While you are under house-arrest, start a Catholic counter-revolution

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

They got us just where they want us: locked up at home and forbidden to practice our Catholic Faith in public.

Or so they think.

Because as Catholics we now have 24/7 to speak to one another without anyone hearing what we say and start a Catholic counter-revolution.

First of all, I recommend, that Catholics read the Catechism of the Council of Trent, or that of Saint Pius X, from cover to cover.  You strongest defense in the times ahead will be knowing your faith well.  If you have children, teach them the Catechism. I highly recommend Saint Pius X’s catechism for that (Full text here). Adults should read the Catechism of the Council of Trent, also known as the Roman Catechism (Full text here).

Second, if you still are allowed to travel, and have a home in the countryside which you can use (your own, that of parents, relatives, family etc.), I strongly recommend leaving the cities and going to the countryside. The environment is cleaner and there will be less unrest than in the cities. Take your family and if you have aged parents relatives, take them also, because they are a lot less likely to have troubles in the countryside.

Third, begin to alter the culture of your home and family life. Put up images of Christ and the Saints, take down secular images and burn them as an act of consecration of your family to Christ. Start to say grace at meals and to say the Rosary together once a day.

Fourth, remove all the books and videos which teach or display things contrary to the Gospel. Video games too. Start living like Christians and renounce the pleasures, pastimes and errors of worldly men.

Fifth, Enthrone the Images of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Sixth, if you are in the countryside, start to raise your own food. Buy some chickens and pigs or a calf and cow, and seek to produce for yourself natural and wholesome food. Bake your own bread and cakes at home. Make homemade pasta or dumplings. etc. Do everything from scratch. Stop eating packaged prepared foods. And ditch the frozen pizza, which as an Italian, I can authoritatively say, is an abomination.

Seventh, if you still have the liberty, find some local veterans in your area and ask them to start courses, in some remote place, in self defense. All the men in your family should attend. This is basic know how everyone should observe.

Eighth, read up all you can find on basic medical preparedness. If you still can buy all the things necessary at home for such things, from a medical kit for urgent response, to the basics. Stock up on cold remedies and aspirin etc..

And Ninth, encourage your fellow Catholics to do the same. Pledging never again to elect the kind of idiots that are ruling the world in the present hour.


CREDITS: The Featured Image above is Constantin Muenier’s The War in the Vendeé, which shows Catholics gathering to resist the French Revolution. The work is in the public domain.

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4 thoughts on “While you are under house-arrest, start a Catholic counter-revolution”

  1. This “Plandemic” is the clarion call for the formation of the underground Remnant Roman Catholic Church. Pray for moral courage and perseverance in Faith to endure what is coming right now – The Great Tribulation. Ave Maria.

  2. I concur. We need to pray for the emergence of End Times Priests, and dare I say, End Times Bishops, to lead the Faithful in these most difficult times.

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