7 thoughts on “Dr. Stephen Mosher: COVID-19 a BioWeapon of the Chinese Marxist Party?”

  1. Brother Bugnolo, Frank Walker just posted a link to TheFederalist.com. It appears that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops voted to forbid making the sign of the Cross and suspending the remainder all of the Lenten fast and abstinence.

    Truly, the bishops of the US have gone into full blown apostasy.

      1. Not that I can determine. The article specifically named the President of the USCCB- Archbishop Wilton Gregory making the announcement. Perhaps readers here can do research to verify this.

  2. The only thing worse than this CCP Bio-Weapon Virus is the Satanist/Globalist sponsored “Vaccine” cum Mark of the Beast.

  3. Had the US fully supported Chinese President Chiang Kai-shek’s Project National Glory, there would have been no Coronavirus today.

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