The Old Testament ended when the High Priests omitted Passover

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One of the curious facts of history, which was lost to time but rediscovered in recent decades with the advances in the sciences of chronology, astronomy and chronometry has to do with the events surrounding the Passion of Jesus Christ.

We know from these that Christ was crucified on Friday, April 3, 33 A.D., the day before the Passover as the High Priests of Jerusalem calculated it, that year.

But if you notice, Christ Jesus did not celebrate the Passover on April, 4, but on Thursday, April 2, after sundown, which sundown according to Jewish custom began the day of April 3.

Scholars and many Saints have scratched their heads to explain that, for nearly 2 millennia. But the truth was revealed by a precise calculation of the rising of the full Moon, on April 2, 33 A.D..

You see, when the full Moon is seen to rise, after sundown, after the equinox is how the rabbis of old determined when Passover began.

The problem for the High Priests, however, was that they were interested more in commercializing religion than observing the Torah of God. So in A.D. 33, they had a problem. Because most Jews followed the astronomers of Alexandria in Egypt, which is further to the west than Jerusalem, and which is situated in a vast plain, where the rising of the Moon can be seen more clearly than in Jerusalem.

But that year of 33 A.D., the Moon was seen to rise within the first minute after sundown, at Jerusalem, on the evening of April 2, whereas at Alexandria it would not be seen to rise after sundown until April 3.

According to the Torah, the High Priests of Jerusalem could not omit or transfer the celebration of the Passover, it has to be on the 14th Day of Nissan, which was to be determined by the sighting of the full moon from Jerusalem, not Alexandria.

So, in the year of 33 A.D., the High Priests committed a horrible sacrilege. They ordered Passover to be celebrated on the 15th!

This is why Christ did not follow them in their sin and celebrated the Passover in the evening of April 2, and offered Himself as the Lamb of Sacrifice on Friday afternoon, before sundown.

As the Apostle records, with the Death of Christ the curtain in the Temple was torn by God in two and there was a great earthquake. The Fathers of the Church say, from that moment on, the Old Testament was abrogated, the New had begun.

Why? Because the High Priests has apostatized from their religious duty to celebrate the Passover. And Christ, as the True High Priest was therefore obligated to inaugurate a New Testament. One in which the Sacrifice of the Lamb would be celebrated until the end of time.

Only, this year, the High Priests of the Catholic Church have decided to follow the High Priests of old, and decide not to celebrate Easter with the Church (because the Faithful, who are not clergy are just as essentially member of the Church as they are, and to refuse them Easter is like crucifying the Lord).

For this reason, I have a holy fear that the New Covenant might in a certain sense come to and end this Easter, and that the terrible wrath of God Almighty, which the Blood of Christ has held back for 2000 years, is about to be unleashed upon this world. And those priests who refuse the faithful this Easter will bear personally the responsibility for it.

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  1. This is the same fear I have had for several decades…and the arrival of Bergoglio in 2013 made me VERY nervous in this regard….but I never in a million years thought the cessation of public Mass would be “caused” by a pandemic.

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