside the Catholic Church. Cardinal Wyszyński was a charist himself.

  8. It’s not this Apostolic Union. This Polish Unio was formed by two Polish priests Antoni Bogdański and Władysław Korniłowicz in Swiss Fribourg in 1914. They officially wanted to help priests in their Apostolic work mainly in Poland. Actually few Poles heard of this Unio. The true purpose was pushing modernism. Father Wyszyński heard from Father Bogdański before world war II that the former will be primate of Poland. It actually was not a prophecy, but a part of a plan instigated to modernize the Catholic Church in Poland. Cardinal August Hlond died in 1948 and vacated the primacy and bishop Łukomski, who was thought to take the primacy, died right after the former. They were probably murdered. Bishop Wyszyński then got a green light for taking the primacy. He introduced Vatican II reforms and the new mass in Poland in a pious manner, not like the French bishops did. But one sees the result very clearly. Primate Wojciech Polak these days calls on the people not to go to church.

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