A List of Doctors willing to prescribe Hyrdoxychloroquine & Zinc for COVID-19

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

What is needed right now is a list of M.D.’s round the world who are willing to prescribe the only known cure for COVID-19, as has been described here by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, M.D. of New York State, and here by Dr. Anthony Cardillo, M. D., of Los Angeles, California: namely the $20 treatment of Hydroxychloroquine & Zinc for 5 days.

One very commonsensical and pro-active reader of FromRome.Info is compiling such a list, at


If you know of any general practitioner who has the legal authority to prescribe these medicines and is willing to publicly identify himself as such for COVID-19 patients, please go over to that site and inform him of his name and address and contact information so that those in need, in that part of the world, can contact that M.D..

FromRome.Info is honored to be the first website to help launch this great work of mercy and common sense. Please spread the word on social media everywhere!

If however, in your part of the world, it is not yet legal to prescribe such medicine (such as the European Union), please do not divulge the information about which doctors are willing, for their safety.

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6 thoughts on “A List of Doctors willing to prescribe Hyrdoxychloroquine & Zinc for COVID-19”

  1. There are other known cures – HCQ is NOT the only one! Inhaled Budesonide is one and Quercetin, Zinc, Vit. C and Vit. D, NAC, Melatonin are beneficial natural treatments.

  2. When I went to look for a Doctor, I read “This page has been removed” I am sorry, Brother. I know that ‘Doctors on the Front Line’ will help out.

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